dApp & DeBot Sub-Governance proposal

DApps & deBot Sub-Governance proposal

Now Free TON, as a fast-growing decentralized organization, needs special programs and bots to help solve infrastructure problems. Such programs and bots are already emerging, and they need an environment for further development.

Determine the vector of development of decentralized programs (dApps) and decentralized bots (deBot), organize and maintain an environment for the development of such programs.


  • Help the community determine the directions in which dApp & deBot will develop.
  • Create a directory location (dstore.freeton) - where any Free TON user can find the required dApp & deBot with a description and rating of usefulness.
  • Provide integration with Surf wallet Free TON and gov2.0 smart-contracts
  • Attract new developers for creating Free TON dApp & deBot.
  • Organize a library of open source as well as ready-made solutions for developers.
  • New Developers Support:
  • Selection and vesting the best applications to provide motivation
  • Teaching materials. For a quick dive into the topic
  • Professional support for new dapp developers
  • Increasing the number of dApps & deBot users and their contribution to the expansion of the network.


Senya @senya_dz Founder of debiton.org , experience in web application development

@igorkaru 12 years in game development, MegaDropBot, SpikkoBot, BetCrypt365

Daniil @danoneo Experience in web project development management, 4 years of design. The creator of https://freeton-stats.org service.

Regina @regina_mayorova92 Experience in design - 3 years. PR manager and sales manager - total work experience 4 years.

Alex R @enbit88 IT-enthusiast, experience in design work, winner of many competitions in various fields, outside FreeTON I combine the positions of the head of my own business, pr-manager and design engineer.

Vlad V. @FastSha Active contributor in A&S SG. The author of TonPay.info contest results dApp. 5001bc2771bacf40b1be93478191c0a5474a39e4a31b7ae7864b1d776ec4adcd

No Name @No_name_c3po 5 years of design. 2 years in web development. Initial member NFT subgovernance


More than 30 actively used applications on Free TON


Separate control at dappdebot.gov.freeton.org
Separate domain at dStore.freeton.org


*Ideas contest for the most needed dApps & deBot in Free TON.
contest poll for searching Free TON SubGovs issues and solving them via dApps & deBot interfaces.
*Implementation community demands via vesting and result
Serial of Contests for develop and implementation community demands detected in the ideas contest.
*dApps & deBot Jury Selection Contest
Create a decentralized jury of up to 15 willing participants from the Free TON community who are willing to put in the time and efforts to study, interpret, analyze, vote, and deliver qualified feedback to DApp contest submissions from contest participants.
*Development dStore.freeton.org as a catalogue place for dApps & deBot
Launching one place where different dApps & deBot and smart-contracts will be hosted
*Free TON DApp Radar
Create an interface for tracking dApps & deBot in FreeTON network. DApps should be tracked in terms of their active users, token volume and transaction activity to provide insight into the trends in the DApp ecosystem.

Governance proposal specification

125 000 TON - for serial contests for implementation the first dApps & deBot ideas
100 000 TON - for developing and implementation dApps & deBot catalogue place dStore.freeton.org
30 000 TON - for administrative expenses.

Total: 255 000 TON.

Thanks to the fully debugged sub-governance and the inherent processes of the origin of <-> creation <-> Dapp support, it is possible to develop the Free TON network, and thus encourage developers to join us.

Multisig wallet:


Great initiative! My view is that one of the main activity of DeBot subgov should be DeBot consortium new interfaces discussion process (GitHub - tonlabs/DeBot-IS-consortium: DeBot Interface Specifications (IS) Consortium. IS a place where community defines interfaces every DeBot browser should support.). It should be moved into the Free TON community repository very soon.
I would recommend to get more technical people as members of this subgov.

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Great proposal! I’m interested in deBots developing and that would help me

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Welcome to join Telegram: Contact @dappsubgov
We are interesting in fresh blood)

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You are right that tech guys should be there and some members have the same skills but also creative idea people should join too.


Вы правы, что технические ребята должны быть там, и некоторые участники обладают такими же навыками, но также должны присоединиться люди с творческими идеями.

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Полностью поддерживаю! Это даст понятные рядовому пользователю интерфейсы и ресурсы.

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