Contests DeStats Reward Proposal


The distribution of tokens to community contest winners, initial member vesting contracts, jurors, partners, etc. is beautiful. Those who helped with tables, statistics, and design and process automation should be rewarded.


Some members of the community volunteered to help with the collection of statistics on contests and proposal rewards. This was especially kind of them. Each member of the community benefited from their help. They may not have offered assistance, but they took the initiative. This proposal suggests encouraging their previous work and continued effort.

Type of reward:

One-time reward 3,000 TONs for each participant

Procedural remarks

Participants are required to submit applications and describe the work and tasks they have performed since June until November.

Criteria for nomination and voting:

  • Time and effort spent during all contests payouts period
  • Scripts, payout tables, posts, and sleepless nights
  • Technical advice, creating smart contracts
  • Verifications
  • Calculations


None of the aforementioned individuals are US citizens or part of US entities.


Dear @Roman_D,

The proposal for forum supporters has somehow similar concepts. I have recently edited it. I will be thankful if you have a look at the new version of the contest for forum supporters and let me know if we can merge both in one contest.


Great motivation to contribute in TON ecosystem.

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freeTON is still improving, we hope with great wishes to see more updates😍. Thank you for sharing updates about the contest stats reward proposal.

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Hi! For sure! Fully support this idea! I also agree that this proposal should go to the voting!


Thanks a lot for your supports :pray:

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Congratulations to the winners, I’m curious about the distribusion of tokens in large numbers wouldn’t it have a negative impact on market supply and price? Which will lead to dump?

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I support this. Thank you to everyone for their contributions. It is exciting to see the progress our community is making.

Congratulation to the winners, helping the community and get paid for the incentive is really been great.
I wish I had known TON existence, I would have been among earlier supporters :grinning: :grinning:
To expand TON, will there be a similar contest in the future?

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It is the right thing to reward people who strive for this forum and free toon. I congratulate both the friends who made efforts for the forum and the free ton, and the forum management who did not leave this effort unanswered.

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