Everscale ChessNFT partnership proposal

ChessNFT.com is a global NFT marketplace that was created on the Everscale Network in partnership with FIDE. The marketplace launched ahead of the FIDE World Championship in Dubai, November-December 2021.

FIDE, the International Chess Federation, partnered with TON Labs, the core developer of the Everscale Network to launch the new, holistic chess non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. This has positioned FIDE as the first-ever global sports federation to launch its own NFT marketplace.

ChessNFT welcomes a new crypto demographic, bringing utility to both chess players and fans through the digitalization and gamification of iconic match moments, unique collectibles, chess-related art, and many more exciting opportunities. The platform’s interface will accommodate the bid on and purchase of chess NFTs and exclusive items from the World Championship through the use of both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Official FIDE press release: International Chess Federation Partners with TON Labs to Launch the Sport’s First Global NFT Marketplace ChessNFT.com

  1. What is already done?

Since the start in 2021 ChessNFT marketplace became the biggest chess NFT marketplace and generated about 150 000 USD revenue by the end of the year with direct investments of about 250 000 USD.

The team of ChessNFT is created a high-functional NFT platform ready for the next steps.

  1. KPI: Marketing

Coverage of target audience 1 500 000 3 000 000
New Users/Accounts 15 000 35 000
Transactions 150 000 500 000
Active NFT Everscale Community Users
Discord 10 000 25 000
Telegram 7 500 15 000
Twitter 12 000 30 000
  1. Сontent production and licensing

As part of our contractual relationship with FIDE, the chess federation is responsible for the production of licensed content for the marketplace and partner support for our activities, and we, in turn, are financially responsible for guaranteed payments to FIDE.

Partial support for these payments is part of our request to the network.

FIDE will provide us with access to chess.com, ChessBase India, and other large audiences of over 80 million chess fans in order to distribute co-produced content among them to be minted as NFT on the Everscale blockchain.

All those EVERs will be locked by any current staking mechanism for 2+ years.

  1. Sponsorships and product placements

We plan to expose Everscale in front of a massive (hundreds of millions of people) global chess enthusiasts base. This will also help chessnft.com (an official partnership with FIDE) to attract a user base to the project / Everscale.

An example of the upcoming product placement is an Indian movie to be released in June 2022 with 20 minutes of exposure to chess and NFT (on Everscale). According to the official broadcaster (#1 in India), only the Indian viewership is estimated at 100+ million viewers with global numbers to further increase this.


  • Chessbase India - 885 K subscribers
  • FIDE.com - 2-6 M monthly audience
  • chess.com - 78 M audience
  • 2+1 movie - 100M+ audience
    – Direct Product Placement in the big Indian movie
    – FIDE logos and speech references
    – Demonstration of chessnft.com interfaces
    – Integration into the storyline connected characters related to chess and NFT collections created specifically for the chessnft project by a young artist. The movie is fully supported by the Indian Government (The National Film of India status): https://ffo.gov.in/en/co-productions/co-produced
    April 2022 promo, May 2022 - release.
  1. What is required

To complete the program, 11М EVERs is needed, distributed the following way:

  1. Marketing - tied to KPI and allocated in two Stages 1 - 1.5M and Stage 2 - 2.5М EVERs.

  2. Сontent production and licensing - 6M EVERs locked for 2+ years.

  3. Sponsorships and product placements - 1M EVERs.

  4. Long-term vision

ChessNFT Token

The native token of the project.

Crypto Education for the chess enthusiasts

Onboarding to the web3 for the chess fans via Everscale, using an education. The program will be started in Q2 2022.

NFT prizes for the FIDE official Championships

Art from the famous chess artists.


Chess rating system utilizing an Everscale blockchain.

Chess Fantasy League

Gamification and social lift for the chess players.


Community booster and decentralization sandbox for the FIDE.

ChessNFT DAO Movie (as a sequel of 2+1)

A movie team is inspired to make a sequel of the 2+1 about the chess world, based on the DAO for voting. It could be the first film produced this way.

DAO members will be able to vote for plot twists, actors, etc, or make multiple story branches like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Netflix movie.

Our purpose – is to make the Everscale a “native”, home blockchain for the world community of Chess.

Let’s do it together.

Contacts: social@chessnft.com
EverDAO: Everscale Community Governance | Ever DAO

1 What is already done?

Interesting information, but we can’t verify income. It would be great to see a list of transactions.

2 KPIs: Marketing

Sorry, but your indicators are amenable to artificial cheating and cannot be verified.


Your new KPIs.


  1. Transactions of using your service
  2. Turnover of money by accounts on your platform.

Active NFT Everscale Community Users

  1. The number of online users in your group.
  2. %, online users in your group.
  3. Average user churn.

3 Сontent production and licensing; 4. Sponsorships and product placements

This is interesting, but only if KPIs are met.

What is required

No, only if KPIs are met. Metrics first, then tokens. Tokens forward only for core development.

5 Long-term vision

This is interesting. But:

  1. Why should the community pay for your private project?
  2. You are hooked on EVER tokens like Russia is on oil. You are hooked on tokens like a heroin.

This is not an entrepreneurial position, you think like Rosneft, which constantly asks for subsidies.

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You are a little bit wrong. Chickey is not related to ChessNFT. Plus these guys are going to block all tokens for 2 years.

Please no need to wait Johnny Depp

Is this a cor development project? No. Is this marketing? Partly.

This is a private EverX project. Let them take money for marketing.

The token lock does not solve the problem of distributing tokens to private interests.

Chickey is an example of a fake KPI. HOW CAN WE NOW TAKE TOKENS ON $250 FROM DEFI ALLIANCE for Chickey Chik?

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First of all this project is handled by Itgold team)
Secondly, they will lockup these token for more than 2 years
Thirdly they bought (and stll buying tokens) on the secondary market

Chickey is not relared for this project at all. About Chickey read more from Stan (Grant Program Head at Everscale) > Telegram: Contact @everscale_rus

Roman, I try to say that Chickey is an example, how to fake KPI. And how the total liquidity is squandered. And it absolutely does not matter today or after 2 years.

And as for ChessNFT, we know whose project it is. It is interesting project, but for the community it will benefit primarily in marketing.

I propose to support it only in this part - marketing (everything else is a hobby of its creator) and only in the case of providing results on the metrics being tested:


  1. Transactions of using your service.
  2. Turnover of money by accounts on your platform.

Active NFT Everscale Community Users

  1. The number of online users in your group.
  2. %, online users in your group.
  3. Average user churn.

And only if KPIs are met. Metrics first, then tokens.


So this is basically another revised version of the NFT Game Alliance proposal. Which has already been rejected 3 times so this is basically a 4th proposal. I think the community has made it clear that they do not support giving out millions of tokens like this.


I agree completely with what you said.

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The actual two wallets voted 5.7 million.

However, most of the members are against this proposal, please pay attention. Kindly investigate these two wallets

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Looks suspicious to me, I hope I’m wrong but this needs investigation….