Establishing of Free TON DGO governance system (aka DGO|G2.0) or DGO Sub-governance proposal

General information

As stated in Free Internet by Free TON:

Free TON was born free from day one through decentralized governance in its DNA. Launched as part of a community effort, it became more and more decentralized every day ever since. From inception, the community has been committed toward stratifying its decentralization through what is coined stratified governance, including sub-governance groups with specific self-appointed tasks taken on by active members who then bring something to the network to make it better and grow. Each is a strata to produce results for the entirety of the community on the basis of a give-and-take meritocracy where results are the give and token rewards are the take.

All decisions are made through proposals and contests that are voted upon by community members. The obstacle here is that it is human nature to only vote when the subject at hand is something of personal interest to the voter. To tackle this obstacle, Free TON has implemented Soft Majority Voting (SMV). SMV makes it possible to account for lack of enthusiasm by those who may not necessarily need to vote when the circumstances do not directly affect them.

A model such as this can live indefinitely on its own — forever.

In order to facilitate governance process based upon these principles we are forming a working group (a sub-governence) which goal is to work towards technical implementation of a Decentralized Governance Organization (DGO).

About the document

This document is a description of DGO sub-governence proposal for Free TON governence submission.

Short description of governance area and motivation

DGO is created to:

  • Facilitate the development of the G2.0 Platform:
    • Discuss its principles;
    • Discuss its policies;
    • Gather initial requirements and concerns from the community;
  • Design;
  • Implementation;
  • Review of the community contribution and feedback.

To facilitate those Goals sub-governence will be constantly engaged in driving change and improvements to the DGO process by:

  • Introducing discussing and implementing proposals through the mechanism of FTDP — Free TON DGO Proposals) Conducting design and implementation contests
  • continual process improvement through discussing testing and implementing new mechanics for governance organisation and automation

Proposal specification


It is proposed to create on-chain governance integration for Free TON DGO within which the following will be available:

  1. Free TON DGO Initial Members must be appointed to form the initial Free TON DGO. This initial composition assumes all responsibilities of the Free TON DGO Jury and is to launch a Free TON DGO Jury Contest. The description is given below.
  2. A mechanism for the Free TON DGO Contests (FTDC) should be implemented, the purpose of which is to continually create new useful tools for Free TON DGO and ensure its functionality. The description is given below.
  3. There will be a Free TON DGO Jury Contest to select the full Free TON DGO Jury. The main duty of the Free TON DGO Jury is to vote in the FTDCs. The description is given below.

Proposed roadmap

The following Contest Proposals will be on the DGO current roadmap under the proposed budget (see table below).

Several contests may run in parallel. Several contests may be presented for each of the roadmap items.

# Contest/activity description Expense estimate Number of contests
1 Design, discussion and acceptance of the DGO Specifications 175 000 4
2 MVP implementation of the DGO web site 750 000 2
3 Design and Implementation of DGO smart contracts 900 000 3
4 Design and implementation of design system and visual assets for DGO website 300 000 5
5 Design and Implementation of DGO Identity Management solution 400 000 2
6 Integration with decentralized storage and DB solution (implemented under Development sub-governance, subject to availability) 400 000 3
7 Dapp Server and DataBase Infrastructure deployment and management 200 000 2
8 Analytics and research discussion regarding actual DGO usage and ways to improve it 300 000 5
9 Organization, Administration, Jury 300 000
Total: 3 725000

Initial members

# Initial member User name Public key
1 Ron Millow Telegram 4c9b659bfa4d1bdc6f2e60e84a326094b35c64a7e1e6aa95055a2b9c51f9c162
2 Pavel Prigolovko Telegram dd5994f3825c3a0c6c0d2b4ceca2a48bc71c52bd29b181d9eed71696fc4220dc
3 Mitja Goroshevsky Telegram 6ff322ad669dfad2f396b98bdc8690cc49926f6a10cd7f10d07f031841cf09ef
4 Boris Pimonenko Telegram a431eaa862d33d0a24f856552e303f38cf1c0fff379d9c137e1c91686e3e9c8e
5 Roman Nguyen Suan Telegram f0c02482ac2a54691aba1e2c38b6cd7fd3708f9eb015058c7d85a939646715e7
6 Alexander Hramov Telegram d50af1ecb6690bca4540c5fc76e056f3cb87fde0e17b9d00a3b91ed48782db37
7 Nikita Denisov Telegram c8cd6de44cc0de80a8764c00eeca85a9e15641655559f6d8d8fc4ee56d5c8576

The Free TON DGO Initial Members form the initial Free TON DGO Jury until the Free TON DGO Jury Contest is held.

Voting for proposals at initial stage

Special Tokens will be distributed to Initial Members and SMV voting will be employed.


One DGO Subgovernments Expert Jury Group will be created and vote for submissions.


Short description

This section describes the procedure for running the Free TON DGO Contests (FTDC) by publishing the Free TON DGO Contest Proposal (FTDCP) in the “Free TON DGO” section of the Free TON official forum.

The goal of all FTDC contests is to offer the Free TON community the opportunity to regularly create new and useful tools for the Free TON DGO and keep it running.

Contest entry period

The validity period of each FTDC will be defined in the respective FTDCP.


To define the possible way for establishing the DGO system through developing a couple of relevant projects.

Contest specification

The relevant FTDCP will define the specifications of each FTDC, including but not limited to entry period, description, specification, criteria for evaluating work, voting procedures, rewards for participants, jury rewards, comments on the procedure, etc.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions

The relevant FTDCP will define the performance criteria and the conditions of rewards.


The relevant FTDCP will define the voting order of the FreeTON DGO Jury.

FreeTON jury members do not automatically acquire the right to vote on the Free TON DGO Jury solely by their Free TON membership. To vote on the Free TON DGO, the jury must be elected to that voting body.


The relevant FTDCP will define the amount of rewards for FTDC participants.

Jury rewards

The relevant FTDCP will define the amount of Free TON DGO Jury’s rewards.

Procedural remarks

The relevant FTDCP will define procedural notes for the FTDC.

Contests expense estimate

This estimate is based on a forecast of the total Tons required to run all Free TON DGO contests until the end of 2020 after the FreeTON DGO is launched (please, see “Proposed roadmap”).


deployed at address: 0:e50738dd6363b5e91d738e21d8eff5da3194ec1a34bccaa7a2d32e8136f8620c


So cool, im waiting for it

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I’m in full support of this proposal. On-chain voting is the cornerstone of every healthy governance system.

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In short, it means more contests and more crystals. Why not, lets do it.

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So what’s the problem with the current competition system? I took part in one of the contests and everything works. If you want to change the system of competitions, then it is worth voicing the problem with the current system. In my opinion, the problem can be if the jury turns into a closed group of morons who act only in their own interests. But so far this is not the case, everything is fine.


Let’s discuss what we have now. Difficult way of submitting applications for the competition. You need to look for special sections with contests, upload and convert files to third-party resources. Confirm that you are not a bot, and so on. The process can be improved. The jury’s expertise is in question. Today programmers vote for design, and marketers vote for code. If you do not control how the competition system works, then it may not work out what you need. The community can work together to rectify this situation.


It would be nice to change something

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Looking for a solution when every member of the community could vote for the contest of interest with his or her crystals. The current voting system is way too centralized.

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