Contest: DeAnalytics Q4/21 Token Distribution Program


In each quarter, Free TON receives partnership requests from different companies and crypto projects. In order to minimize the risks of partnering with companies, providing inaccurate/incomplete information, conducting initial screening of the applicant’s companies/projects based on open-source data is mandatory. (OSINT)

In addition, Free TON already has a number of partnership agreements, according to which tokens are transferred to partners in parts when performing KPIs specified in accepted proposals. Therefore, it is systematically necessary to check the partner’s execution of the KPI before the next transfer of the token tranche.

1. Type

1.1 Remuneration based on past performance.
1.2. Analytical reports for partnership applications/next token tranche requests (KPI report verification) received between 1 October 2021 and 20 December 2021 are taken into account.
1.3. Analytical reports, KPI reports on partnership applications received between 21 December 2021 (00:01 UTC) and 31 December 2021 are not taken into account: analytics on applications received on these dates will be carried over to the next quarter and will be accounted for in DeAnalytics Q1/22.

2. Contest & voting dates

2.1 December 20, 2021 (00:01 UTC) - December 24, 2021 (23:59 UTC). Participants must submit their materials (on partner analysis) during this period. Otherwise, the reward will not be provided.
2.2. Voting dates: December 25, 2021 (00:01 UTC) - December 29, 2021 (23:59 UTC)

3. Conditions

3.1 Within the framework of this competition, 2 teams (contestants) who are placed the 1st and the 2nd places in the DeAnalytics Q3/21 commit themselves to

  • provide analytical reports on incoming partnership applications
  • provide KPI reports on accepted agreements, (only) in case the partner requests a new tranche of tokens, or has published a KPI report in the relevant partner branch.

3.2 Analytical reports must be prepared in English and published in the relevant partner theme of the forum within 10 calendar days of receipt of a partnership offer, or date of the request for a new tranche of tokens and/or publishing a report on the partner’s KPI performance. Works submitted after 10 calendar days will not be counted towards activity.

3.3 In case the contestant has prepared a KPI report on their own initiative ( there was no request for the next tranche of tokens or no publication by the partner on the forum about KPI completion), then this KPI report can reinforce the contestant’s application, but cannot be included in the total number of analytical reports. (*number on which the prize pool depends)

3.4 In the title of all PDF files (reports, interviews, AMAs, etc.) published in the affiliate branches, it is recommended to indicate the date of publication. (it is necessary for easier reconciliation of the publication date when preparing the “Judges’ assistance table” according to the results of the contest)

3.5 Participation of multi-accounts/affiliates is not allowed in the competition.
In case multi accounts/affiliates are identified, at the discretion of the judges, it is possible to exclude the award to competitive applications submitted by multi accounts/affiliates.

3.6 Any user can participate in DeAnalytics Q4/21, and subsequently, as decided by the judges, become a candidate for the top 3 teams, carrying out analyses of partner applications for the next quarter (Q1-2022).

3.7 With the proven plagiarism fact of data, works are excluded

4. Reviewer candidates:

4.1 If a new user (*not participating in DeAnalytics Q3/21) enters the competition, he can become a “Reviewer candidate” for the next quarter (Q1-2022) if the following conditions are met:

  • The new entrant must submit at least 2 analytical reports: 1 per incoming application from a potential partner and 1 KPI report, and it is mandatory to comply with the conditions of this contest.
  • A new contestant must receive an average score of at least 5 or higher from the judges.
  • A new contestant must attend the weekly A&S Governance call (to exclude multi-account participation in the competition)

4.2 The prize pool allocated to participants not nominated from the previous Q3-2021 top-2 is 10% of the total amount and is distributed according to the formula. Formula DeAnalytics - Google Sheets

5. Selection of checking teams/participants

For each quarter, teams from the previous DeAnalytics top 3 are selected
(Condition: The threshold is 5 points)

6. Reward

6.1 To finance the teams (participants), a budget of 150,000 tokens is reserved, this motivation will be spent by 100% if the contestants submit 20+ incoming and (or) KPI reports on different partner offers.

the total number of analytical/ KPI reports prepared by all participants in accordance with the terms and conditions of this competition is taken into account

The funds are allocated from the A&S SG budget.

Example: from October 1, 2021 to December 20, 2021 (23:59 UTC) will arrive
5 applications for partnership
5 requests for the next tranche of tokens or partner KPI reports
Contestants will publish 5 analytic reports and 5 KPI reports (in compliance with the period specified in clause 3.2). In this case, the budget will be 75,000 TON Crystals ( Total reports: 10)

6.2 In order for analytical / KPI reports to be included in the total number of reports (from which the prize pool is calculated), the following conditions must be met in addition to part 3 of these competition conditions.

Regarding analytical reports on incoming applications from potential partners:

  • Partnership application reports are taken into account when they are received in Q4: from 01.10.2021 to 20.12.2021. If the partnership application is received between 21.12.2021 and 31.12.2021, the analytical reports must also be published within 10 days of receipt of the application, but they will be taken into account already in the next DeAnalytics Q1-2022.

  • Only analytical reports on partnership applications with a token request of at least 10,000 TON Crystals (or equivalent) are taken into account.

  • If the partnership proposal does not specify the request of tokens for the purpose of storing confidential information (exchanges, crypto-events, etc), then the analytical report should be prepared and taken into account if in the course of communication with a potential partner it turns out that the amount of the request of tokens is at least 10,000 TON Crystals (or equivalent).

Regarding KPI reports:

  • Analytical reports are taken into account when KPI verification requests are received in Q4: from 01.10.2021 to 20.12.2021.
  • If the request is received from 21.12.2021 to 31.12.2021, the KPI reports for that period of time will be taken into account in the next quarter and must be published as standard: within 10 days of the request of the next tranche of tokens and/or publication of the KPI report by the partner.
  • A KPI report from the partner and/or a request for the next tranche of tokens should be published in the forum

6.3. 90% of the prize pool will be allocated to the teams assigned to conduct analytics (teams that took 1 and 2 places in DeAnalytics Q3/21), 10% are intended to motivate new participants of DeAnalytics Q4. General condition: The threshold is 5 points.

  • Principle of award distribution for the assigned teams: according to the average score achieved by the competitors

Calculation formula Formula DeAnalytics - Google Sheets

Excel Formula for “Reward”: =IF((PrizeFund/(SUM(Submissions With Avg. Score>Score Threshold)-(Score Threshold*(COUNTIF(Submissions With Avg.Score>Score Threshold)))(Submission Avg. Score - Score Threshold))>0;(Prize Fund/(SUM(Submissions With Avg. Score>Score Threshold) - (Score Threshold(COUNTIF(Submissions With Avg.Score>Score Threshold)))*(Submission Avg. Score - Score Threshold));0)

6.4 The remaining unallocated tokens will remain in the A&SG reserve and will be replenished for the next DeAnalytics contest.

7. Evaluation criteria

7.1 Hard criteria:

Each analytical report on an incoming partnership application must include

  • Project data
  • Applicant identification / Information about the applicant (if the partnership applicant wishes to remain anonymous, this fact should be noted at the conclusion of the report)
  • Project audience: statistical data (website / apps / debot / social networks etc., depending on availability of information)
  • Business reputation. References in the media
  • Legal data (if available from public sources)
  • References to data sources (should be included throughout the research report for easy verification of the reliability of the information provided)
  • Conclusion

Exceptions to the report structure may include non-standard partner requests: debots, telegram bots.

  • Analytical reports must be published on the forum in the relevant partner branch within 10 calendar days of receipt of the partner’s application.
  • Language of analytical: English

7.2 Hard criteria:
Each KPI report shall

  • Include verification of the KPIs, in comparison to data on KPI performance, provided by the partner on the forum in the relevant partner branch.
  • In case there is no partner report on KPI fulfillment but there is a request for the next tranche of tokens, the contestant must check the KPIs specified in the proposal.
  • Language of KPI reports: English

7.3 Soft criteria:

  • Analytical report in another language.
  • Partnership applicant interviews, AMA
  • An annex to report
  • Support and development of the website
  • Rating card, recommendations
  • Evaluation of the Free TON community opinion regarding the value of the partnership offer
  • Any DeAnalytics activities that may strengthen the application of the contestant and which have not been taken into account of the hard criteria of the competition

8. Voting

8.1 The judge shall evaluate all the submissions. If the judge has evaluated only a part of the submissions, his evaluations shall be excluded and he shall be deprived of his judging remuneration.
8.2 Criteria for evaluation of works for the jury.

The overall assessment is made up of the following points:

a) Number of reports published on time: 1-4 points

  • where 1 point is the minimum number of reports prepared by the contestant (according to point 3.2; point 6.2, point 7.1, point 7.2 of the Terms of this competition)
  • where 4 points is the maximum number of reports prepared by the contestant (according to point 3.2; point 6.2, point 7.1, point 7.2 of the Terms of this competition)

The minimum/maximum number of reports prepared by a particular competitor is determined in comparison with the total number of reports (prepared by all competitors), from which the amount of the “motivation” is calculated.

b) Quality of reports, expressed as compliance with hard criteria, maximum comprehensiveness of reports, depth of analysis: 0-4 points.

  • where 0 is a complete failure to meet the hard criteria
  • where 1 is the minimum compliance with the hard criteria the competition: absence of a number of compulsory blocks
  • where 4 - quality reports with a high level of elaboration of the main blocks

c) Additional activity within DeAnalytics: 0-2 points. Provided that links/screenshots, etc. of the additional work are published in the relevant partner branch by the deadline stipulated in point 1.2 of these terms and conditions of the Competition.

  • Where 0 is no activity outside the hard criteria
  • 1 - availability of translation of the majority (50%+) of reports into Russian
  • 2 - any additional activity beyond the hard criteria (see paragraph 7.3 ** Soft criteria: **)

8.3 In case the KPI/analytical report on a potential partner is published within the period exceeding the period specified in clause 3.2, the judges should not include this report in the total number of reports from which the prize pool is calculated, but this report/s may reinforce the competitor’s submission at the judges’ discretion.

8.4 The juror must have a solid understanding of the described subject in order to provide a score and feedback. If not, the juror should choose to “Abstain”.

8.5 Jurors or affiliates, whose team(s) intend to participate in this contest by providing submissions lose their right to vote in this contest.

8.6 Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements or vote “Abstain” if they feel unqualified to judge.

8.7 Jurors must provide feedback on submissions or lose their reward.

8.8 The Jury will reject duplicate, sub-par, incomplete, or inappropriate submissions.

9. Jury rewards

An amount equal to 20% of the total amount of all tokens awarded to the winners of the contest will be distributed among the Jury who vote according to the terms and conditions of the contest.

Additionally: an amount equal to 1% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed to the author of the contest:


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As an option. For more clarity.

The budget of the prize fund is formed from KPI reports and partner applications with a request for more than 10,000 tokens. (Those partner offers with a request of less than 10,000 inclusive do not affect the prize pool) Analytical teams can provide a report (summary report) on these partners to strengthen their own quarterly report.

RU is better to remove. Simply

Analytical report in another language.

yes, it will be better, I will edit it by Thursday

I deliberately divided and specified the conditions for incoming and KPI reports as much as possible.
The fact is that many partners provide a short report on the implementation of KPIs, thereby assuming that they are awaiting the next tranche. Therefore, we cannot make it a strict condition for the partner to re-publish that he is requesting the next tranche of tokens (because this is implied)

Recent Example: Hackernoon & Free TON Partnership proposal - #44 by Utsav
Hackernun published a report on the KPI implementation, a new token request was not indicated in his post (this is obvious from the previously accepted proposal)
We have published a report.
The next tranche of tokens (150k) was recently transferred

Условия для входящих и KPI отчетов специально разделены и максимально конкретизированы.
Дело в том, что многие партнеры предосталяют краткий отчет о выполнении KPI, тем самым предполагая, что ожидают следующего транша. Поэтому мы не можем делать жестким условием, чтобы партнер прописывал заново, что запрашивает следующий транш токенов (ибо это подразумевается согласно уже принятому ранее Proposal)

Пример из последнего: Hackernoon & Free TON Partnership proposal - #44 by Utsav
Хакернун опубликовал отчет о выполнении KPI, новый запрос токенов не указал в своем посте (это очевидно из ранее принятого proposal)
Мы опубликовали отчет.
Следующий транш токенов (150к) недавно был перечислен
12.10.2021 Contests and Proposals - Google Sheets

Due to the limitations of A&S funding, I propose to make edits to the proposal based on the budget balances.

Remove 10% for new teams.
1st place (60%) = 21000 EVER
2nd place (40%) = 14000 EVER

jury members = 5000 EVER

The total is 40,000 tokens.

Sign a proposal, hold a competition and reward analytical teams by the end of this year.

It is already known that the token request for the Messari contest and deanalytics will not be approved?

I really hope that the tokens will be approved, I would like to fully close this year. But I don’t see any shifts in the request for tokens, maybe someone is working on it.
Need to roughly calculate the number of reports for Q4, maybe 40k will be enough.

@lvv Hello
Tell me how many analytical and KPI reports were completed in the 4th quarter of 2021?

We need to summarize the results of the competition and may have to request part of the funds to fully cover the remuneration.
At the moment I see 8 reports. We can sum it up based on this.

Based on 8 reports. Then the prize fund will be 60,000 tokens.
Of these, 10% of which were not new teams.
And 20% to the jury members.

The result 60000 - 6000 (10%) + 10800 (20%) = 64800 tokens.

41590 is on multisig.
The result is 23210 tokens are not enough for us.

Where is contest result?

Hello. The contest has not even been launched yet.
In theory, the analytical teams completed their activities for the 4th quarter.
We need to hold this competition and reward the participants for this activity.
I see that we are 23k short to ensure the competition.

Then launch it to present some activities on Everscale.

Remuneration of participants of the De Analytics Q4/21 contest

In the fourth quarter of 2021, two analytical groups took part in the De Analytics competition. Both teams carried out their activities in full, providing analytical reports and reports on key performance indicators on the proposals of partners. The participants of the competition have not yet received remuneration for their activities.

This offer is aimed at rewarding the participants of the competition and closing A&S debt obligations. Based on the rules of the competition, the required amount to fully cover the awards of participating candidates is 60,000 tokens. Since there are only 41500 tokens in the A&S budget, this amount will be distributed equally between the two analytical teams. This proposal has been agreed and supported by all participants of the contest and members of A&S.

Team, @nn52nn - 20750 tokens
address 0:f998098a4a662eeec1b09cdf234332f3ec98b151492bb415a82620a3298a3598
Team, @lvv - 20750 tokens
address 0:c1fb48d053117f2efb5d802c118b2ce1b9ce038a1e6da048679ef13d803afc68

The co-author of the @Artist offer is 90 tokens.
address 0:46097d671ce92d1423bca2a15f79cb12b3d63e964822822e2c3d27a741349a80


Please check the addresses

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Hello. I agree, it really would be better to encourage hard work.

Team nn52nn: all right

The wallet is correct

Our report for the 4th quarter