Everscale China. 1st 2-month plan

Dear Everscale Community,

We are happy to present our 2-month plan to further develop Everscale Community on the Chinese market. According to this plan, we as Chinese Subgov are committed to fully handle ALL the operations of Everscale in China. We truly believe that with a steady execution of this and further plans China can become one of the largest markets for Everscale within the next 12 months.


  • Increase number of active users for Everscale China (+3k users in Telegram / Twitter);

  • Increase number of active Chinese developers in Everscale community (+50 new devs);

  • Actively engage Chinese developers into global community projects (+10 Chinese dev participating in community projects).


  • 2-3 AMAs in Twitter & Telegram (special rewards for audience, topic: basic, wallet functions), video & writing (en & cn);

  • Academy materials translation: 3-5 education materials;

  • 2-3 micro KOL sessions;

  • BSN tech contest: education + promotion.


In order to organize the events mentioned above, we hereby request from the Everscale Community a budget of 165,000 EVER .

Upon completion of the events, we will prepare a detailed report on the funds spent and deliverables achieved. After receiving the funds we also plan to arrange a special AMA session for the Everscale Community to share more details on our plan.

The full presentation of the plan please see on this link.

Best regards,
Everscale China Subgovernance

Subgov multisig wallet


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Not! friends, it doesn’t work that way.
First, show the result, and then request tokens, it makes no sense to load bots in groups, there is no benefit from this.


No to this proposal. Cannot believe it. Chinese Subgov has been unseen for a long time except for the recent BSN integration. But to be fair, let’s take this proposal into a vote on Ever Dao. Let the community decide it.

The ChinaSubgov has always been there, you haven’t paid attention to it,

The Chinese market is still the largest market, especially now that the government supports blockchain technology. Support!

You post here only when you want to receive tokens, at other times you are always silent.

Yes, China is a big market. Nobody denies it. But it doesn’t necessarily mean Everscale Chinese Subgov would bring value to the network after being quiet for so long. If this proposal is accepted, why not we accept proposals from Mexico and France too if they want another chance?

Most of Chinese users don’t speak English or Russian therefore you won’t see them active in any groups other than Chinese ones. We have 4 dedicated wechat groups with roughly a thousand users, are you in them?

  • We have brought hundreds of Chinese users in dedicated telegram group, and dedicated WeChat groups, given the difficulty of national crypto banning last year.
  • We’ve translated hundreds of news, events, articles in Chinese, created and podcasted weekly EverScale wrap-up videos clips for 30+ weeks in dedicated channel on Bilibili (largest YouTube-alike in China),
  • Attended 2 large crypto/blockchain exhibition with everScale booth
  • Created a Chinese simple version of wallet xTon, which doesn’t need VPN for Chinese users
  • Developed mini game ‘TonLoot Gotchi’ for educational purpose to attract more Chinese developers into Everscale ecosystem
  • not to mention the BSN integration and BSN-DDC(NFT) integration (still on going, lots of problems ATM)

However, we are not satirised with our current status in China, brand awareness is still too small, number of developers are still negligible compared with devs number in Ethereum. Therefore we want to try even harder on this.

Quite a number of our Chinese users bought Ton at a higher price and had doubts, we are still trying hard to unite them and keep their belief in the project and community.

each video on bilibili has between 4 and 18 views. Is this an achievement? There is no activity in chats and a lot of bots.

  1. During the last year, we focused more on building the infrastructure for the Chinese users (BSN integration, chats, channels, Chinese apps like Gotchi)
  2. Promotion wasn’t a big focus for us (at least not Bilibili for sure), because without infrastructure any promotion activities are not effective enough.
  3. Now, as we integrated with BSN, we can finally promote Everscale and not be afraid that it can be banned.
  4. We realize that we have problem with user engagement - and we’ve described it in our PPT btw. That is why it is the main focus now for this 2-month plan - to revive the Chinese community, increase user engagement.

PS. And btw the Chinese community is one of the fewest communities in Everscale (apart from the Russian speaking part) which has Web3 developers with hands-on experience in Everscale technology (thanks to BSN project, wallet localization, games etc). Does any of the other communities have it?

Anyway, we will arrange an AMA session on this plan, so everybody will be welcome to join and ask questions.

I have read your presentation and found it well prepared. However such activities as “increasing avareness or quantity of followers” don`t work. I will vote for your proposal if only it has Achievable KPIs , not Ambitious KPIs or “challenges”:

  • Integration with Chinese Wallets: bitpie, imToken, bitkeep, tokenpocket
  • 10+ use-cases on Everscale-BSN platform,
  • 2+ cases with >100k users

Besides, your proposal voting starts in 1 day, it is too early, I would like to watch an AMA session with you beforehand.

P.S. Thank you for your preparatory work in China, however Hotcoin (a Chinese crypto exchange) delisted us due to low trades.

Arthur, thank you for your comment, but our KPIs for the next 2 months are given on the last slide, as well as in the first message. I’m happy to enclose them below one more time:

As for Hotcoin, we were not delisted - transaction temporarily stopped. Low trades are also connected with the lack of promotion efforts. But even if we drastically ramp up promotion in China, the effect on the token price will be weak, because it’s up to joint efforts of global community and DeFi Alliance to keep the price high. The price declined so sharp. Of course, there is lack of interest among crypto traders, not only in China.

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it is very good that everyone understands that the price of a token is a very important indicator!

Yes, no budget,no way

It’s a very reasonable budget