Contest: Decentralized Launchpad Design & Architecture

Contest dates

  • Submission period: 2 calendar weeks after approving this proposal in the governance interface;
  • Judging period: 1 week after the submission period.

Short description

This contest aims to creation of the best architecture of a decentralized launchpad (DeLP) built entirely on FreeTON.


Chained contest


  1. Architecture & design
  2. MVP implementation
  3. Release implementation

The composition and number of stages may vary based on the results of the previously completed ones.


Launchpad is a crucial part of every blockchain since it creates new utility for the ecosystem, allows to attract new users to the blockchain, and helps to launch new projects within the given blockchain. The motivation behind this contest is to create a launchpad architecture that will combine the best market practices and FreeTON peculiarities in a decentralized fashion.

General requirements

Your architecture should:

  • Explain in detail typical user flows;
  • Provide a high-level composition of the system including at least the following blocks:
    • Smart-contracts system;
    • Graphical (or alternative) interfaces;
  • Provide a detailed description of each specific subsystem explaining its role in the overall product and how it interacts with other modules;
  • Show a deep understanding of FreeTON functioning and ecosystem, including re-usage of previously created open-source solutions;
  • Provide references to existing benchmark solutions;
  • Be universal for different kinds of launched projects;
  • Explain the revenue models of the launchpad operator.

All other conditions from Procedural remarks on contests apply in full.

Fair play

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions

Hard criteria

  • A detailed explanation and schematic illustration of a proposed system composition, including major contracts and subsystems and their interaction;
  • A detailed explanation of the product economic model;
  • Re-usage of existing FreeTON DeFi products and libraries (e.g., token builders, TON Swap or any other DeX created within the DeX contest, etc.);
  • A draft of a platform roadmap and rollout plan;
  • The system must be built on decentralized principles, including censorship resistance and distributed management;
  • All payouts for the project in frames of the system shall be vested and based on the investor consensus to unlock the next vesting tranche subject to specific milestone achievement.

In case of not achieving the milestones, the system should allow investors to withdraw the residual of funds partially or in full;

  • Explanation of project queue moderation principles;
  • The system core should be purely on-chain, i.e. being fully functional without any graphical interface or offline part. A direct contract interaction through tonos-cli or any SDK should be enough to pass through any user flow described in the submission.

For the avoidance of doubt, all submissions strongly relying on the offline part to implement key user flows will be considered invalid independently of jurors voting.

The only exception is allowed for those external systems that do not exist now and will not appear during the contest period, e.g. KYC platform integrations. This should be clearly indicated and grounded in the submission.

Soft criteria

  • The solution should use the TIP-3/Broxus token standard for token minting and listing purposes;
  • Detailed and easily understandable charts explaining the architecture and business processes;
  • Brevity;
  • Mostly everyday English to facilitate understanding;
  • Readiness to participate in the implementation of the solution in the next stage.


  • A PDF explaining the selected architecture, published in an openly accessible way on a public platform like GitHub with a backlink to your submission;

All other conditions from Procedural remarks on contests apply in full.


As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Place Reward, TON
1 50 000
2 30 000
3 15 000
4 10 000
5 7 000

Procedural remarks to jurors

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Jury rewards

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Governance rewards

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Procedural reminders to all contestants

As per Procedural remarks on contests.

Original document


Кажется это самый ожидаемый контест :+1::fire:

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So which stage is that contest? Need to be stated clearly.

This can not be hard criteria. Any TIP-3 Contract or interaction with any DEX solution should be allowed.


Ok, amended the doc, thank you.

is this competition accepted?

And I wanted to clarify that it is not entirely clear to me what the goals of such a platform are. More precisely, I don’t quite understand why and what such a platform is designed to solve!)

I think participants need more time for write specs. This is a very hard and responsible task.
Like freecyclopeadia
Submission period: 30
Judging period 14

And I wanted to clarify whether real written ready-made smart contracts will be needed, or is the description and logic of their work sufficient?

Fellow Freetonians, please review our sumbission on IDO Launchpad Architecture contest!

W: 0:59e1c945143437f341307ed91b3d819138c1cb747a9ed76e9fa965a5a34bf7c7
TG: @hexxyg

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Fellow Freetonians, please check our submission on the contest!

W: 0:ec05ce7e2b889b29e92e6cd0ff15b30fdc1cf66f3e3ec44deb898b0dc012ce72

TG: @ygolovach

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Here is KWPC submission to the contest

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humbly, sir, madame, a submission

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Here is submission from @kokkekpek and @azvezdin
wallet 0:39ccbecc6015551beeb513e1edfce22a116943c9854ab30c048a60f17218b4f1

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Hello, here is our CrystalPad submission by RadianceTeam:

W: 0:09a782f03ffd1fd4175cd4f4446fc66adcedfc22842a6f2a40dfd3b15158a391
TG: @Dnugget, @UltraNihilist

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Here is my submission.

W: 0:fd080fb5fc9266226ec59b062f0cdde85c818ef1d4ac4939804ee7616ec352f4
TG: @laugan

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Sorry, missed your question.

No, nothing needs to be developed now, only the architecture document.

Dear participants!
Thank you for participation. It was a pleasure to study your works.
Here is my scoring table: