Distribution / Application Proposal - Social + Crypto

Many excellent alt-tech platforms are emerging, like theta.tv and dlive.tv. Some are also open-source.

These alternatives to the big-tech platforms often incorporate one or more types of “tokens.” I propose that we promote the integration of Free TON into these types of platforms as an alternative to TFuel, lemons, etc. This would promote fast and wide distribution with an engaged audience and minimal distribution to bots. It would certainly also benefit these platforms.

FB (libre) and TG (gram) were were shut down precisely because social + crypto is such a powerful combination. However, smaller alt-tech platforms do not pose the same level of threat as the more dominant platforms, and therefore they may be able to successfully integrate crystal faucets/rewards, wallets, etc.

I don’t think the project should focus on that at this point. If you can suggest an alternative client, please.

All the necessary documentation is already available, you just need to create it.

Any other comments?