Design of a Slogan for Free TON

The place of an appropriate, well-defined and informative Slogan is empty in Free TON


Designing an appropriate “Slogan” is a key component of a brand identity that establishes project’ connections with the world around it. Advertising slogans play an important role in protecting brand identity. “Slogan” essentially speaks about “how” a project wants to be perceived by target audiences. The key value of slogan design is to achieve point of difference from competitors. The perception formulated by audiences should be a key concern for every blockchain project including Free TON. The slogan design should clearly determine “Free TON unique value” in blockchain industry and differentiate “Free TON brand position” from its competitors. In the blockchain industry, in what unique position should Free TON position itself? Which key feature of Free TON can make it stand out among other cryptocurrency projects? Slogan design will clarify Free TON value proposition and clearly express what Free TON is and how it’s different from other products or services on the blockchain market.

Real instances:

We can see slogan of any crypto project on the web page of that crypto project. For example, we can find following slogans for some famous projects:

Bitcoin: “Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money”
ETH: “A global, open-source platform for decentralized applications”
Tether: “Digital money for a digital age”

Now, what is the best slogan design for Free TON? The place of an appropriate, well-defined and informative Slogan is empty in Free TON




Starts 2 days after acceptance of proposal on-chain. Ends 8 days after start. Voting period: 8 days.

Submission Material:

All contestants should submit two following items:

  • A clear statement as Free TON slogan (min: 3 words - max: 10 words)
  • An analytical report (text) explaining why the suggested slogan is suitable for Free TON (max: 8 pages)

Evaluation Criteria:

Every submission should:

  • Contain original ideas
  • Reflect Free TON brand positioning and identity
  • Consider core competency of Free TON
  • Focus on technical strengths of Free TON
  • Be unique and privileged
  • Create distinct personality and position for Free TON in blockchain market
  • Be creative and exploit artistic aspects of speech
  • Be in English
  • Understand a lot of text is not of good quality necessarily
  • Be in your own words. Don’t just copy the texts from other sources


Each jury member will vote by placing a number 1 through 10 next to each submission, with 10 being the best rating possible and 1 being the lowest.


The top 10 winners will be chosen based on ratings and receive awards as follows:

1st prize………………… 10,000 Tons
2nd prize…………………5,000 Tons
3rd prize…………………2,500 Tons
4th-10th prize………… 1,000 Tons

Jury Prize:

Jury members who vote will receive 10% of all total tokens awarded and distributed to winners.


If contestants think that they are able to design more slogans, they can integrate their submissions into one submission in order to increase their chance for winning. In other words, multiple slogans is allowed. But multiple submission isn’t allowed for this special contest.


Thousand tons per word? Nope.

The place of the slogan is not empty, it has definitely existed; you could see it when you google Free TON and it shows the line with It said something like “for the digital open borders and economic growth…”, I don’t remember exact words. Unfortunately, I can’t find it now

Thanks for your comment. As you may know, Slogan is usually an unforgettable phrase that is frequently used to express the ideas behind the project. It should be famous and well-known among all users and among audiences. If Slogan isn’t known among users, that isn’t Slogan at all.

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Please see the “Submission Material” section. Participants should deliver two items. A report up to 8 pages is also a MUST.


there should be some attractive words for better explaining of Free TON infrastructure :+1:


Where is dislike?

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Marketing, branding and social awareness are necessary functions at current stage of Free TON life cycle. These can increase the price of TON crystal by attracting more people to us. I support such proposals FULLY :+1: :+1:. However it may need some revisions.


very good idea :+1:

  1. first invent the best slogan for entire free ton blockchain services.
  2. write a 2-3 pages essay on that slogan’s influence potential.

Slogans for some well-known projects:













I support this idea. I’ve been thinking about the same myself for the last few weeks. The slogan is the general message for the target audience. A well-chosen slogan can multiply the return on image and marketing activities. Day-by-day. The slogan is “Long money”. I support. But with some objections.

  1. The slogan doesn’t have to be long. Do not mix the slogan with a unique shopping offer. What if we need to come up with just one word that is sufficient to express the essence of the project. So why do we need to use at least three?

  1. The prize should be large but may be only for the first place because the slogan-winner will work for the benefit of the ecosystem for many years. Other participants should get incentive prizes because there are no special skills requirements to take participate.

  2. 3-8 pages of the description - I think is too much. Let’s be concise.

In general, I think may be to present my vision and rationale for the Slogan Contest in a separate topic.


Thanks for your support.

8 pages of description is the maximum number of pages and one may write less. Even 1 page could be OK if one could describe it appropriately .


Hello. Great task for Web & Design Sub-governance


I am against this competition, too big a prize for such a simple job.

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Simple BUT very important job.


Sounds like a ready slogan:
Free TON - Simple but very important job.


Free TON - Decentralized operating system.

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Multi Signature Decentralized Operating System (MS DOS)


good. that’s yours. :+1: :laughing:


Вот неплохой девиз.
Я голосую за мир!

или Na Zare, будет весело когда это будут произносить англоязычные люди

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