ExtraTON Partnership Proposal

ExtraTON Partnership Proposal

Philosophy of decentralization

About the extraTON

ExtraTON is a team of professional developers. It was formed in May 2020 at the same time as Free TON came into the world. Our mission is bringing valuable, non-commercials, open source products to the Free TON network.


Our main project is extraTON Browser Extension. And this is not just browser extension, this is an entire ecosystem. We took an example from successful Metamask extension in Ethereum network. There it is a defacto standard for making DApps. It has 1kk+ users.

Purpose of extraTON browser extension is bringing secure and convenient instrument for communication ordinary users with decentralized applications.

What does extraTON ecosystem already includes:

  • Google Chrome Browser Extension
  • Tools, libraries, documentation and examples to build DApps using extension
  • Staking DApp
  • Attracted third-party developers
  • Support chat

Before making this proposal we designed to test an idea. We made alpha version of extension and a couple of DApps like Staking DApp https://depools.extraton.io, announced community testing and created few learning videos. We got a lot of positive feedback. Only for first month our extension got 150+ users from 25+ countries, 500+ users visited Staking DApp, 70+ users joined our support chat.

Yes, that’s not too big numbers, but this is just start of the way and now we are sure - the idea is working.

Our other achievements in FreeTON:

  • Validators DevOps Contest: 1st of 12 places was shared with other two participants.
  • Magister Ludi Contest: 2d of 100 places in one of networks.
  • Bindings for TONOS Client Library: 3d of 21 places.


Our proposal is to create and promote non-commercial open source products implying the evolving of decentralization:

  1. extraTON.Extension - isolated layer for safe interacting user’s wallet with third-party decentralized applications.
  2. extraTON.Custodian - mobile application for transaction confirmation. It will bring to extraTON ecosystem full and security support of Multisig Wallets.
  3. extraTON.DAppsCatalog - the place where developers can publish their DApps and users can find, rate and write reviews.
  4. extraTON.Graph - world-wide distributed network of nodes with GraphQL for availability increasing and faster response.
  5. Attracting and supporting third-party DApps developers.
  6. Products promoting.
  7. Incentives testing program.

Detailed plan


  • Browser Firefox. Codebase preparing, release.
  • Browser Brave. Codebase preparing, release.
  • Browser Edge. Codebase preparing, release.
  • Detailed agreement of use.
  • Localization. Codebase preparing.
  • Localization. Finding implementers for translation.
  • Localization. Full support of 10+ languages.
  • DeBots. Basic integration.
  • DeBots. Full support.
  • Multi-accounts (wallets) support.
  • API
  • DApp Skeleton
  • TIP-3 tokens support
  • Security audit. Preparing code base.
  • Security audit. Finding implementers.
  • Security audit by third-party company.
  • v1 release.
  • Other improvements.
  • Continued supporting.


  • Developing Android application.
  • Publication in Google Play.
  • Developing iOS application.
  • Publication in App Store.
  • Cloud for storing encrypted keys as additional feature.
  • Localization
  • Continued supporting.


  • Developing base functionality.
  • Integration with extraTON.Extension.
  • Personal developers area.
  • Functional of moderation DApps.
  • Functional of DApps evaluations.
  • Functional of donation to DApp developers.
  • Localization
  • Continued supporting.


  • GraphQL server researching and experiments.
  • Running 5+ servers around the world.
  • Web-site with documentation of using and public statistic.
  • Continued supporting.

Promotion and support extraTON products

  • Creating documentation of every product.
  • Implementation of ticket system and knowledge base for supporting users.
  • Writing series of articles and creating training videos for new users of FreeTON.
  • Writing series of articles and creating training videos about DApps developing with extraTON.Extension.
  • Start advertising campaign
  • Find people for regular writing articles, users supporting, maintain a knowledge base.


Consider KPI is successful if 20-25% of all plans are covered at the end of every quarter.

Consider KPI is surpassed if more than 25% of all plans are covered at the end of every quarter.

Consider KPI is not fulfilled if less than 20% of all plans are covered at the end of every quarter. In this case funding of next quarter is delaying. ExtraTON team are making work for finish quarter KPI and preparing new document for plan revision.

ExtraTON team are reserving the right to change up to 30% of the plan to emerging more relevant and valued ideas for FreeTON.

Token Request

Initial: 225’000 TON Crystals

End of Q1 225’000 TON Crystals

End of Q2 225’000 TON Crystals

End of Q3 225’000 TON Crystals

Total: 900’000 TON Crystals

Additional rewards

Additional 30’000 TON Crystals for every 10’000 users of extension.

Our address for token distribution


Contact Information



good development, support

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Very useful indeed. :grinning:

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As i’m coming from eth ecosystem I know how valuable and necessary such tool is. When i first came into FT, this is the first thing I was looking for, as it’s easier to have the same user experience you had in other networks and only after that you’ll be able to go deeper. Metamask is a killer feature in eth and when i’m using it on Firefox instead of gchrome where i can’t open the extension small tab in the corner i immediately feel clumsy and want to go back to chrome (despite all the privacy concerns google products are surrounded with). This is why i think extraton should see further development and become solid part of FT ecosystem, also it might be a very nice solution to the current judge voting when you have to put your private key into browser everytime.


Fully support!! Already using it


The guys from extraTON made a useful product that the community needs for making FreeTON user - friendly. The product is of high quality, in demand and beautiful. Plans for further development are impressive and I fully support this proposal. Great Job!!!


That’s a great idea. It will play an important role in expanding the base of the Ton blockchain.

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please add safari browser extension
token request too much imho


I wouldn’t be so optimistic as many people here.
In my opinon, It is too expensive and not very profitable for community.
The main ideas listed are pretty mediocre, because TonLabs is already working on them. But but TONLabs can’t cover it all, and little things like “extraton depools” would be very useful. I have already used it by myself and it was pretty unclear experience (this thing asked my seed phrase), but nevertheless, for someone it will be very useful. Though, even 5 simmilar useful little things are not cost 900 000 crystals. There are also have thrash and ridiculous things like “extraton custodian”, please, ask yourself, why do we need custiodian sevices in 2020? Maybe you shoiuld go to fiat they also have provided “additional rewards”, rewards for what? for using your custodian service?
I think you should cut out excess and unuseful things, reduce your token request and that would be great proposal!

The main ideas listed are pretty mediocre, because TonLabs is already working on them.

Show me at least one thing except “DeBots support” ton labs working on it?

It was pretty unclear experience (this thing asked my seed phrase)

This application is open source and locally installing on your PC. When you put your seed phrase in surf running in web with closed source do you not think about it?

thrash and ridiculous things like “extraton custodian”

Say me how do you use multisignature wallet now? I guess you don’t use in any way. How are you planning to use it? Our solution to keep second custodian in mobile application. Ton-labs announced Card for this purpose. Is it also ridiculous? Figure it out before make conclusions.

There are also have thrash and ridiculous things

One more ridiculous thing?

5 simmilar useful little things are not cost 900 000 crystals

It’s not a similar little things, okay? All of this are large and complex projects you need involve a lot of professionals.

:grinning: Strong! Maybe you’d better just understate your plans by 5 times?
900000 tokens - to much. Imho

Key word is “quarter”

Okay, I will answer with your words:

And yes, you are right and I am not going to use multisignature wallet as most of the people here, I think for those who need it, the card will be enough and more safe.

Ok, that true, I just doubt the benefits for the community and the project overall. Sorry, I see only benefits for you here

ExtraTon is known to conduct beta-tester contests. Is such prize fund included to the budget?
And what if TON cours significantly falls in the future?

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ExtracTion is known to conduct beta-tester contests. Is such prize fund included to the budget?

Yes, it’s number 7 in proposal:
7. Incentives testing program.

And what if TON cours significantly falls in the future?

We have considered risk of rate falling factor in budget.


Analytical report EXTRA TON

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the “Analytical reports about partners” contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.

Link will be updated

Link will be updated


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