Contest for influential bloggers

Brief description
The essence of the contest is to attract influential people with their audience and conduct a chain of contests
Thousands of people with new ideas will take an active part in the life of the free ton project, which they will learn about from their favorite bloggers who they trust.
Duration of the contest
February 4, 2021 - February 24, 2021, 23: 59 UTC / GMT
Each participant who leads a group in social networks and has a large audience aimed at the field of cryptocurrency, should, based on the activity of their subscribers, determine the most effective promotions (drops, bounties, etc.). The participant must develop their own promotion to attract their subscribers to Free Ton, using a budget of 15,000 tons.
The participant describes in detail the conditions of their promotion, indicating the amount of remuneration for subscribers and their own share of the allocated budget.
All participants will need to:
Create a TON Surf 1 wallet (a reward will be sent to this address).
Confirm your participation by writing a message in the subject of the Trader Contest and specifying your nickname in Telegram.
All bidders must provide a Telegram ID
Links to social networks with followers
Be available for communication if you need to verify your involvement in this contest, to avoid fake applications on behalf of well-known bloggers.
If at least one data is not specified, your application will be rejected.
If the participant was invited by one of the members of the free ton community, specify it
Telegram ID and TON wallet address
The vote:
Each of the members of the jury of the Sub-Government of Influential Persons can vote for the submitted materials. The juries that invite the participants lose their right to vote.
Each member of the jury will vote by rating each application on a scale of 1 to 10, or may reject it if it does not meet the requirements, or may abstain from voting if it considers that it does not have the right to judge.
When evaluating the works, the jury must take into account the following factors: the quality and breadth of the participant’s audience, the possibility of implementing the promotion presented by the participant, and the rationality of budget allocation.
The members of the jury will provide open feedback on your suggestions.
Duplicate, incomplete, or inappropriate materials will be rejected.
The total number of participants is unlimited.
1st place … 5000 tons of + the ability to carry out the proposed promotion

2 place … 4000 tons of + the ability to carry out the proposed promotion

3 place … 3000 tons of + the ability to carry out the proposed promotion

4 place … 2000 tons of + the ability to carry out the proposed promotion

5 place … 1000 tons of + the ability to carry out the proposed promotion

Members of the Free TON community who invite participants who take 1st - 5th places receive 10% of their awards, respectively
Contest management - 1000 ton + 200 ton for each contest jointly held with the participants who won the prize.
Note. If the number of winning entries is less than the number of available awards, the remaining awards will not be distributed and will be considered invalid.
Jury Awards
An amount equal to 30% of the total amount of all tokens actually awarded will be evenly distributed among all the jury members who vote and provide feedback. Both voting and feedback are required to receive the award.
Notes to the procedure:
● Participants must upload their work correctly so that it can be viewed and used in the formats described. If the work is not available or does not meet the described criteria, the work may be rejected by the jury members.
● Participants must submit their work before the application deadline. If not submitted on time, the submission is not counted.
Disclaimer of liability:
Any interested person can participate, but the Free TON cannot distribute among Tons of U.S. citizens or legal entities of the United States.

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this is my first competition offer. I have a positive attitude to criticism and am ready to listen to your comments

It’s a good idea, but you need to write more specific social networks, how many subscribers you need, in my opinion you need to start from 20,000, prizes for programs should be less, about 1000-500-400-300, and the program budget itself should also be reduced, about 5000 -3000 ТОН