Finstreet India's First Crypto Education platform Collaboration Proposal

Finstreet is India’s First Crypto Education Institute. This platform acts as an easily accessible medium for people to learn about the importance of cryptocurrencies and the different asset classes associated with them.

Channels for distribution:

  1. YouTube 10900 subscribers
  2. Quora Spaces 18,300 followers
  3. Bolo Indya 70,100 followers
  4. Trell 34,000 followers
  5. TikTok 128,100 followers
  6. MX Takatak 30,100 followers
  7. DailyHunt Josh 8,100 followers
    More than 300K people in crypto and blockchain interested community.

Key Facts:

  • 300k+ followers
  • 10 million-plus monthly views on all platforms
  • 1.3 million impressions per month on YouTube
  • Verified profiles on 6 platforms
  • 100% organic traffic

Video formats:

  • Daily Crypto news
  • Review videos
  • Interviews with leading industry experts
  • Explainers
  • Tutorial videos
  • Ranking videos

Free TON and Finstreet partnership

Finstreet is India’s leading crypto education platform. We will create introduction videos along with review videos that will help spread the word about the project to people interested in the blockchain and crypto space.

The campaign will :

  • Create Brand awareness among the crypto community.
  • Engage with developer community to build decentralized apps with Free TON or contribute to the Community through series of webinars.
  • Detailed introduction of the project


Finstreet proposes a ** 12-month partnership**, consisting of the following activities:

  • Banner ads in every crypto news.
  • Free Ton Network’s video on our channel’s Intro for each visitor.
    ● Shout Outs for Free Ton at the beginning of the videos.
    ● Free Ton Branding throughout the videos (on Average we create 175+ videos monthly)
    ● Free Ton Branding on the Thumbnails.
    ● Free Ton Branding daily posts on YouTube Community segment.
    ● Free Ton Branding IGTV Instagram reel videos & all over the social media
  • Sponsorship of every video on the Finstreet youtube channel
  • Minimum of 50 million impressions
  • Social media announcements & shares

Token distribution schedule

For the above marketing services, Finstreet will get 100K million Free TON tokens after the approval of the proposal. Also, an additional 100K tokens will be paid after the end of the first, second, and third quarter from the start of the partnership, totaling 400K tokens.

Date Amount
1 Start of project 100 000
2 End of Q1 100 000
3 End of Q2 100 000
4 End of Q3 100 000
Total 400 000

Wallet address: 0:150cbcfcb56df072b30effdfc630bc238cfa04b4fda82f043ff5c821bd1683df

Payment id


Contact information

This proposal was made by:
Sahil Thakur
Co-founder and Head of Business Development


Strongly agreed.

For partnerships, Yes for sure:)

Keep doing the amazing work.


Thanks for your support


This looks interesting. Looking forward to see promotions of Free TON in India.


Thanks Litesh for your support


Great initiative,

Content and awareness in vernacular languages is the way forward and creating content in language which is used by over 1.5 billion users globally can be a big benefit for us going forward.

Keep up the good work guys


Your Plan and figures look quite promising, I Hope the Partnership Starts soon


Thanks Bndhul for your support


Thanks RupDrag for the support.


@sahil This looks Really Amazing thanks for bringing this forward to the community I agree with @RupDrag I hope the Partnership starts soon


Thanks Vikibro for your support


Amazing Proposal Guys

Lets Make this Partnership Happen Today


Thanks Vnegi for your support


I Believe This will be very beneficial for the community


It looks like crazy. This partnership is the first one, all the supporters of which are sending their first message ever on the forum. What do you think about us? :-1:


Thanks for your support Tana

@WuChi001X we have a huge community and one of our supporters has asked people to support our proposal here to the entire community. New people are joining the freeton community through us. We will ensure the maximum community building for Freeton through our reach.

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Good to hear. New members are welcome, but I think you will need also the supports of some guys who know Free TON in details.

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@WuChi001X yes absolutely. It won’t be possible without the encouragement and support from people like you. Looking forward to expand the community through our follower base of more than 300K people .

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As far as I know, the upfront of 100,000 TONs is not acceptable anymore. Wait for the comments of others anyway.

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