Contest: Free TON DeFi Jury Selection 1.2


Create a decentralized jury of up to 25 willing participants from the Free TON community who are willing to put in the time and efforts to study, interpret, analyze, vote, and deliver qualified feedback to DeFi contest submissions from contest participants.



Contest period

Begins 19-10-2020 at 00:00:00 UTC - Ends 25-10-2020 at 23:59:59 UTC.

Motivation (DeFi SubGovernance proposal specification)

In the strive to decentralize Free TON, so should the jury come from the community at large. This will help achieve the goal of decentralized governance 2.0.

On the other hand, the complexity and immensity of the DeFi topic has led to the creation of a separate SubGovernance and requires the creation of a Jury from specialists in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Initial SubGovernance DeFi Free TON members are also the Initial DeFi Jury members. They are appointed to form the full Free TON DeFi jury. This initial composition assumes all responsibilities of the Free TON DeFi Jury and is to launch a Free TON DeFi Jury Contest.

The main duty of the full FreeTON DeFi Jury is to vote in the FTDCs (FreeTON DeFi Contests).

This contest continues a series of recurring Jury contests until reaching the KPI of at least 15 independent jurors (in addition to seven initial members).

Contest submission requirements

You must submit a curriculum vitae (C.V. or Resume) that demonstrates one, all, or some of the following skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge in the field of DeFi. Understanding the principles of Decentralized Finance. Good orientation on the market for DeFi solutions
  • Thorough knowledge of one of the solutions on the DeFi market. Ability and experience of using it (Compound, Uniswap, Zerion, Maker DAO, Aave, Synthetix, Nexus Mutual, dYdX, Opyn Etc.)
  • Statistics of advertising work (marketing, PR, promotion, ownership of thematic channels or groups in social networks, etc.), dedicated to the DeFi topic
  • Experience in trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXes)
  • Understanding how decentralized StableCoins work
  • Understanding the Mechanism of Decentralized Derivatives
  • Working with non-custodial Escrow services or Decentralized CryptoAsset Lending & Borrowing
  • Ability to read, understand, audit, or program Smart-contracts
  • Trading experience based on a liquidity pool (not order book-based)
  • Introduction to decentralized insurance, as well as decentralized Options (Call Option and Put Option)
  • Understanding the Mechanism of an Automatic Market Maker
  • Understanding the principles of the Oracles (Market data streamer)
  • Understanding the essence of the work of BTC\ETH\Solana\PolkaDot Wrappers
  • In the absence of experience in DeFi and inability to program Smart Contracts, it is necessary to have financial education, work experience in financial institutions (including banks) and a good understanding of the principles of blockchain and DAO.

Rights and duties of the winner as a member of the Free TON DeFi Jury

Winners will get the right to be a juror for each Free TON contest going forward and get the same reward as each contest describes for jurors. The award will be distributed in fair proportion to all jury members participating in the voting who have given a mark other than “Abstain”, based on the number of votes within a specific contest.

In order to get the jury reward described in each contest, the juror must do the following:

  1. Each juror should review each contest and its requirements here under “Contests”.
  2. The juror should review each contestant’s submission (uploaded in .PDF format) and determine if each submission is within the scope of his or her understanding to judge it, and then vote as follows:

a. If outside of juror competence, the juror should vote to “Abstain”
b. If within juror competence, the juror should vote on a scale of 1-to-10 with 1 representing least and 10 representing most qualified submissions.
c. If the submission is inappropriate, the PDF file is unopenable or corrupt, etc., the juror should vote “Reject” at all.

  1. The juror should provide constructive feedback in the appropriate field describing the reason for their score.

As any civic duty dictates, every juror must remain objective to the best of his/her abilities in regard to voting, i.e., stick to the facts and the facts only, leaving any personal feelings aside.

In case the juror, his/her relative, or a member of his/her team is participating in the contest, the juror must abstain from voting for this contest.

The jury should remember the strategy of creating DeFi tools on the Free TON blockchain when voting: create a basic infrastructure layer to facilitate the entrance of new partners to the FreeTON DeFi ecosystem, as well as the switch of current market leaders to FreeTON from Ethereum and other blockchains, which will boost the wide adoption of FreeTON.

Voting for a new jury

  • Each of the initial Free TON jurors can vote on your submission (candidacy) to become a juror.
  • Jurors whose company or team member/s intend/s to participate in this contest cannot vote, even if they are a sitting juror.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet the requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions
  • Each contestant that wins and becomes a juror will receive 50 Tons as a welcome bonus.

These conditions may be changed or supplemented before the contest will launch.

Procedural remarks

  • Participants must correctly upload their application to the Free TON DeFi Jury Member contest (in PDF format) in order for the jury to view it. If the application is not available or does not meet the described criteria, the candidate will be rejected by the jury.
  • Participants must submit their work before the end of the competition. If the application is submitted late, it will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must contain the contestant’s contact information, including a Telegram username, by which jurors can verify that the submission belongs to the individual who submitted it. If not, your submission will be rejected.
  • If your submission has links to the work performed, the content of those links must have the contestant’s contact details and Telegram username, so jurors can match it and verify who the work belongs to. If not, your submission will be rejected.
  • Contestants must provide valid FreeTON addresses where they will receive their reward in case of winning. Make sure that you keep your seed phrase and private keys from your wallet in a safe place.

These conditions may be changed or supplemented before the contest will launch.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.

Telegram group: FreeTON DeFi initiative group


Aaand the contest is alive!

Please submit your applications!

Just made a submission

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Here’s the PDF that I wasn’t able to upload neither in the submission form nor here on the forum.

P.S. Admin, can you fix the role permission to upload an attached file for newcomers, plz. I tried to upload my resume pdf, but didn’t find any option in the UI.
When making the submission, there was no success or warning message after the pdf upload completed. At it turned out, there was none. You can forward this too to be fixed.

Ilya Bugaev




I have been involved in blockchain projects since 2017, during this time I was a member of several teams and projects, received an award from Vitalik Buterin as an expert at Etherium. In the field of Defi since the summer of 2019, when he mathematically calculated the development of trends in the economy and blockchain. Since the fall of 2019, I have been a co-founder of the Defirex project (liquidity booster for the compound project), which has been successfully operating since august 2020 and at the time of this writing has already aggregated more than $ 4 million in liquidity. I am an expert in projects: Compound, MakerDAO, Aave, DyDx, 1inch, Uniswap etc.

At the moment, the Defirex project has passed many audits and is looking for an environment with the lowest possible commissions and high speed, the #freeton project has fallen into the sphere of our interests and we will make every effort to develop it.

2018-2020 - Linia inc, CTO - development and support of projects in southeast asia

2019 - now - Defirex, co-owner, CBDO - development and communication with major partners


  • Marketing and mass communication
  • development of motivation systems for DeFi projects
  • research and analytics
  • highly developed communication skills

Podoynitsyn Ilya

Moscow, Russia

+7 (906) 062 30-34


High skilled result-oriented professional with expertise in Blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Have experience in the blockchain development, asset managing, IT team leading, research and analysis. For more information - contact me.

10/2018 - 10/2019 IT Project manager,

  • Management of blockchain developers team
  • R&D of DeFi exchanges and launch of own exchange with more than 10 pairs in mobile app.
  • Analysis of DeFi loans market
  • Perform data analysis for complex data and files

10/2017 – Current time CTO / Co-founder, /

  • Launch of own game on the blockchain (2 smart contracts implemented);
  • strategic planning of the project;
  • financial planning;
  • market and competitor analysis

Management, research and analysis, team leading, motivation, financial planning, strategic planning, architecture development

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Alexander Kulikov

Email: dsearch3r (at)



An experienced detail-oriented specialist in the field of analytics and
evaluation of crypto startups with a deep understanding of how the
technologies associated with the blockchain work, self-motivated with
a project-oriented mindset, capable of objectively evaluating projects at
each stage of the life cycle. Able to analyze ongoing processes within
companies and propose solutions in the form of visual detailed reports.
Critical thinking with objective detailed communication on each of the
important details. High communication skills and extensive experience in
sales, compiling presentations and comprehensive research methods for
blockchain startups. I prefer to work in small, highly focused groups. As investment analyst I analyzed hundreds of projects and dozens of DeFi projects. I have advanced understanding of 0x, kyber, makerDAO, compound, uniswap, aave, nexus mutual, augur, synthetix and melon protocol.


  • Direct sales and marketing overall
  • Market research
  • Evaluation methods for crypto startups
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Project Management

Investment Analyst
February 2017 — Present

Research analyst at D-Core
March 2019 — October 2019

CIO at Private VC
August 2020 — Present

Hello DeFi initial members!
Probably some of you have seen my CV before as I am Jury 1.1 member. I believe I do a good job as jury 1.1 member but I would like to specialise in technical contests. That’s why I want to be a member of the DeFi Jury. So please find my CV bellow.

P.S. Don’t trust my words about my work, ask Ron. :slight_smile:
P.P.S. I am sure that I have a serious technical background, however, if you have any doubts about this, I can assure you that I will do my best and all my time to close the blank spots when they meet. Being an expert on Free TON technology is the main goal of my life for the next 3 years.

----- CV --------------------------------------------------
Buenos dias!
I’m Alex from Argentina.
I have over 30 years of experience in IT and I’m a miner and staker in several projects so I have enough knowledge of IT to be a good DiFi juror.

Here is my blockchain experience:

  • TypeScript/Angular for front-end;
  • JavaScript, Web3.js for middleware;
  • Solidity smart-contracts for back-end;
  • MakerDAO, Dai, MKR, CDP;
  • 2019 Taking part in Telegram Blockchain development contests;
  • 2020 Taking part in Free TON validator contest;

Bellow are some facts about me to support my point:

  • first programming language: PL-1/L (1986);
  • graduated from the Novosibirsk Physics and Mathematics boarding school;
  • other programming languages I used: Natural, Basic, Pascal, Fortran, C, Assemblers z80/x86/ibm360, Foxpro, Clipper, Delphi, PHP, Perl, VB, Swift, JavaScript, TypeScript, Solidity, Fift, Func;
  • I caught the time when developers used punched cards to enter a program into a computer, I did it couple of times too;
  • I had experience with mainframes. They also had a reset button. it was big and red and I pressed it once by accident with my elbow :slightly_smiling_face:
  • I started to work with FreeBSD since its version 2.2.8 in 1999.
  • I worked at Rambler when it was the leader of Internet in Russia. The whole office used my PC as a router during couple of days one time.
  • I had the most complete Microsoft certification. I passed more than 30 exams and I was in TOP-10 in Russia for the passed exams in 2005.
  • I was one of the high scored Microsoft Certified network trainers in 2007-2008;
  • I had experience with high-loaded clusters in Rusbank;
  • I had experience working in a large distributed network environment in Capital Insurance company, RosGosStrakh.
  • I was the head of a department with 30 employees.
  • I had experience with products from major international vendors: Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco.

My contacts:
tg: @anovi alexnew

did not find telegrams in your DeFi Submission. Please add here.

My telegram -

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thanks a lot :ok_hand:

Having discovered additional information about the recent activities of the jury, I decided to withdraw my application for participation in this contest. Please reject application â„– 8.

Hello, I cannot open the file you link to, and the PDF you have attached to the submission is just a copy-paste of the contest terms.

Sorry, but I have to formally reject your application, as it’s not verifiable, although @vatic recommends you.

We will run the next round of the jury contest next week, please apply there with a more detailed application that complies with the contest terms.