Community Voice Jury Selection contest relaunch

What is “Community Voice”?

The Community Voice sub-governance is designed to be the organisational and coordination arm of Free TON related public communications. Over the next X months, we shall run contests which shall simplify and unify communications, provide central points of access for assets and branding related materials, compile and develop regional media relations, and develop other ongoing press related activities.


In order to effectively achieve these aims, an appropriate jury is required. Can you judge PR activities? Can you help shape and unify the decentralised branches of communication on Free TON? Would you like to be rewarded for providing vital feedback to submissions which could bring that X-factors spark of recognition to the work we do here? Well, apply, join us, be part of our voice.


Jury selection contest.


Begins 14.04.2021 at 00:00:00 UTC — Ends 21.04.2021 at 23:59:59 UTC + 3 days voting.


Please attach a PDF submission of a CV (or other similar document), detailing your experience and reasons for wanting to join this jury (and don’t forget to provide your Free TON wallet address).

The Finer Details.


Initial members are also the Initial jury members. This initial composition assumes all responsibilities of the Jury and is to launch a Jury Selection Contest.
This competition can be repeated until reaching the goal of 10 independent jury members (other than the Initial members).
Each contestant that wins and becomes a juror will receive 50 Tons as a welcome bonus.

Voting process:

  • Jurors should vote only 0 - zero results/not relevant work or 10 - work is done.
  • Feedback is mandatory in order to collect any rewards.

Winner rights and duties:

Winners will get the right to be a juror for each Free TON Community Voice contest going forward and get the same reward as each other juror in the contest. To receive such rewards, the juror must do the following:

  • Each juror should review each contest and its requirements under Free TON Jury Guidelines.
  • The juror should review each contestant’s submission (uploaded in .PDF format) and determine if each submission is within the scope of his or her understanding to judge it, and then vote as follows:
    • if outside of juror competence, the juror should vote to “Abstain”.
    • if within juror competence, the juror should vote on a scale of 1-to-10 with 1 representing least and 10 representing most qualified submissions.
    • if the submission is inappropriate, the PDF file is unopenable or corrupt, etc., the juror should vote to “Reject”.
  • The juror should provide constructive feedback in the appropriate field describing the reason for their score.
  • To reject the submission, only 50% +1 votes from those members of the jury who actually voted for this submission work is enough.
  • The jury rewards will be distributed in proportion to the number of votes cast by each jury member.
  • A juror can not vote in contests where there is a submission from him/her or from any affiliated party.
  • Jury members who have not voted for 2 months are automatically expelled from the Jury without notice.
  • As any civic duty dictates, every juror must remain objective to the best of his/her abilities in regard to voting, i.e., stick to the facts and the facts only, leaving any personal feelings aside.


Jury members will be rewarded according to the details and requirements of individual contests for which they provide judgement - 100 TONs per juror.


  • Each of the current jurors can vote on submission.
  • Jurors whose company or team members intend to participate in this contest should abstain, even if they are a sitting juror.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet the requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on submissions.

Additional Comments:

  • Participants must correctly upload their application to the Jury Selection Contest (in PDF format) in order for the jury to view it. If the application is not available or does not meet the described criteria, the submission will be rejected by the jury.
  • Participants must submit their work before the end of the competition. If the application is submitted late, it will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must contain the contestant’s social network identity, including a Telegram username, by which jurors can verify that the submission belongs to the individual who submitted it. If not, your submission will be rejected.
  • Contestants must provide valid FreeTON addresses together with a public key. Make sure that you keep your seed phrase and private keys from your wallet in a safe place.

These conditions may be changed or supplemented before the contest will launch.


right direction, we will need more jury members to process SG activities at an enough pace so that jury can easily handle and scale more submissions in time.


Word of mouth works 1000 times more efficiently than all your PR campaigns, most of the community members ended up in it. It is necessary to develop freetone towards the benefit and solution of people’s problems, then yes it will be effective, and promoting a product that does not bring benefit is the most ineffective way to attract participants and such a PR campaign works to the detriment of the project. Since a person getting into the project does not find a useful application of this system, he is disappointed and leaves and does not return, under the influence of negative experience.

Сарафанное радио работает в 1000 раз эффективнее чем все ваши pr-кампании, большинство участников сообщества так и попали в него. Нужно на развивать freetone в сторону пользы и решения проблем людей тогда да это будет эффективно, а пропиарить продукт который не приносит пользы это самый неэффективный способ привлечение учасников и такая pr-кампания работает во вред проекту. Так как человек попадая в проект не находит полезного применения данной системы разочаровывается и уходит и не возвращается, под влиянием негативного опыта.

With the utmost respect, I’m not sure what this means. You’re suggesting we should abandon all PR related activities, and focus all our effort on word of mouth, because otherwise people may be disappointed? Perhaps it is a translation issue and I apologise if this seems rude, but please try to make concrete suggestions for how to improve rather than vague ponderings, otherwise there isn’t much we can do with the information you’re trying to give us.


Let’s move it on the voting))


I uploaded my application :white_check_mark: :rocket:


Very Nice One! Hope I will be part of it :crossed_fingers:


community voice have much importance to raise more adoption of free ton.


Hi! I take part in the contest :raised_hand:


I am adding my submission and hope to be useful and helpful in the field of activities of Community Voice subgov :relieved:


I also submitted my submission and hope to contribute to this SG as a judge.


I have applied and am participating


Submitted my submission.
I will try to be useful and add new things to the Freeton community.


Good afternoon - I am submitting my application for a jury member and ready for fruitful work


Nice subgovernance to raise voice of community since free ton is a community project where everyone have equal rights based on their contribution to the network.


I also submitted my application and hope to be useful and helpful to this SG as a judge.
Application here


My name is Nikolay.
My Telegram Username: @Zhytie_Moe
Free TON Forum account: Kolman
My submission - #12


I am submitting an application for participation in the jury competition


Application 14 is sent in error. It completely duplicates application 13. There was an error loading. I ask not to consider an application 14.


Hello everyone! I take part in the jury competition.
My telegram @maximmuzychenka