Contest: Tickets to the AIBC Sigma Show in Dubai


Within the framework of the accepted partnership between Free TON and Sigma, our community is the sponsor of the Dubai AIBC show, as well as other ongoing off-chain events. This is the first time that Free TON will be presenting and sponsoring at a major offline event, which is a very important milestone. This contest offers to attract participants who can bring the largest value for networking at the Dubai exhibition on 25-26th May 2021.


This contest is aimed at developing recognition of the project, building networking relationships between active members of Free TON and the global crypto community.

Contest dates

April 14 - 30, 2021

Voting cycle

10 days


  • Prove why you deserve to represent the community at this event;
  • Show your background, recognitions, awards, diplomas or any certifications you may have, etc.;
  • Show your projects/work in Free TON;
  • Must have or create a presentation/booklet/something about your use case (or any other unique means to deliver your message – use your imagination) to be able to explain your use case on Free TON at the event. Please describe what you will do or provide what you already have.
  • Answer the question, “How will I stand out at the event?”
  • Answer the question, “How will this benefit Free TON?”
  • Follow COVID-19 guidelines This is very important! If you do not follow the guidelines, you might not be able to enter Dubai. If you are a contest winner, but are forbidden entry for any reason whatsoever, the responsibility is wholly your own and you will forfeit your ticket(s) and reward.

Evaluation criteria

  • Product/service description and how it benefits Free TON;
  • Event and offsite networking expertise;
  • Use case details;
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing (if not a technical person)
  • Developer experience (if you are a technical person);
  • Subscribers on social networks, social media presence;
  • Ability to deliver a clear message (CVs/resumes with verifiable links and work will help)


The jury will be comprised of the following community members:

Name Telegram Public key
Ron @Ronmillow 4c9b659bfa4d1bdc6f2e60e84a326094b35c64a7e1e6aa95055a2b9c51f9c162
Joanne @powderedtoastwmn cf6c9fd2653a52ddeb38f3c7a40f0b7a7d23d8a478d0eaeda00bfb34c8f8b2f1
Alexander Filatov @Alexander_Filatov e99429c3d336c21e86047a8e45f790346ef8e2a298b128fe9f3402f140ea9c68
Pavel Prigolovko @prigolovko dd5994f3825c3a0c6c0d2b4ceca2a48bc71c52bd29b181d9eed71696fc4220dc
Mitya @Futurizt 6ff322ad669dfad2f396b98bdc8690cc49926f6a10cd7f10d07f031841cf09ef
Roman D @Dedicate_s 6f10bb0c31958196a87e35a7d8320355e6ae161da57d9a77abbfa1e12d4131be
Steve Yun @steveyun 3755ae9c0038e79cb12dbfc7154bbabd53a601b01c928606475e4dca4bf21940
Moon Young Lee @chuorinkan 8df6775f1150ff6fcf84e60340b6ff4a7e84f371869ba6b67b06e40d2aac6851
Ben Sunderland @mrbsunder1and31 1dbe2acde419ef931d86491cc3d2a146c30daeb0613904ac10f5f71bef7c9d3b
Darkwing Dark @ducktalesblock 3fe1889a81a1941b0f86bef70998e1625170f36789ec9e8645f32ffd54b8bee9
Bulbash @Bulbash666 7b9fd782613a8fac23527ddb28ab2129e71e08bfaaad73123af66959b9680c61
Vladimir Maslyakov @rainblowing deb93a951c20140785ad7a9e7fa85fa6da5332cda85fbff6ef7784c805e963d3
Nikita Ishakov @Riemann 0dd55d3e5ecbd1f7c4c18eee4a35282c3933c08243c9034fc3ae39e71b790915
Marina Guryeva @mgureva 0d2bd47068b09fcfb4b5753b76fd9f9d5db239affbb58fbf49eeefbbbd4e3c1a
Vladimir Ponomarev @xestrum a7981eb11a3dade6ea226fca0accf6d104f1d27944351353e5894218c411e866
Mark Feldman @markfeldman13 b0ca7ddb1b44a87063a4ecb587b15da8efa566c6462ede1277e2d282da2689b9
Mike from MTX Connect @markhorovitz 3ebe74eeb673dbde97d9d656066ec6101c1631d0f4c79cf4489c9441acd7bc0a
Sergey Dzhurinskiy @Dzhurinskiy e200c7e3a0810a5033c63373553d4b46a3180387d46b7a704c8cf1e67bc8a1a2
Evgeny Teslov @eteslov 1ee988171bb950a4e82adc2b07f11a9ae8a80b9ce9e83f4fdc915c3d96efb886
Evgeny Morozov @EMMorozov 6c0f172d80a6335eaaeee2c23a5679cab6142fd01c7fec8fe3ae33750b025965
Nina @ElsbethTheOne 1c4220d2cc02716af605642182c18881ab1a70e2a64e37162224f3856b76a467
Senya @senya_dz 7ee520d94a4df7cda9d8e4a8354c0787decd1bd7837f1bb4412959881e2e312f
Lazarev Vladimir @lvv365 012f4c4b29ad67936c63fff082699435d638024ef124b4b38d8eb2d112ea4d8a
Roman Nguyen @inyellowbus f0c02482ac2a54691aba1e2c38b6cd7fd3708f9eb015058c7d85a939646715e7


1st - 5th place……………………… 1 general admission pass (Standard Ticket), 1 networking dinner pass (AIBC iGathering) + 1 party pass (AIBC Closing Night)

6th - 10th place……………………. 1 general admission pass (Standard Ticket) + 1 party ticket (AIBC Closing Night)

11th - 30th place.…………………. 1 general admission pass (Standard Ticket)

Plus an additional 2,500 TONs to every winner, payable upon onsite registration at the AIBC event in Dubai to reimburse and offset travel, lodging and meal costs, as well as mandatory COVID-19 test costs. Please come to the Free TON booth and provide your wallet number onsite to receive this reward.

Bonus Reward

Best submission wins an in-person recorded interview at the Dubai event. Woohoo!

Winner registration

  • 1st - 5th place winners will need to go here, choose “standard ticket” and register for the event. There you will enter a coupon code for a discount that will be provided to you in the Winners Telegram chat group (see “Other” below) as soon as the contest is complete. To receive your iGathering and Closing Night passes, you will need to provide your full name and company name (if you have one) in the group chat on/before May 14, 2021. Closing Night passes are handed out onsite.

  • 6th - 10th place winners will need to go here, choose “standard ticket” and register for the event. There you will enter a coupon code for a discount that will be provided to you in the Winners Telegram chat group (see “Other” below) as soon as the contest is complete. To receive your Closing Night pass, you will need to provide your full name and company name (if you have one) in the group chat on/before May 14, 2021, and you will then be added to the list.

  • 11th - 30th place winners will need to go here, choose “standard ticket” and register for the event. There you will enter a coupon code for a discount that will be provided to you in the Winners Telegram chat group (see “Other” below) as soon as the contest is complete.

Jury Rewards

10% of the total contest reward amount divided among jurors who vote and provide feedback (both are necessary to receive the reward) on the basis of relative number of votes cast, i.e., distributed based on the number of votes each juror provides. For example, if one juror votes for 20 submissions and another juror votes only 5 times, the juror who votes 20 times will get 4 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.


  • Members of the jury who will participate in this contest cannot vote for their own submissions and should choose “Abstain”. This will be checked.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10, or may choose to reject or abstain. If you are participating in the contest, please vote “Abstain”for your own submission and leave a comment stating that you are participating.
  • The minimal score threshold is an average score of 5 or greater. Any acreage score that is less than 5 is considered as rejected.
  • To evaluate the work of the participants, the jury members must read each application in detail and leave a comment that reflects their having understood each contestants’ submission, i.e., nonspecific comments should be avoided. Each contestant must understand why they received the score that they did.
  • Jurors are responsible for matching contestant IDs (see below under “Procedural Requirements”) to their submissions. If a match cannot be made, jurors can reject the submission.

Procedural Requirements

  • Participants must upload their submissions in PDF format. Any external links to their submission should be within the PDF. Failure to do so renders the submission as rejected.
  • Every contest submission must have your Telegram ID for 2 reasons: 1) to match your ID to your submission, 2) in order to invite you to the Winners chat group once the contest is over (see “Other” below).


Once the contest is complete and the winners are announced, a Telegram group chat will be created where the winners can ask questions and discuss details in preparation for the event.


We’re going to Dubai!! So excited to meet everyone there.


Gotta win first! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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This is a really exciting opportunity!! I can’t wait to see the submissions and everyone who will be going :tada:


Go-go-go guys! Let’s make Free TON more recognizable!!!


Great! Let’s rock :guitar: :rocket: :rocket:

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Suitcase packed, ready to go :smile:


Darn travel restrictions in the UK :frowning: ! Wish I could join the fun, but all the best to those who can attend. Full support.

very cool ! very cool !

Notable milestone! Great chance to inform the world on Free TON! 100% support! Hope we can see pictures and videos if possible too!


Hmm … I just got a new passport :thinking:

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You should join man)))

Looks like a very well thought through contest. :ok_hand: Looking forward!


Very important opportunity to promote Free TON and its amazing features. Definitely support this Contest, we shall share with all Sub-governances and wide Community.


It’s cool. More people will learn about Free TON.

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Well done! Let`s go guys


Go! go!! Go!!! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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If I thought I could take the £10k fine on the chin I would 100% be there :laughing: Bloody Boris Johnson!


It it wasn’t for two week’s quarantine after returning to the country, I’d be there too!


Fo sho! Someone will be walking around and streaming stuff too

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