Counterfeit NFT - TON Punks

The art and design looks exactly like the CryptoPunks on

Have made a few comparisons TONpunk #217 TonPunk #217 — is the exact rip of CryptoPunk #217 !!

Isn’t this similar to buying and selling and trading of counterfeit goods?

Agree. We can demonstrate the simpleness of creating collectibles on freeTON, but better to be original.

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Free TON should stop to make publicity for this project, which is obviously a copyright issue.
I already say that in another place, but if someone steals your song, your personnal song, exactly the same, and sell it just renaming it ???!!??
We are on blockchain ok, but one shall not do whatever he wants, espacially when we are talking about intellectual propriety and copyright.

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Isn’t there any respect to IP rights? Thought blockchain was a safe place since everything is transparent and immutable.

As a matter of fact, wouldn’t the programmers and coders here be angry if their codes were stolen and made lots of profit, but not getting any royalties to it?

If the creators of Larva Lab and CryptoPunk were to take up an international law suit against all owners and previous owners of xxxPunk NFTs in the part, present and future. I am sure the court would rule in their favor and every other rip off version of the xxxPunk would need to eventually pay for damages, and the users in the immutable list would have to cough up a x% of royalties back to the owners. (transparency, justice and fairness - blockchain)

:gem: :gem: :gem: The ONLY ONE secret Punk - 1 from 10,000 already has been minted! :gem: :gem: :gem:

The price on this NFT now is 100 000 :gem: on the market


If you really interested in it, write directly to tg @stop_think_ask to discuss a final price.

Hurry up, the TON Punks minting is already ended ))

An auction is coming up… the price can be higher :wink: