Design economical system for Web Free Node (aka TON OS DApp Server)

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Contest: Design economical system for Web Free Node(aka TON OS DApp Server)


Goal: Design economical system for Web Free Node to ensure that there are as many Web Free Nodes as possible running on the network to ensure censorship resistance and end-to-end decentralization for each Free TON user.


A Web Free Node has several important functions in Free TON architecture: it provides an access to the blockchain data for all the applications, it is used as a relay node for external messages and it is a Verifier Node, which ensures the correctness and the availability of blocks. As such the WFN Verifier should be a full participant in the Free TON economy.




Starts: 15.06.2021, Ends: 07.07.2021 23:59 UTC

Voting cycle

21 days


Describe and propose the most efficient, decentralized and secure economical system to incentive Web Free Node maintainers. The Economic system must ensure that there are as many Web Free Nodes as possible running on the network. The incentives should not be based solely on fisherman rewards for finding incorrect blocks since these situations are extremely rare (but should include them nevertheless). Some form of compensation for relaying the External Messages as well as providing data to other network participants, namely synchronization services for other nodes and user search query services.


  • decentralized and automated on-chain economical system for Web Free Node
  • detailed architecture diagram, system elements description, smart contract, etc
  • final document should be presented in form of white-paper, including an abstract as a preliminary overall description of the system
  • WFN maintainer incentives including but not limited to fisherman rewards, compensation for relaying the external messages, providing data to other network participants (e.q user search query services, synchronization services for other nodes) etc

Evaluation criteria and Winning conditions

  • logic simplicity
  • complexity
  • security and fraud prevention mechanisms
  • possible control mechanism for sufficient decentralization and system performance of Web Free Nodes
  • detailed description of implementation stages and economical system requirements
  • Illustrations, including charts and/or other visual aids are always a plus


The winners will receive the following:

  • 1st prize - 50 000
  • 2nd prize - 30 000
  • 3nd prize - 20 000
  • 4nd prize - 10 000
  • 5nd prize - 5 000

Note: If the number of winning submissions is less than the number of rewards available, any remaining rewards are not subject to distribution and are considered void.


Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.

Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.

Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.

Duplicate, sub-par, incomplete, or inappropriate submissions will be rejected.

Jury rewards

An amount equal to 5% of the sum total of all total tokens actually awarded to winners of this contest will be divided equally between all jurors who vote and provide feedback. The percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts. For example, if one juror votes 50 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 50 times will get 10 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.

  • Feedback is mandatory to collect any rewards.

Org Rewards

An amount equal to 5% of the total sum of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among org members who helped to organize, promote the contest and organize rewards distribution equally among them:

  • Mitja Goroshevsky @Futurizt
  • Renat Skitsan @renatSK
  • SMM SG / Community Voice SG / Influencers SG

good contest, better to have public available Dapp server script to achieve full de-centralized access

Please consider submission by INTONNATION team.

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Please consider our submission

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Not just for developers. This is the problem with all competitions. Applicants make no attempt to recruit new members from professional communities.

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version 1.01 [amendment]

  • Removed unnecessary complexity for verification of fisherman reports.

We will continue to update this document during converstation and consensus in community.

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