Community Decentralized PR Contest [12th of February, 2021 - 12th of March]


Free TON public relations are long overdue. Up until today community did not find a good way to partner with Public Relations professionals in a decentralized way via a clean and faire contest mechanisms in line with Meritocratic Token Distribution principles.

Here I propose a straight forward contest which does not require any specialized professional Jury to select winners. In fact quite simple software could be used to form a judgement.

The goal

To create awareness about Free TON via publications in high quality press, create a positive and constructive knowledge and fact based background about Free TON, its underline technology, community and use cases.


Participants will compete on a monthly basis for a number of high quality articles about Free TON, published in top publications in different languages.

Before the arranged publication with the media the Participant will demand a text of an article from the publication which is at least 90% final. They will pre-submit this editorial version of the text to Free TON blockchain as described below:

Participants will pre-submit the text of all articles to the Free TON blockchain, encrypted with specially created by them for each contest stage private key. They will submit a hash and a link to the encrypted file into a specially created smart contract via DePress DeBot

Once the text is pre-submitted the Participant can submit all publications that uses that text (original and subsequent publications including translations) to the DePress DeBot as encrypted links.

All articles that has been originated from this text, along with original publication will be counted.

At the end of each Contest period the private key of the Participant will be published by the Participant via DePress DeBot, to allow anyone to decrypt original articles and links to the publications for verification.


Participants must create original media and content for their publications. The text must be verified with one of the Key Community Members before publication. Participants should choose a Key Community Member from an updated list. Participants will submit original article to the blockchain before collecting feedback from the Community Member and resubmit the article as many times as necessary until the work on it is complete. The community member will sign the final original article that she verified with her private key. The list of community members, their public keys and contacts will be kept updated in this contest forum tread. The contest participant are free to choose any member from the list. Members must avoid conflict of interests, therefore a member key can only be associated with one Contest Participant (DePress DeBot will verify all this terms at the time of submission).

Publications quality

The publication of the original article must be in the top ranked media for each language. Only articles that are published in top 200,000 Alexa Global ranked websites will be counted. The blogging platforms and sites that allow user generated content should not be included.

Publications should be unique and pass all appropriate copyright tests.

The published articles can not bare any indications of sponsorship, commercial, advertising or anything in that order on it. It should be indexable by all major search engines.

The publications in Forklog, Cointelegraph and Bitcoin .com will not be counted because of their official Free TON partnership status.

Type of contest:

Multi-staged. 10 stages.

After each stage minor changes could be submitted to the contest terms to improve it.

Technical Jury

At the end of each contest period the technical Jury (no professional judgement is required) will count all articles submitted by the Participants and verify the text of the original article at least 90% match with the article pre-submitted by the Participant on Free TON blockchain via DePress DeBot. If two or more articles with the same text are pre-submitted the winner is the article with earliest date/time. The Jury will also verify the signature of the Key Community member. Only articles with valid Member Key will be counted.

(The community is more then welcome to create software tools to facilitate Technical Jury work).

The Jury Group will be rewarded with 5% of the total prize pool. Only Jury Groups associated with Free TON content creation will be allowed to Judge.


Are paid after Jury Verification in each stage for the highest number of articles:

1 place — 75,000 :gem:

2 place — 50,000 :gem:

3 place — 25,000 :gem:

Each original article outside the three winners with no regard to number of re-posts, subject to all other contest conditions — 500 :gem:

Contest Dates

1 Stage start — 12 February [UPDATED!!!]

Stage duration: 28 days

After each stage a period of 1 week will be provided to analyse and improve next stage contest conditions

Administration and fees

Free TON sub-governances are welcome to adopt the Contest, but should remember that the Jury to this contest will be independent and won’t belong to the sub-governance.

3% of all contest funds will be allocated to Admin and coordination support of the contest.


Finally something actionable! Great job, I fully support this.



I’ll add some suggestions on how “key community members” list may function, and some other minor additions (for example, a little more info about judging criteria), but such a scheme looks solid and understandable.


I propose this text + video for future participants.
Later there will be a version in English. Enjoy reading.


That’s a great contest proposal! It remains for us to find out the list of Key Community Members

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This is a great contest! I think I’ll be happy to participate in it.

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My team specializes in brand’s reputation. We are PR experts and we can fully cover any tasks related to publication in high quality press. We would like to participate in this contest


Will be interesting if more PR agencies join this contest!


Hello, this is really a great contest!

After full decentralization, we need more PR contests in order to increase Free TON awareness among crypto industry audiences.

I just suggest to add “social media” with more than 100,000 audiences, to increase scope of contest and then attract more writers.



I absolutely support the idea! As you come to Wiki group and said that you think we are the best candidates for jury, I would be happy to join, but as I started to read the proposal, Jury selection looks unclear and contradictory to me:

hmm ok :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh, Wiki Group is definitely associated with content creation, cool, I’m in!

Wait, Wiki Jury belongs to Wiki Subgovernance :flushed: Or what did you mean?

But if we are really allowed (according to all info above) to form a jury for this contest, we can ask all our other juries if they want to participate.
But if a person participates in this contest as an article creator, he/she can’t judge any submissions there, right?

Also, is this DePress DeBot exists already?


I support
Great competition. Dare the authors!

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idk why but i’m in anticipation of disappointment :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds pretty good and doable. Good luck to the contestants.

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Instant support! I want to participate :grinning:


I think it’s one of the most important contests for the community. And I’m afraid that after a couple of the first stages it may be found that PR requires more efforts (and costs) than was initially estimated. So my suggestion is to allow reconsideration of prizes if required.


Great news the proposal has passed. We need to propose a list of people from the community the PR professionals can work with. Let’s bring some suggestions here.
TON Labs will write DePress debot by the 25th of January and contribute to this project.

We indeed aren’t in any notable website. For example, the wikipedia article was rejected because there were no “respected references”. I tried to find some, but I only found things like cointelegraph or bitcoin news.

Good contest, but who will pay to post articles on well-known sites? Or have you seen somewhere free posting articles …

Publishing an article in Forklog costs $3000, on a more scrapped site from $500 to $300, and who will pay it. I have been holding such contests for several years already, the idea is good, but the conditions are not realistic to fulfill.


i don’t get it, we are going to hire pr agency? is this an offer for pr agencies?

I have a few clarifications on the terms of the competition and the sequence of their implementation.

  1. The participant needs to create content (Are there strict requirements for content? Can it be a short review or an extensive narrative, an interview?).

  2. Submit the content for approval to someone from the list.

  3. Publish this content on any website / several websites (on really cool sites with high indexing for passing the requirements, this can only be a paid / sponsored publication).

  4. Wait for the transition to the next stage of the contest.

If I made a mistake somewhere, please correct me.