Ethereum↔FreeTON Bridge Implementation Stages 3 & 4: Distribution of relayer responsibilities & DAO

Contest dates

  • Submission period: 2 calendar months after approving this proposal in the governance interface;
  • Judging period: 2 weeks after the submission period.

Short description

Implement the stage 3 of the winning architecture of the Ethereum↔FreeTON Bridge Design and Architecture contest with the milestone “Transferring tokens between FreeTON ↔ Ethereum chains”.


Chained contest


  1. :white_check_mark: Send simple message from FreeTON to Ethereum blockchain and vice versa
  2. :white_check_mark: Transferring tokens between FreeTON ↔ Ethereum chains
  3. Distribution of relayer responsibilities, economy model implementation
  4. DAO


A significant challenge of blockchains to date is their lack of interoperability. Once a developer builds their decentralized application on any particular platform, they’re generally locked into that platform with no opportunity to leverage any of the benefits of other blockchains.

We believe that the future of blockchain technology is to allow all major networks to interact with one another and to be able to share value and information.

Both ecosystems, Ethereum and FreeTON share these views and we want to add the possibility to interoperability through the cross-chain message passing protocol, thus we open up many opportunities for awesome projects in the market of DeFi.

FreeTON is delivering a decentralized and fair internet where users control their own data, identity, and destiny. Building a bridge with Ethereum will allow FreeTON to reach a whole new level.

General requirements

Your submission should include:

  • Trustless and non-custodial transfer of ERC20 tokens from Ethereum network to FreeTON and TIP3 tokens from FreeTON to Ethereum
  • Graphical interface with support of a browser wallet (e.g., Metamask and Crystal Wallet) to facilitate tokens transfer for a user
  • Open sources published at GitHub/GitLab or another open repository

Fair play

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions

Hard criteria

  • The possibility of staking bridge governance tokens;
  • Stakeholders with the highest investment amounts have the opportunity to become validators;
  • DAO of the bridge with the ability to create proposals;
  • Management of bridge network contracts through the DAO.

Soft criteria

  • Detailed and easily understandable charts explaining the architecture and business processes;
  • Brevity;
  • Mostly everyday English to facilitate understanding;
  • Readiness to participate in the implementation of the solution in the next stage.


  • Relay software
    • Relay election support
  • Ethereum smart contracts
    • DAO implementation
  • FreeTON smart contracts
    • DAO implementation
    • Staking implementation
    • Relays election
  • Link to documentation at Github/Gitlab or another open repository, with the obligatory backlink to your submission in the repository’s README
  • Block explorer links to the testing artifacts in the main network

Winning conditions

  • Only winners of the previous stage of the contest are eligible to participate in this contest
  • To apply for the next stage of the competition, you need:
    • take a prize in one of the first three places
    • score at least 5 points in the voting from the jury


As this contest combines two stages in one, the corresponding rewards have been summed up.

Place Reward, TON
1 250 000
2 180 000
3 100 000

Procedural remarks to jurors

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

External jurors

This contest involves external jurors from DevEx subgovernance in addition to DeFi Jury to assess the quality of smart-contracts as per the remarks On external jurors involvement.

Name Telegram Public key Wallet address
Sergey Tyurin @Custler 2c0ec55a109eb466d9db5ee7c3adb075e77627ade83ae17cea847671ab8f0a85 0:77772d4f5ecefb9e7ce02bca4a13cf81b65b4903ead16671e935850075fc6b4c
Boris Ivanovsky @bivanovsky 1a99622e54b4e87d603dd87c9cc936b388b2a0e1979bb56d4039cfad0fbadc8c 0:d2cd1ff399d441ca84c1585f634b60a16b65b46c27209fbd9cf928f97465bed2
Nikita Monakhov @keshoid 816747e3c1e0c3be11797a76ffd5f823a1c933586cac2f170bc1395f1f25e15b 0:66e01d6df5a8d7677d9ab2daf7f258f1e2a7fe73da5320300395f99e01dc3b5f
Evgeniy Shishkin @unboxedtype 6ff61c1a7bb09795f7b5d5514dd710efb72e9557654d362ef208fde545ba7a33 0:612410a54714de99c56eead2d1a4c2a3afdf2edcc392c9d7120f1505b666770d
Andrey Nedobylsky @lailune fb2fe560bfbdda910798e1365d9419ff6e0a75ed5262410b714f162434a88af6 0:c1f2b2941fe3ed16960c484db49186363ed4bbb7c825a8128f46d787f973ff2b
Yaroslav Anishchenko @yanmsk c696f383a2d839b9fc7c036ab145982e644a3f14d2a57cd9429729f8bcb79eab 0:fff3ff48a6f00c5eda84bbac4781735ab0e7994950f55493a85c967f295760e7

Jury rewards

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Governance rewards

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Procedural reminders to all contestants

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

The wallet address is incorrect in my external jury entry (Evgeniy Shishkin), where do you guys get this?

The correct wallet address is:

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It is from the table that Alex Nazarov provided to me: Free TON SC Jury Global - Google Sheets

I will put the correct address at the distribution, thank you for noticing!

Contest Extension: Ethereum↔FreeTON Bridge Implementation Stages 3 & 4: Distribution of relayer responsibilities & DAO

The solution is ready, but only in the form of smart contracts as required by the contest terms. However, to facilitate the testing for jurors, I propose to extend the submission period by two weeks to let the development team implement the web interface part as well.


#33 Ethereum↔FreeTON Bridge Implementation Stages 3 & 4: Distribution of relayer responsibilities & DAO

New submission deadline

Thursday, Sep 16th, 2021, 23:59