Double Stages Contest: 💠 Project “TON Carat”

Double Stages Contest: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Project “TON Carat”


A program to constantly attract new members to the Free TON community.
Using the new “TON Carat” token created on the Free TON blockchain using a smart contract. The TON Carat token must have its own website and app. The purpose of the smart contract : to transfer 10 “TON Carat” to new participants for registering and signing the Declaration on the website Encourage freeton users to participate and be active on the forum and social networks. Several steps are required to fully launch the project.

Program Implementation

:black_small_square: Step 1
Creating a smart contract and checking its performance.
To do this, the “N” amount in :gem: TON Crystal is agreed with the developers of the smart contract. The smart contract must consist of TON Carat.
Automatically transfer 10 TON Carat to the newly registered and signed Declaration user. Funds must be displayed in the app (TON Carat user account) and be able to exchange (transfer) among participants. To check the performance, a payment (TON Crystal) is made to everyone who wants to take part in testing the contract.

:black_small_square: Step 2
Website design and logo development “TON Carat”
Attracting those who want to participate in the creation of a website and logo among Free TON users and from outside. Payment is made in :gem: TON Crystal
The site should be informative and contain calls for registration on
Rewards are planned for community members (with :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: TON Carat tokens) for competent recommendations on the site and app

:black_small_square: Step 3
Social networks with support for new users (question/answer)
All social networks should encourage participation in development as much as possible Offer bounty programs to motivate participants and make free TON news reposts All social networks are beautifully designed in English. Rewards are planned for active users of Free TON social networks (with :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: TON Carat tokens)

:black_small_square: Step 4
A paid Listing on the stock exchanges with adequate barriers to entry.
Encouraging users of the exchange with TON Carat tokens for listing TON Crystal and TON Carat Participation in Airdrop and other exchange programs with TON Carat tokens
This will lead to the motivation of managers and users of commodity exchanges.

:black_small_square: Step 5
Registration in information services and media space
Constant publication of news in crypto calendars (Coindar / Coinmarcetcal) for the distribution of TON Carat, in order to attract free TON users. Bonuses for users of analytical sites (Coinpaprika, Coingecko, Feixiaohao, Coincodex, etc.). Order articles in popular and little-known media magazines (America, Europe, Asia).

Goal, bring 500,000 ( + ) new users (work on a permanent basis)
The cost of the project of 200,000 TON Crystal
Time frame for full launch, 3-6 months
You can check the number of new users via Explorer TON Carat
Payment for the project at launch is 30%. Balance (70%) after the detailed report.

Mandatory reporting on all steps will be published in a separate thread on the forum.

TON Carat is an additional project (a great tool) to attract new users to the Free TON blockchain. Allows you to identify difficulties with adding new assets at the Free TON development stage. Find ways to solve them, simplify and improve compatibility. Creates a ready-made example for new developers.

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Author of the project " TON Carat” Konstantin (Artist)
telegram @artistmail
address 0:46097d671ce92d1423bca2a15f79cb12b3d63e964822822e2c3d27a741349a80

Any user of the community can participate in the contest! Information on the link.


Какая будет разница между ТОН Кристалл и ТОН Карат?

We already have Rubies which everyone can get for free.