Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]

No. Mobile design is different. Mobile layout, sizes, interaction with controls… all are different. It need work. In a lot of moments you can’t just change CSS.

Mobile is 60% of world traffic. Mobile > Desktop. Why do not start from mobile version? Why mobile not part of contest? “Mobile first”.

This contest is more about ideas that can be used later.

Mobile first vs desktop first is not the subject of discussion at this point.

Plus, the contest is ongoing already.


Здравствуйте! Подскажите это лэндинг или так же нужно делать форум? Или форум отображается только в меню и ссылка может вести уже на действующий форум?

Hello there! Tell me this landing page or just need to do a forum? Or is the forum displayed only in the menu and the link can lead to an existing forum?

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Landing only. No links are needed at this moment as it’s a design (not html) contest :slight_smile:

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For which domain name do you plan to use the design? Will it be ?

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I think Validators Nodes World Map
from this contest: Contest Proposal: Validators Nodes World Map Visualization [05 october 2020 - 06 november 2020]
also needed for landing, It will be good, If someone add leafletjs style to this contest, some time or other, map like this appear on site.

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Please, read comments to get the idea of the contest

Hello! This can be offered when the landing page competition is over. Don’t forget to remind.

As the creator of this contest, let me contact you. I’m just a bit of a noob in this matter, but I’m interested in participating.
I realized that participants should not submit ready-made landing pages (link to a page on the Internet), but elaborated in terms of design and information.
So tell me how the job should look like:
is it a link of a draft design in the program (in figma it can be shared like), or is it a design that will be rendered in a pdf file? Or is it a file that can be opened through these programs, which I can place on a google drive.
I hope I phrased the question correctly

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have you posted this amendment proposal? I just would like to participate, but I’m afraid that I’m not very competitive)) But I would also like to become a prize-winner. Or is it too late to make changes?

JPEG file will be fine. The submission is made through attaching a PDF file, so, you will have to place you design of landing page there. Extra link to Figma is ok too.

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Nope, this one didn’t make the light of the day.

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Hi all!)
To your attention landing page design is placed in contest submission.
Hope you will like it.
(All materials are placed in submission)

It’s totally up to you to decide the content for what/who sections - as you see the network, that’s the whole point, really.

Я смотрю всем понравилось скрывать свои работы) хотя мне конечно такое не по душе)

That is up to you - the gov interface hides the works, you can post them here. It’s up to the participant :slight_smile:

Hi i present my work for this contest Free TON Landing Page

All work files and figma link included in PDF file.

Forum name: @encipher

TG name: @enbit88



I thought that the competition should be done in style and use only those colors and fonts

You can check * Colours: Dark #20262A, Light #FDFDFD, Neutral #ABB4B8, Accent #0088CC, Orange #FF5F33, Green #719E64, Pink #FFBBB6, Blue #5186C1, Yellow #EEC100;
This page include only this colours, and no others .
I also think that it makes sense to make an exact copy of the site, we must introduce a new vision and at the same time follow the rules of the competition. all rules are followed, you can check it out!

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I’m not arguing with you, I was just afraid to take such a risk and took the classic variant as a basis.

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