Contest: Commemorative 1-Year Free TON Anniversary Numiz


Greetings all NumiNuts! :slight_smile:

The private CryptoNumiz sub-governance is running its first contest. The contest will be for the design of the very first Numiz ever, which will be crypto-coins to commemorate the 1-year Anniversary of the Free TON blockchain and ecosystem. Everyone with artistic talent, WELCOME!

Here we go…


These NFT coins will be the first-ever minted Free TON on-chain coins (Numiz); and therefore, will by default and forever be the oldest and likely some of the most sought after Numiz for years to come. So bring your creativity A game and win not only TONs as rewards in this contest, but if and when your Numi(z) get sold at a CryptoNumiz on-chain auction, you’ll also get some sweet rewards for that. Double dipping ))) Triple-dip actually (see “Rewards” below)

Like all collectibles, the value can rise. Every Creator (the artist who creates the Numi) will forever receive royalties each time the Numi is resold by a Numi owner through CryptoNumiz’ smart contract. Cool, right?


  • A Creator is someone who creates the Numi, i.e., the artist, designer, musician, filmmaker, whatever. Let’s call them all Creators.
  • A Curator is someone who brings in other Creators to design Numiz. Curators also create events that are worth commemorating (but we’ll get to that later once CryptoNumiz’ website is functional after this first run). A Creator can also be a Curator if performing both functions. Again, this is for later.
  • The owner is, well, the owner. Whoever bought the Numi owns it. The owner can always put it up for resale.

Contest dates

21 April - 06 May 2021

Voting cycle

5 days


  • Unlike physical coins, Numiz are NFTs and are every bit as authentic and rare as regular collectable coins, only they can never be duplicated or counterfeited thanks to cryptography.
  • Numiz commemorate all sorts of interesting events and historical milestones. This means your Numiz have a story.
  • The events they commemorate are digital renditions created by recognized artists (maybe you?), from art to design to music to film, so besides collectibility, they are truly original works of art from all walks and facets of life, i.e., the creative community.
  • Another fun feature is that only one side of a Numi is visible to everyone. The other side is only visible to the owner. What’s cool is the side others can’t see might might be an image, animation, music, even a short film. You decide! Repetitive, we know. But we want to drive the creative stake through your ambitious heart.
  • By the way, the invisibility of one side of a Numi means an additional level of security to protect against forgery.


  • All contestants MUST have a TON Surf wallet to participate.
  • The design MUST commemorate the 1-year anniversary of Free TON. That is the theme for this particular contest.
  • No other rules for design, so each one is unique. Numiz don’t have to “look like a coin.” Shapes, sizes, designs, creativity – they’re all at the will of the Creator, who is YOU, which only adds to originality and rareness.
  • Please keep in mind that the front of your Numi (Let’s call it the “heads” side) should be a static image. The back (the “tails” side) can be anything from a static image, to a short video, to music, etc. Let your imagination run wild! Creativity is key and truly, it’s all that will mater in the end.
  • You will have to design what is on the back of your Numi as well, despite the fact that only the person or people who win your Numi(z) at auction will be able to view what’s on the back (other than yourself of course).
  • For the purposes of submitting your Numi to this contest, you will only be required to submit the front side. The back side should be submitted in an encrypted format that can be later unencrypted with the public key of the auction winner (the new owner).
  • If you win, you will upload your Numiz to the CryptoNumiz website (coming soon), but for your submission, you will need to provide a PDF with a link to your Numi for evaluation. While the Numi itself can be in any format, the submission should be a PDF file, with a link or links if necessary.
  • All Numiz must be original work that is completely your own. No plagiarism or “creative liberties” with others’ works will be accepted. Your Numi(z) will be researched before a vote takes place by a team of professional artists and curators.
  • In addition to the above, Numiz cannot be work that was already done off-chain or preexisting. Everything must be original. If you choose to upload a preexisting piece, you will have to prove that the off-chain original has been destroyed. And by “prove” we mean PROVE! Anything to the contrary will be rejected.

Evaluation criteria

Look, it’s pretty simple. You get what the theme is. At the end of the day it is all about the design. Make sure the back side is encrypted. Other than that, make it pop! Give it that “wow factor”.


The jury is comprised of the initial members of the CryptoNumiz private Sub-governance. Make your Numi truly unique and impressive.

Rewards Part 1

Immediate rewards based on this table

Rewards Part 2

Winners will also receive 1 CNZ (CryptoNumiz native governance coin) worth 100 TONs once they are issued.

Rewards Part 3

Once again, very simple.

  1. You create your Numi or Numiz
  2. You win (may your Numi be Numitastic!)
  3. You get an immediate reward in TONs (see above Rewards Part 1)
  4. You receive Reward Part 2 (also above)

And then…. once everything is automated on the site….

  1. Your Numi(z) make(s) it to the auction contract, is/are bid on by people who want to own it/them, they buy it, you get paid. CNZ native token holders get a teency-weency percentage of the first sale and further resales thereafter. You get the bulk each time your Numiz get sold or resold through the CryptoNumiz auction contract.


The voting threshold for Numi designs is set at an average score of 4 or better (See “Rewards Part 1” above). This is for good reason. Obviously Numiz have to be really good and original.

For contest winners, the procedure of how to upload your Numi to the CryptoNumiz site and auction contract will be provided very soon!


Cool contest, I fully support it


Yees. How I waited for this! I sharpen my pencil :slight_smile:


I think first of its kind alternative token will be issued on Free TON blockchain.
1 CNZ = 100 TON :exclamation:
is this economy is fixed at the time of issuance of CNZ?


I will create a numiz describing free ton story


now real creators have most secure platform for their creativity.


It is very interesting :smiley:


This is super cool!
Just one question - if a contestant creates several Numiz, should it all be in one submission, or one Numi - one submission?


creativity haven’t any boundaries or limits so everyone is free to create as many numiz as they can create.


Отличный конкурс, обязательно поучаствуем

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An excellent contest, it should stimulate the NTF market in the project and this is very important.


Excellent! I’m in! :sunglasses:
But why didn’t you post a link to the contest? Here she is.


A little bit of hype/build up for this contest, please share and like etc!


it is not clear how to participate in contest.
Where to send Numiz for contest?
How to encrypt “back side”?


I sent my work. And I’m the only one so far. :sunglasses:


Un souffle de liberté et d’indépendance me pousse a participer au concours commémoratif de l’anniversaire TON


Happy to take a part in this contest !


Всем привет ! А как подавать в заявке обратную сторону ?




I submitted my work in pdf