Continuation of partnership with Anatoly Kaplan (Forklog)

Forklog is the most popular media in the CIS region about crypto and blockchain (to learn more about statistics on attendance, read this research). Its founder Anatoly Kaplan is one of Everscale’s Initial Members, and Forklog has been publishing news about Everscale/Free TON from day one, even before the mainnet was launched.

In December 2020, Anatoly started the initiative on a systematic promotion of Free TON using Forklog’s media resources. This project is aimed at spreading the word about Free TON in a Russian-speaking crypto community, which is important, given the fact that a large share of Everscale members does speak Russian.


In less than a year, the Forklog team has managed to:

Post about 57 articles in Free TON’s personal blog at Forklog Hub. All these posts are original, not copy-pasted from any other media source whatsoever. Topics of posts range from small technical improvements in a certain product running on Free TON blockchain to key takeaways from long interviews.

A preview for one of the posts in the Free TON blog at Forklog Hub

Publish ~34 posts about Free TON/Everscale on the main Forklog website. Almost all articles are included in the primary news feed. These publications have various length and formats. Most of the articles about Free TON were featured on the main page for some time. In addition, we produced a set of unique cover images for posts about Free TON.

Besides regular news articles, we could score, for example:

And more.

The beginning of the educational article about Free TON on the Forklog website.

We also published more than 200 posts about Free TON on Forklog’s social media (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, VK). Many posts have unique content, attracting the attention of thousands of readers.

An example of the post about Free TON at Forklog Hub

We’ve mastered a special project dedicated to Free TON from scratch. A team of professional content creators, designers, and developers worked on the project for a whole month. It has a unique design, presenting the Free TON ecosystem in a form of the star system, where different celestial bodies represent the ecosystem’s core elements.

We’ve thought out a content structure, bringing together major parts of Free TON, and tried to tell equally about major actors, users, initial members, app developers, partners. The purpose of the project was to increase awareness of Forklog’s audience about Free TON. And we succeeded in this, without any doubt.

The main page of the special project about Free TON published on Forklog

We’ve made videos about Free TON at Forklog’s YouTube channel:

One thing needs to be clear. Forklog sees this partnership as a cooperation with the whole Everscale ecosystem, not with separate members of the community. It means that we haven’t selected news about certain teams, projects, or events. Instead, we tried to keep an eye on what was happening inside the project and choose news based on our journalistic experience, staying generally neutral.

Now, let’s switch to the prospects of the partnership.


Forklog wishes to continue its partnership with Everscale for the next year, until December 2022. Thanks to the previous experience, it is possible to define activities more precisely. So, what is supposed to be done:

1. Publications in Forklog Hub. We keep maintaining the blog, posting important news and other featured articles about the project. Our commitment is to publish at least 60 more posts about Everscale on this blog until December 2022.

2. Articles on the main Forklog website. It is still the best way to natively deliver news and increase awareness about Everscale across our vast audience. To do that, we suggest just to keep doing what we do. So, we are ready to post at least 40 articles on Forklog’s main website.

3. Videos. Visual content is the best way to deliver any message, so the more videos about Everscale there are in our YouTube channel, the better. We’ve done two videos, which is a huge job. For the next year, we’re ready to make at least 5 videos either only about Everscale or about topics related to Everscale, with its community members participating.

4. Social media. First, we will, of course, continue to push content about Everscale in our social media channels. But in addition, we’d suggest organizing at least one interactive activity related to Everscale in our social media. It could be a quiz, a competition, or anything else, preferably with prizes for participants.

5. Special project. It has proven to be an efficient way to promote Everscale. But the ecosystem is developing really fast. Even its name is different today. So, the special project about Free TON needs a serious update, which requires an effort. We commit to gradually refreshing the special project’s content and adding it with all new and important details. The project will be optimized to attract organic traffic from search engines and will be also systematically promoted in our media resources. So it will stay a sort of a gateway to the ecosystem.

6. Banner Ads. We will leverage this type of advertising on Forklog’s website to lead readers to the Everscale official website, so they could know more about the project.

7. Mentions. We will mention major news about Everscale in the email newsletter and news at Forklog’s YouTube channel.


To execute this plan, we ask the Everscale community to provide an amount of 800 000 EVER in total after the voting.

This partnership is going to be concluded with Anatoly Kaplan, who can guarantee that Forklog will comply with obligations. At the same time, the successful implementation of the plan depends on the Everscale community, too. That’s why we encourage all active members and partners to engage with us in creating news and useful content.

Regardless of the partnership, we wish Everscale all the best.

Forklog team


I sure partnership with ForkLog is good, but I don’t sure that 800k EVER it’s a reasonable price. Has ForkLog sold tokens before or is it holding them?


I think we need finalize, at least temporary, this activity because we provide some tokens to DeFi Alliance for PR. Also It is too expensive for visible result from previous period. Or we need significant reduction of requested tokens (to corresponding price/value) and adding the vesting for several years.

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I support. The guys are interesting, but the amount of 800 thousand is quite a lot.

I am supporting this proposal.

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it is very expensive

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Thanks for your support. This amount is more than a fair price for the activity we will deliver.

“Expensive” compared to what partnsership\offer\proposal?

Could you please explain why are you not sure? Answering your question: we hold most of the tokens recieved

I honestly don’t see how our partnership interferes with the plans of DeFi Alliance. On terms of this partnership, we will be ready to cover substantial news occasions happening around Everscale in our channels. So, if Alliance or some kind of Foundation, having some PR team will use this partnership to push Everscale agenda efficiently. Win-win.

partnership does not interfere in any way, it is not worth the money
cheaper to hire a personal journalist, make a website for him and promote this site on social networks
I do not pretend to be true, I say my opinion

Please tell me, is this the first token request? I can’t find the previous one on the forum to compare them.

You also write that your cooperation is not aimed at specific individuals, but at the entire community. I’ve bought ads on your Telegram and YouTube channels twice in the last year to promote resources Telegram: Contact @gramkit_ru ,, which are part of the Everscale ecosystem. Both times it was hard, I had to explain for a long time that there is no unified team in Free TON. Your employees replied to me that you already have direct contact with the Free TON team. Although as part of the ecosystem, as the initial member, you should understand that we have a decentralized project that does not have any one team with which you can have direct contact. We don’t have CEO and tokensales. After contacting your team and purchasing advertising, I got the impression that your team doesn’t really see the difference between Free TON and projects with CEO, centralized team and tokensales. Your words that your cooperation is not aimed at cooperation with specific individuals does not look true to me

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I mean that you can compare our partnership with other cases of cooperation with media. For instance, Cointelegraph.

As for your issue with our media, it is the first time I hear about it. But still, I don’t really get, what was the problem? We are in contact with several teams. We try to respond to every inquiry we get from Free TON members. Thing is, we don’t get many :man_shrugging:

Forklog has been building the media about crypto since 2014. As a result, we offer access to the targeted and qualified audience of crypto enthusiasts. Don’t think one journalist and a website can deliver the same.

How many times have we been proud of the news from Forklog?
Well, now it’s payback time! :moneybag:

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I think we need spend such sum of coins to dapp projects in EVER, then they can decide themslef which marketing support they need.

I perfectly understand that your audience is more valuable, but there is very little of it for this money, and the project needs to gain mass, and with it a high-quality audience will come to the project itself and such as the forklog will write about the ever for free, for content

@TelegramMan As far as I understand your issue was resolved eventually. Not everyone is aware of Everscale’s decentralized structure. So people may get confused. If you or anyone else will have issues with Forklog, you can always contact me in Telegram: fred_fired

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Anatoly Kaplan is trusted member of the community, who always supported the project with his best intentions. Marketing is a weak spot of Everscale project and needs to be improved. Price is fair compared to amount of work and attention put in media part of project development. Fully support this partnership


I love Forklog and learned about Everscale from them. But I think that the Russian-speaking community is so large, while the English-speaking community is small and not so active.
Since the founder of forklog is an initial member of Everscale, it seems to me that you can promote Everscale for free with your ready-made resource. If this initial member did not have Forklog, then I would be for the allocation of funds.
There is proposition on forum to change the model of financing partnerships. If this model is adopted, then the network developers will not receive financial support (coins will be allocated only to entrepreneurs upon their successful work). Then I don’t understand why initial member cann’t continue talking about Everscale due to its capabilities. Or is it much easier to update the code of the node? Some kind of injustice …

  1. I believe that Forklog can continue its work for free to the best of its ability. Thank them very much for the work done! I really like your work!
  2. It may be necessary to offer such a partnership to Coindesk and / or Cointelegraph in order to increase the share of the English-speaking community.
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