DevOps Sub-Governance Participant event AIBC Malta


There’s no falta when you’re in Malta!

Riding the tail of the largest off-chain event that Free TON has attended, is another even bigger event. With an estimated 20.000 attendees arriving from all over the world, blockchain and crypto specialists alike will be flocking to AIBC Malta this November to shmooze, booze and fuse networks on the tiny island. Free TON’s partnership with Sigma proceeds our second ever off-chain event with even more passes to give away to winners across the Free TON network.

This contest offers to attract participants who can bring the largest value for networking at the Malta exhibition on 16-18th November 2021.


This contest is aimed at developing recognition of Free TON, building networking relationships between active members of Free TON and the global crypto community.



Contest dates

September 18, 2021 - September 23, 2021 (6 days)


September 24, 2021 - September 28, 2021 (5 days)


● Prove why you deserve to represent the community at this event;

● Show your background, recognitions, awards, diplomas or any certifications you may

have, etc.;

● Show your projects/work in Free TON;

● Must have or create a presentation/booklet/something about your use case (or any

other unique means to deliver your message – use your imagination) to be able to explain your use case on Free TON at the event. Please describe what you will do or provide what you already have.

● Answer the question, “How will I stand out at the event?”

● Answer the question, “How will this benefit Free TON?”

Show your projects/work in Free TON;

Follow COVID-19 guidelines and vaccination - This is very important! If you do not follow the guidelines, you might not be able to enter Malta. If you are a contest winner, but are forbidden entry for any reason whatsoever, the responsibility is wholly your own and you will forfeit your ticket(s) and reward.

● Fill in your details in the table Participant event AIBC Malta - Google Sheets

● In the pdf, you must indicate whether there is a nomination in another Sub-Governance.

Evaluation criteria

● Product/service description and how it benefits Free TON.

● Event and offsite networking expertise.

● Use case details.

● Knowledge of sales and marketing (if not a technical person).

● Developer experience (if you are a technical person).

● Subscribers on social networks, social media presence.

● Ability to deliver a clear message (CVs/resumes with verifiable links and work will


● Fit the criteria Link gov website


1st - 5th place …………………… 3,000 TON Crystal

Nominated for attending the event and if chosen winning a free ticket, being rewarded 3000 TONs post event, the chance to have an interview, VIP dinner ticket, and spotlight in Free TON’s workshop.

Jury Rewards

For this contest there are no jury rewards, as the jury members are welcome to nominate themselves. Once all of the subgov winners are compiled, there will be a proposal sent to global gov for compensation based on the requirements stated within this document. The proposal will be put to a vote before the event.


● Members of the jury who will participate in this contest cannot vote for their own submissions and should choose “Abstain”. This will be checked.

● Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10, or may choose to reject or abstain. If you are participating in the contest, please vote “Abstain” for your own submission and leave a comment stating that you are participating.

● The minimal score threshold is an average score of 6 or greater. Any average score that is less than 6 is considered as rejected.

● To evaluate the work of the participants, the jury members must read each application in detail and leave a comment that reflects their having understood each contestants’ submission, i.e., nonspecific comments should be avoided. Each contestant must understand why they received the score that they did.

● Jurors are responsible for matching contestant IDs (see below under “Procedural Requirements”) to their submissions. If a match cannot be made, jurors can reject the submission.

Procedural Requirements

● Participants must upload their submissions in PDF format. Any external links to their submission should be within the PDF. Failure to do so renders the submission as rejected.

● Every contest submission must have your Telegram ID for 2 reasons: 1) to match your ID to your submission, 2) in order to invite you to the Winners chat group once the contest is over (see “Other” below).

● If the winner does not have the opportunity to participate in the event, the right passes to another participant.

Next Steps

Once each contest is complete and the nominees are entered into a final proposal, Global Governance will vote to accept or deny the master proposal. Afterwards, a Telegram group chat will be created where all winners can ask questions and discuss details in preparation for the event, tickets will be distributed and the bonus prizes will be discussed! Hooray!


I believe there’s no conserns. Let’s push to the voting. Sent to telegram chat. Thanks for this proposal

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Please consider my submission.

Active contest!
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