Corona Subgovernance

Corona Subgovernance :

Free TON project was originated in the era of corona pandemic and it is fully based on the governance of the people of its community.
Therefore, it is also important to have a Corona Subgovernance in the Free TON ecosystem.

Motivation :

There is hardly any industry that hasn’t seen the impact corona pandemic but corona’s impact wasn’t seen around the global crypto industry and this is the main reason that today the world’s crypto projects stand ready at the forefront with their digital assets for the financial support needed to fight Corona.

Aim :

Free TON Corona Subgovernance is aiming at more social engagement for a better and healthy world by giving money, food, oxygen, corona kits and required essentials to every victim of corona pandemic through a community powered organization.

Initial Members :

We need 11 active members from Free TON community who are ready to contribute their time and resources to deploy contests (tasks) for corona subgovernance and having sufficient awareness & knowledge about Corona Pandemic Global Impact.

Everyone have a fair chance to become initial member of corona subgovernance so that interested member of Free TON community can share their public address and telegram username to join Corona Subgovernance.

Final list of initial members will be published after successfully completion of sufficient discussion regarding proposal in between Free TON community members

Subgovernance Contests And Tasks :

  1. Corona Subgovernance Jury Selection
  2. Corona Warriors Contest
  3. Corona Subgovernance Fiat-Payment Partners Contest
  4. Corona Subgovernance Service-Providers Contest
  5. Corona Subgovernance Program-Implementation Contest

Note: Corona Subgovernance contests and tasks can be changed according to the Free TON community interest.

Budget :

We will launch corona subgovernance with initial budget of 752020 TON Crystals resembling budget amount with Free TON Launch Day

MultiSig Wallet :

MultiSig wallet of corona subgovernance will be published after the selection of initial members of the subgovernance.

Free TON Community Discussion :

We are creating a first in kind subgovernance in Free TON Ecosystem from scratch where every active member will have equal rights to involve in this public subgovernance. So we are inviting to every member of Free TON community to join corona subgovernance for a better social engagement with every human kind on this earth by mitigating humanity distance in the era of this social distancing pandemic.


Reserved for future updates

What are the benefits of this for the Free TON community?

1. What is the main goal of any crypto project?

answer is adoption.

2. What a crypto project have?

answer is Native Token/Cryptocurrency.

3. If any crypto project is giving their native token for a public service. Then what will happen?

answer is adoption, adoption and adoption.

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I want to join this subgovernance to help humanity in this serious economic recession and work disability conditions.

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Free TON has a partner - HumanVenture
I don’t think our community needs this new SG now.


we need a global subgovernance to fight against corona.
Do you know about current global impacts of corona pandemic?
If you aren’t aware about the current scenario of global crypto projects and their social engagement through contributing digital assests for oxygen, food, corona kits and essential services, you should go through google for that.

It’s new time and now crypto projects are finding more alternate and ways for social engagement.


Why exactly to counter the coronavirus? But what about the flu, cancer and so on? I think we need a global charity project. And even more so the initial budget of 700,000? Are you seriously?

Only consistent targeted assistance along with video filming and reports, receipts of funds spent starting from 5000 crystals.


Amanita phalloides subgovernance

Короновируса не существует!!! Это все миф

complete garbage!
You cannot come up with a normal real project for India for a whole year?

Мне до сих пор не понятно как этот сабгав может помочь сообществу и каким образом мы можем бороться с короновирусом?

Если вы хотите пожертвовать средства 700к+ TON на борьбу с Covid-19, то нужно просто создать предложение на пожертвование в конкретный медицинский фонд, либо заказать маски, оплатить прививки, но зачем для этого нужен сабгав?


Кстати, маски это bullshit

Я не знаю где вы там хотите маски брать, но я могу договориться дешевле, насчёт доставки договоримся)

Future of Free TON can be more better but currently the most influent person of crypto revolution Vitalik Butterin is also donating billions of dollar in crypto to covid releif fund.
Impact of corona pandemic on every human kind can’t be ignored anymore and number of corona victims are accelerating at high speed therefore we are creating corona subgovernance.

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Please stay tuned with global news on covid :loudspeaker:
:india: I’m indian and I want to do something better for my country in this era of corona pandemic where my whole nation is struggling to fight against corona and majority of indian state governments had already implemented a public lockdown.

Healthy economy needs healthy people for healthy contribution.

ETH - cryptocurrency #2
TON - cryptocurrency #2600
Our platform needs to gain strength and develop. In a year or two, if we enter the TOP100 cryptocurrencies, then your proposal will make sense.

You need to improve your knowledge and general sense because sometimes what you see is not true :mag_right:

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Thanks! In terms of SubGov, I simply think that global challenges are far beyond just corona which comes and goes, so they deserve a wider SubGov.

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We are already in top 150 and now think about top 20

Market Cap of Free TON

TON Price :heavy_multiplication_x: Circulating Supply

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