Contest Prolongation: Articles for Hackernoon Contest Proposal

General description

Due to the fact that the approval of articles on the takes a long time and not all authors managed to go through this procedure. Let’s give more people the opportunity to join this contest, and therefore increase the number of good submissions. SMM SG wants to support the authors and the possibility of their publication. Because of this, we propose to extend this contest until February 25, end of day UTC.

And if a participant has published an article and it has been rejected on hackernoon more than two times, then she/he can attach in submission:

Such an submission will allow the participant to claim on additional prizes, which are described in text of Articles for Hackernoon Contest Proposal

New dates

February 1 - February 25, 2021, 23:59 UTC

Procedure Remarks

This proposal does not propose to change other rules, only the dates


Already 7 days have passed - and there is no acceptance or rejection of the article. Hangs in Submitted and that’s it (

Yea, I observe the same situation in myself

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