Contest Proposal: Free TON Visual Brand Communication Contest Part II. Gifs

Short description:

Create designs for Free TON: Gifs. See full requirements in Appendix.



Contest entry period:

July 20, 12:00 PM UTC - August 10, 24:00 PM UTC.


Increase in the number of marketing materials necessary for project promotion and recognition in the media field.

General requirements:

  • No pixel format
  • High image quality
  • Recommendation: your contact information in submissions is recommended so that jurors can ask questions directly in the event of uncertainty.
  • In order not to violate the existing color design, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the current style in social networks.
  • This contest must include between 10 and 15 gifs in gifs packs for each participant.
  • Create graphics according to the following information. Before you start, please read the following requirements:

*Contest specification (link)

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions

  • High-quality work
  • Free TON related
  • Beautiful design
  • Viral effect
  • Compliance with the current color design ;
  • Proposals will be judged strictly on the merit of their accuracy in addressing all requirements.


  • Each of the initial Free TON jurors can vote on your submission. Jurors whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.

The competition is divided into several sub competitions (With a separate reward for each one).


1st prize…………………………35,000 Tons

2nd prize……………………….25,000 Tons

3rd prize………………………. 15,000 Tons

Next 10 runners up…………. 5,000 Tons each

Procedural remarks:

  • Participants must upload their work correctly so it can be viewed and accessible in the formats described. If work is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be void by jurors.
  • Participants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of applications. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  • If the number of participants is less than the amount of prizes available, the excess prize awards are void.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


Contest specifications in this topic about animated stickers, i think that needs correction

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Contests was accepted by Governance voting :point_right:

Moved to Active contests.


GIF contest
requirements: PNG format is a must
Lol, wut!? I hope you realize that GIF is an image format!

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Ctrl+С, Ctrl+V mistake, thanks. I’ve sent it to @Roman_D.

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Fixed, thank you all!

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hah Animated PNG, why not?

Hello, here are my gifs for the contest:


My gifs available here

Also you can download them
Attention, yandex disk has a problem with view gifs, there you will see lines.
Please downloads it!


Hi, here my gifs at available for download


In my opinion, it is not a good idea to publish .ZIP on the forum. Sooner or later, someone will use this to distribute malware to inexperienced users.


Agree, there should be a mechanism to avoid it.


I have a suggestion. Maybe can you create a channel and publish your own work on the channel?

In my opinion for jury work it will be much easy to recognize your work.


My gifs for this contest.
P.S. How to register the wallet?

Itsfreeton freetonhamoney trumpfreeton freetonfromdark keepcalm homerfreetonmind freetonthebest todolist_buy todolist_sell todolist_win


I noticed that a lot of GIFs made by guys exceed 1 MB. IS this requirement still relevant? If follow to it GIFs appear to be quite small.

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зачем каждому конкурсанту создавать канал ? конкурсанты должны выкладывают гифки тут в этой ветке и именно воспроизводимые гиф файлы а не zip архивы и не ссылки на сторонние сайты, облака и хранилища. . А при подаче заявки, наверно надо , прикрепить pdf c фотками всех гифок в его заявке и ссылку на размещённые гифки в этой ветке. А потом Вы(администраторы) эти файлы сохраняете , создаёте канал “Free TON” на сайтах с гифками , грузите их туда , и в Телеграм .

Публикация работ наглядно и доступно - здесь в этой ветке - закрепляет приоритет . А прикрепление ссылки не дает гарантии, что ее содержимое не будет изменено после подачи заявки а так же изменено после окончания времени для подачи заявок !

такая же ситуация наблюдается и в других ветках конкурса Бренд . Кто то новенький , не прочитав правила конкурса ,прикрепил ссылку на файлообменник и все стали прикреплять ссылки. Это неправильно !!

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Я могу изменить цвет логотипа?

we can’t use other fonts at all?

My GIFs for the contest:
ton_1 ton_2 ton_3 ton_4 ton_5 ton_6

ton_9 ton_10
Thank you, Alena


I can not edit my post
How to edit it?
I want to insert images from archive

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