Contest Proposal: DeSupport 2021 Part I


The next six months passed, it was time to reward the volunteers for their work done for the benefit of Free TON!

The purpose of this contest is to motivate “helpers and evangelists” (“Free TON’s supporters”) to attract the benefit of the project and their help can be different (help in the Free TON chats, on the forums, for example, to be a moderator, or maybe helped with listings and other activity, which solves "Community problems " everyday. They voluntarily help the community daily, their contribution to the development of the community is invaluable. Let’s prompted them to continue to work on Free TON and the further development for the community, eh?

This contest based on Free TON Latest Supporters contest .


To motivate community evangelists for further useful work for the Free TON Community


DeSupport contest

Contest dates

July 28 - August 4, 23:59 UTC


15 days

Procedural Requirements

  • One submission - one participant.
  • Participants are required to provide the work they have done during the period 12:00 UTC/2:00 PM CET from January 1, 2021, through July 1, 2021, and prove to the judges why they should apply for the reward.
  • Participants should provide all details about their work (screenshots, links to their work etc)
  • Participants must upload their work correctly so it can be viewed and accessible in the formats described. If work is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, the submission may be rejected by jurors.
  • Participants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of submissions. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  • Every contest submission must have an identifiable contact that can be matched with your discussion forum description. If you did not provide a discussion forum description, then your submission must provide links, such as a Telegram ID (preferred) or other direct contact information that can confirm that the work submitted is your own. If you fail to provide a means to verify that the submission is your own work, your submission may be rejected.


Please submit a PDF file with your most significant and useful supports and contributions done within the time frame. The ways you can submit are (but not limited to) screenshots, clickable links, posts, activities, ranks, statistics, etc.

Based on the work performed, the jury will decide who has done the best valuable job so far.

Participants who did not apply in 2020 and did not receive awards in previous DeSupport contests for their contributions can also apply for this contest.

Winners’ Rewards

Average score for a submission must be at least 5.0 points to claim a reward. If the average score of the submission is less than 5.0 points, no rewards will be given to the contestant.

The top 25 winners will be chosen based on ratings and receive awards as follows:

Highest rated ………………… 20,000 Tons

2nd …………………………… 18,000 Tons

3rd…………………………… 16,000 Tons

4th…………………………… 14,000 Tons

5th…………………………… 12,000 Tons

6th-10th …………………… 5,000 Tons

10th-20th ………………… 3,000 Tons

20th-25th ………………… 1,000 Tons

Jury List


Jury Rewards

An amount equal to 10% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback. This percentage will be awarded on the following basis:

  • The percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts. For example, if one juror votes 20 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 20 times will get 4 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.
  • Detailed feedback is mandatory in order to collect any rewards.


  • The juror must have a solid understanding of the described subject in order to provide a score and feedback. If not, the juror should choose to “Abstain”.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements or vote “Abstain” if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Jurors must provide feedback on submissions or lose their reward.
  • The Jury will reject duplicate, sub-par, incomplete, or inappropriate submissions.
  • The number of days for jury voting is hereby set at 15 days

I think this is the right decision. Many people help develop the Free Ton community without any material motivation - they need to be rewarded.


Hello. Great idea. The people who help make an invaluable contribution to the community. The number of people is growing.


support :slight_smile: /////////
i love meritocracy,
I know whom to mark)


Yes, very active in the past time and also helping community members. Including the bug submission in FreetonDapp test, but the screenshot is not kept, what should I do?


How do I participate in 1st Stage?
my telegram @afa910.

I want to mention these guys.
@Arthur / @dodmonitor / @Amadey
I consider their activities and comments on the forum useful for the community. It is noticeable that they are trying to help users in different situations. :+1:


I would like to nominate these guys: @Grigoriy2000 , @source - supported in Telegram, @Artist - supported on the forum.


I would like to mention myself @mds :smiley: :smiley:
Because I’m active, too

I have uploaded the competition file.
forum user: @mds

@Glazik - Создатель Free TON Broadcast.
@Margos - Создатель TON Seed - это платформа для быстрого старта проектов в Free TON. Он связывает сообщество и стартапы.


@Arti_MAK - за активную позицию в плане развития фри тон и ее отстаивание
@EkaterinaPantaz - за терпение и поддержку в группе SDK


@Margos - For her efforts and initiatives. TON Seed is a good idea, but don’t stop!


I choose these guys.
@Alex077 (Telegram - @Alex770) / @heyod (Telegram - @heyodhewow) / @lesnik_utsa (Telegram - @lesnik13utsa)
For their community work.


I want to suggest @epidemia777, as an active member of the Free TON community, a moderator of the Free TON, and forums, who has been actively supporting the project for almost a year on all crypto resources.
I also want to suggest @heyodhewow with his help the Free TON section was created on the altcoinstalks forum, he works as a global moderator on the altcoinstalks, as well as an administrator of several telegram chats for Free TON,
and @fsdfsfsdf32, also an altcoinstolks moderator.
They write posts about Free TON every day and support the project for about 7 months.


Wanna nominate @mrbateman31 and @Joanne and @kekerya , they are great comminity members who help us with social media and many other things!) Twitter by Ben & Joanne is great and so much new followers!


I will nominate the next guys: @SvetBauer, @Alex077, @Greek.

These guys support the project and put a lot of effort, I believe that their work should be highly appreciated and rewarded.


@heyod (tg - @heyodhewow) / @Whited35 (tg - @@VznGo) / @Greek (tg - @Greek1313)

These active community members are really doing a great and necessary job !!! Community support on forums, telegram channels is invaluable


The ever-devoted @Darkwingduck who carries FT in his heart


I nominate the following three people:

  • @Alex077 (tg: @ Alex770) - for the most active propaganda of our project at eight crypto forums and many media platforms. Plus, he is a moderator and has a legend rank on all major crypto forums.
  • @Greek (tg: @ Greek1313) - he is an irreplaceable technical consultant and administrator of several channels and chats in tg dedicated to the subject of the Free TON project.
  • @JoJo (tg: @ fsdfsfsdf32) - he is a moderator on the altcoinstalks forum and an active promoter of Free TON ideas on crypto forums and TG chats.

All of them have been active supporters of the project since October 2020.

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I want to nominate:

@Darkwingduck Telegram: Contact @ducktalesblock
@Katya Telegram: Contact @kekerya
@barc Telegram: Contact @stop_think_ask

For help in organizing and conducting Free TON Anniversary Celebration in Moscow (on May 7, 2021). And for a very large amount of work done.