Community DeSupport Platform based on EverDAO


To motivate the community, it is necessary to create a platform for motivating small useful tasks based on the mechanics of DeSupport.

Also, this activity can help to projects that cannot be granted via Grant form, but very helpful for the Everscale Community.


Community member (s) submits an application (as for a contest) through the DAO interface > The jury from among those selected in the DeFi Alliance represantative decide amount for allocation > Then they vote through the gov interface > The number of points is equal to the amount approved by the judges > Further payments through payment deligation smart-contract.

Maximum amount per member (team) can make a request for support: 1500 EVERs.

Nominate the following DeFi Alliance representatives as a DeSupport Voters:

AML Crypto > Platon Knyazev

Head of Community > Roman D

A&S > Nina

CEO Broxus > Vladislav Ponomarev

Broxus Support > David

Community Support > Ruslan

Criteria for support from DeSupport Platfrom:

  • Your project, idea or task should help the community;
  • Funds must be spent only on an idea, task or project;
  • One participant (team) - one application;
  • Re-participation is possible if the project / idea needs support (at the discretion of the voters)

Fund for community support

To maintain this activity, funds are needed for a period of 2 months in the amount of 100.000 EVERs.


Why not expand into this group of evaluators with several more candidates to strengthen solutions. For example, such as @Artistemail @danoneo @isheldon @maxmasmsk @SOKOL491 or someone else.

Why put such a limit on the amount of encouragement? Undoubtedly, there will be much more valuable contributions that will be fairly rewarded with more significant incentives.

Because you need to be immersed in community processes and you need representatives of the Alliance members who will be responsible for these actions. If they have the time they are willing to spend on these tasks, welcome!

Request for implementation will be from DeFi Alliance, not Everscale Giver