Contest: Decentralized Group Formation for partnership analytics

Contest: Decentralized Group Formation for partnership analytics


Free TON as a decentralized organization develops not only apart, but also interacts with external organizations (companies) on a partnership basis. Many partnerships have already offered cooperation with Free TON. To assess the positive or negative effect of the partnership, Analytics & Support Sub-governance conducts a serial DeAnalytics contest. This competition is held according to the standard (familiar to the community) mechanics, when any participant can do analytical work and get rewarded. Such competition mechanics in the framework of analytics and interaction with partners have certain disadvantages, such as the same content of the participants ’ reports, the possibility of many similar requests to the partner, and the competence of negotiations.

This competition is designed to develop a decentralized mechanics of forming team groups of participants. The main goal of such teams is to fully interact with a partner or their representative, to develop a high-quality business approach, to prepare detailed analytical reports, and to work with other related tasks within the DeAnalytics contest.


Selection of representative teams of participants

Contest dates:

June 17, 2021 (00: 01 UTC) - June 27, 2021 (23:59 UTC). Submit applications for participation in the competition. The voting period is 7 days.


Participants of this competition are required to develop the mechanics of forming and working a team group in accordance with the principles of decentralization. The mechanics of a team group should not limit the participation of everyone who wants to work as part of a group. It is necessary to develop a scheme of how to get an effective result for analytical work with partners and their representatives. It is advisable to take into account that the following activities will be required from analytical teams (groups) to interact with partners:

  • Direct communication and interaction with a partner or their representative in the forum thread. Coordination of possible AMA sessions, interviews.
  • Preparation of analytical reports in English for incoming partners
  • Analysis of the usefulness of the partner offer for Free TON
  • Checking an incoming partnership request
  • KPI report or processing analysis of the partner for subsequent payments (next tranche)
  • Recommendations, conclusions, or other relevant notes on the partner offer

The application should work out a decentralized distribution of responsibilities in the group, where each member of the group has equal conditions for participation. Describe in detail the scheme of forming a decentralized team. Offer your own effective way to interact with partners.

  • Teams will be able to participate in the DeAnalytics contest
  • There must be a competitive environment among the teams
  • There may be a certain time frame for the work of the teams
  • Describe your vision of an effective team composition


A budget of 20,000 tokens is planned to finance the participants. The funds are allocated from the A&S SG budget.

1st place………………… 8000 TON Crystal

2nd………………………… 5000 TON Crystal

3rd………………………… 4000 TON Crystal

4rd………………………… 2000 TON Crystal

5rd………………………… 1000 TON Crystal

The unallocated tokens remain in the A&S SG reserve to replenish the next contest.

Evaluation criteria:

Integrity of decentralization (0-4 points);
Detailed description of the mechanics (0-2 points);
Presence of external participants (0-1 points);
The system of interaction with partners (0-1 points);
The judge’s subjective assessment (0-2 points)

Participants who plan to take part in the competition must provide a PDF file with a description of the scheme of formation and operation of decentralized teams.

Jury Awards:

  • An amount equal to 15% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback.
  • The amount of 500 tokens will be equally distributed among the contest authors (@FastSha / @Artist).
  • As per Procedural remarks on contests


Procedural Requirements:


The main aim of this contest is to design decentralized working group. In case of success it can be apply to another Free TON working processes.

Here we suggest jury to evaluate submissions according weighed criteria.
If you can add smth concern that please do.

support to create a effective group for Decentralised Partnership Analysis :+1:

Welcome everyone to discuss this contest.

If you have own view about contest’s criteria please share them here.
The best decision will be eligible to get 100 TON crystals of contest’s authors reward!!!

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Было бы проще построить децентрализованную группу, если бы было много партнерских заявок или необходимости проверять большое количество KPI отчетов.
Поставить ограничение в 3 АС на одну партнерскую заявку, кто-то анализирует входящие заявки, кто-то проверяет KPI отчеты партнеров, кто-то готовит ряд вопросов к АМА, кто-то проводит/переводит интервью.
Но сейчас почему-то поступает мало партнерских предложений, как в этих условиях разграничить функции внутри такой группы, пока идеи нет.
Возможно, стоит подумать над внедрением балльной системы со сложной механикой подсчета вклада каждого участника.

It would be easier to build a decentralized team if there were a lot of affiliate requests or the need to check a large number of KPI reports.
To set a limit of 3 AR for one partnership proposal, someone analyzes incoming applications, checks the KPI reports of partners, prepares a series of questions for the AMA, and conducts/translates interviews.

But now, for some reason, there are few partnership proposals. I have no idea how to differentiate functions within such a group under these conditions.
Perhaps, consider introducing a scoring system with complex mechanics of calculating the contribution of each participant.

Если конкурс будет принят, думаю Вам стоит поучаствовать.
Давайте предположим что осень будет жаркой, начнет поступать очень много партнерств. Нам нужно быть готовыми к такому (быстро прорабатывать и принимать решения)
Предлагайте свою механику.

If the contest is accepted, I think you should participate.
Let’s assume that the fall will be hot, and a lot of partnerships will start coming in. We need to be prepared for this (quickly work through and make decisions)
Offer your own mechanics.

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Mechanics for A&S important for making subgovernance tasks more efficient and fast so there should be a contest for Mechanics For Free TON Ecosystem Analysis (not only for partners).

sure such decentralized group design should be applied for other tasks.

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