Contests for "friends", how to take first place. Free TON Blog Contest

The contest ended with a very “unexpected” result for the first place. The first place was taken by an already created blog that has been running for a long time. The first article on it was published on 22.09.2020.


The contest started on 07.10.2020

Initial member of SMM Sub-governance submitted a pre-created blog to participate in the contest - this puts the other participants in unequal conditions in advance. And suddenly his blog takes the first place.

Is this considered normal? Read the judges comments and especially pay attention to the last vote, which lowered the ratings of his competitors without exception. And a very decent job was on the 2nd place, and could be the first.

I invite all members of the community to Express their opinion on this issue. There are really decent works made on time and under the terms of the competition. How long will the public performance last?

Initial member of SMM Sub-governance @Aleso I suggest that you share the prize for first place with all the contestants who passed the requirements of the technical task. And who did their job within the terms of the competition.

You will do what you know best, but the community must See it.


After such a competition and refereeing, it is necessary to disband this subgavernance and disqualify the referees without the right to be restored in the FreeTON ecosystem.


Please provide information about voting.
I think that the fact that the blog was created before the launch of the contest is not a violation.


I also want to draw the community’s attention to this fact: “Jurors will vote for your submission. Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions of their own lose their right to vote in this contest.”


Hi! Missed that contest results, and understand your concerns. BUT maybe it is better to ask HOW the official site can compete with others at all?? How can it stand in one line with others? I don’t really know…

So my question is Where and When was the community contest for the BEST BLOG to take that web address (url) ???


Everything has been fixed here -Free TON Blog Contest results evaluation Proposal

Please, have a look.


Thanks :+1: for making it clear you provide an important link that most be clicked to get updated. No time to qaurel let do the right thing for now.

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