Dune Community Forum Participation Contest: Earn your stripes (badges)

Proposal: Dune Community Forum Participation Contest.

Type of Contest: one-time, short-term.

Motivation: to encourage the wider Dune Network community to learn the ways of the Free TON forums ahead of the swap.

The Goal: for as many Dune Network community members as possible to join the forum, participate, and earn forum badges.

Period: 2/3/21 - 16/3/21

This contest will be open to those transitioning from Dune to Free TON (provable via Dune wallet address).
Participants will be required to sign up to the forum (if they have not already done so), and collect forum badge achievements. These may be collected in a number of ways, but taking active part in the discussions is the most obvious route.
Upon collecting 10 amount of badges, they may then submit PDF proof of their achievements* to the contest.
On the 17/3/21, all those who have entered, will be entered into a draw, and 11 winners will be randomly selected.

Necessary Proofs: a PDF attachment including the following must be attached to contest entries:
A screenshot of your Free TON Forum badges, clearly showing your profile picture and the number of badges collected.
The public address of your Dune Network Wallet (accounts must show to have been active prior to 1.1.21).
Your telegram handle.

Prizes: 1 winner of 100 TON Crystals.
10 winners of 25 TON Crystals.

Total cost: 350 TON Crystals.

Admin costs: N/A.

Additional notes: if successful, the contest could be repeated in order to welcome other new Free TON community members at a regular interval.


Should also include forum username to allow verification.


Excellent point, thanks @Noam!

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This is a great contest. Lots of us from Dune Network has been waiting for the merging, so for now we could gain more TON with this idea. Thanks!

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Another point to clarify, badges earned by creating spam (or simple stupid) topics and comments could be rejected by the jury.


To add please make sure to have a profile picture in the Forum so it make us more recognizable.

Thank you for this proposal, hope it will be approve soon. It can encourage more in our Dune Network Community to participate and learn about the FreeTON ecosystem. :pray:

Hi. Thank you for this. This is a great way to let the DUN community know more about Free TON and have a smooth transition. :ok_hand::blush:

This is an awesome proposal, specially for all of us at DUNE Network who are not yet familiar with lots of things in Free TON community! Since DUNE and FreeTON will be as one, our communities should be as well!!!

This a good idea in ordrer to discover the freeton planet to the beginners as me.

Great contest Ben, thanks for this idea :+1:

very good proposal ty, it will incite us to be active here ) )

Thanks this is great idea to get more involved here in Free TON Forum