Contest: Decentralized Promotion [Finished]

Short description:

Free TON needs help from individuals like you who know how to get the word out. Engage, promote, inform.




Starts June 1, 2020; ends June 15, 2020 12:00 PM UTC


Visibility is key to growth, and growth is key to decentralization.

General requirements and evaluation criteria:

Submit descriptions of your efforts, including links and examples of your work to promote Free TON. The following criteria is in no particular order.

  • Create original content in any and all media
  • Write articles, make comments, create posts, etc.
  • Know what you’re talking about (context accuracy)
  • Use your creative and editorial skills to attract media and journalist attention
  • Use your SMM and networking skills to spread the word


  • Each of the initial Free TON validators can nominate 1 person to the jury.
  • Initial validators whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member.
  • Jury selection and members will be public.
  • Each jury member will vote by placing a number 1 through 10 next to each submission, with 10 being the best score possible and 1 being the lowest (“Ratings”)


  1. Contestant prize:

The top 30 winners will be chosen based on Ratings and receive awards as follows:

Highest rated………………………… 30,000 Tons

2nd highest rated……………………. 29,000 Tons

3rd highest rated……………………. 28,000 Tons

4th highest rated……………………. 27,000 Tons

And so on…



Until the least rated of top 30………. 1,000 Tons

  1. Jury prize:

Jury members who vote…………. 500 Tons each for performing your civic duty


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


Could it be video and graphic materials, or only text is allowed?


I think all formats are applicable. If you run a YouTube vlog and make a video that becomes viral and brings positive attention to the FreeTON, it is good for the project, too.


I think doing promotional activities is not a PROJECT to be done one time and finish. but, it is a PROCESS that should be continue forever. so the contest format is not suitable for these kind of things.
it is better to edit this contest into something like “defining a model or mechanism to reward SMM activities and promotional activities”
also have many similarities with “atirdrop mechanics” contest.


How each effort will be evaluated? For example, one person promote FreeTON in his youtube blog, another write an article, another make an advertisement in radio. Who will win?


FreeTON is a high-end technology. We need more content to entry level users from age 12 to 65 (average PC user) to understand whole concept. I can start Instagram/youtube channel for newbies. But not looking for any type of reward.

  1. LinkedIn post to 5 000 users personal network (
  2. Facebook post to 3000 friends (
  3. Instagram Promoted post (link coming soon)

Everything is allowed!


Right on. Absolutely.


Changing the contest to “defining a model or mechanism… similar to airdrop contest”… that’s definitely something to think about. You may be right. As for the contest model being unsuitable for this, again, it’s the only model to distribute tokens. Contests can be re-done regularly and evolve with each case. But the reworking of its core requisites may be a good idea.

I think we’ll go with what we have now and see how it runs. We’ll make adjustments moving forward based on experience.


That’s a fair question, but I would revert to the whole point of it being a contest that is judged by a jury. It’s up to them to determine who did the better job. The most important aspect is that it be fair and transparent.


What about suggesting this as a contest? I’m sure others can do similar things as well. As for “…not looking for any type of reward,” nevertheless there is one )))))


Please submit, I will support it.


Information ataki to sites with a pre-obgovorili name,prizes and bonuses.

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This is a great way, the Ambassadors are like lead. Leading and educating people to onboard FreeTON, with proper understanding we will have more dedicated legion of true believers. We really need adoption. I give a ++ to this


where can i submit the link of my blog?

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You can do that right here

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in the post comment?

I have an idea that is a mix between some category but I will post it here.

Build a Dapp wallet for TON with multiple currency supports possibility of internal swap and staking speally.
And more important integrating the telegram app rebuilded inside the wallet .
If possible give a kind of badge to the admins to easily recognize them from scammers.
I think now adoption will be from 4 factor:
1- solidity of the project and quality
2- Having top wallet with all quality is now important as people are switching from old wallets to dapps
3- staking will be very important for the community
4- telegram builder in will bring adoption very very very fast if the app is well done

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Hi everyone,

here my contest proposal for FreeTON Promotion:

Due to the fact, that most of the actual accounts are created by enthusiasts and future validators, I strongly recommend to do some serious promotion with a “middle-class” users to become some serious perspective for this project.
I am an experienced professional in internal/external communications department and think it would be great to try to launch a serious chain reaction within a mass-media resources.
There are already some discussions within the quite small experienced blockchain community, but this is clearly by far not enough.

Here is my suggestion:

  1. Make a list of 100 most respectful and popular media worldwide, either financial or computers oriented. Divide these in 4 main regions to make a future correspondence easier and send to each a beautiful mail with a short who-is-who about TON and some kind of statement of decentralization.
  2. Maintain communication until the first serious message in public mass media comes out and analyze the efficiency, trying to do both very simple, probably using Google Stat for varieties of FreeTON etc. requests and dynamics of new users income.

There is some promotion being done now, but its clearly not enough:

193 views in 3 days - this is clearly insufficient.

What do I need:

  1. 2 weeks time
  2. postbox with nice address to correspond from, something like ‘’ or ‘project.start…’
  3. a little time of moderators and admins to approve a text.
  4. green light)))

According to my experience, it only needs to be one first serious publication, to create a chain reaction in media worldwide. If this will not happen 2 weeks, this small project will be stopped. But I really think that it worth a try to create some serious atmosphere for FreeTON and be more mass-media friendly in future.

What do you think?