Everscale Global Governance Members: Growth Phase III


  1. On January 18, 2021 proposal #115 passed, as a result of which validators and original global governance members had their vesting time periods extended. Original global governance members were then due to receive their vested tokens in full by November of 2021 instead of May, 2021.

  2. Then on September 7, 2021 original global governance members had their vesting periods further extended based on proposal #202, specifying that vested tokens will be paid once the specified “growth phase” is complete, estimated to be, per the language in the proposal, “About 1 year” starting from June, 2021, because no monthly vested tokens were sent after May, 2021.

  3. Proposal #202 likewise brought aboard new global governance members, each of which was to receive 1 million tokens, locked, payable once the growth phase is completed.


The purpose of this proposal is to vote for launching a new evaluation process designed to resume delivering vested tokens to global governance members who brought value to our community and network, or to cancel any future payments to those who did not.

In order to move forward with this, we would like to ask all members to provide a summary of their involvement in Everscale’s development/growth as the next step over the coming weeks leading up to the 2nd year anniversary of Everscale. The content of these reviews will be folded into individual proposals at a later time in order to allow token holders to vote.

Voting will be done in batches since there are a lot of members and we have to allow time for ach member to provide their submissions. Deadlines will be announced after and if this proposal passes.

Voting will be conducted through EverDAO by token holders

DAO link: Everscale Community Governance | Ever DAO


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  1. Описание компании
  2. ФИО и квалификация команды, с ссылками на linkedin или Facebook
  3. Опыт в крипто-индустрии, реализованные проекты

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