Everscale Partnership Appraisals: Growth Phase III

State of the state

“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” —Orlando A. Battista

We at Everscale use terms like community, decentralization, people, and we use these terms not as a punchline or as yet another in a series of marketing slogans just to get attention from the market. We use them because we believe in them, and because the goal is to give every human being on this planet a better option – a better way of life.

It takes trial and error to achieve such goals, and errors must NOT EVER be treated as negative, but rather as blessings. Errors are to be embraced and celebrated, for without error, success is unattainable.

I hope we all agree on that.


To determine and recognize which partners have brought value to Everscale and have conducted themselves in the best interest of Everscale, and/or completed their work for the network to the community’s satisfaction, and similarly, to relieve ourselves of those partners that have not.


Vote for launching a new evaluation process designed to determine which partners have brought value to Everscale, and in the event that they have not, to cancel each such partnership.

Voting will be conducted through EverDAO by token holders

DAO link - Everscale Community Governance | Ever DAO


100% agree with you!

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