Expand validators statistic on ton.live

Add statistic for each validators about percentage not signed blocks

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In works already! Thank you for suggestion.


Please, tell us more about your idea. We think about share of signed blocks by each validating node compared to the total number of masterblocks issued during the validation period. Is it something that meets your proposal?
It is not technically possible to count signatures of shardblocks. So, if the node is not validating masterblocks for some reason, its share of signed blocks will be low.

Add column “percentage signed blocks of all round blocks” by each validators and possibility export it to csv

It may call “validator efficacy”

This idea is clear. How to show it in UI is our piece of cake. It’s relatively easy to add this info to the individual validator details. When displaying it in the general list of validators - it can slow down the page loading, but we could give it a try.


Is it ready? Any update?

yea, all done!!!

Perfect! Topic is closed! Thank you!