Combot / Free TON Partnership Proposal

About Combot

Combot ( is the most actively used Telegram community management service. It is a bot (Telegram: Contact @combot) which you can invite to a group chat. Then, Combot will collect various data about the group and its users. The analytics dashboard shows active users, message counters, active hours, and other metrics related to the group. Combot can also be configured to fight spam, to post recurring announcements, you can even create your own commands, too. Combot also owns two minor group bots that contribute to the ecosystem.

Combot is very popular among cryptocurrency-related groups. Combot is actively used by CoinMarketCap, TRON, Cardano, Binance and many other official groups. Combot is also used in all Free TON groups.

@combot’s MAU (monthly active users) is 9,040,000, MAG (monthly active groups) is 117,000.

@silentstest_bot’s MAU is 600,000, MAG is 11,000.

@zukubot’s MAU is 360,000, MAG is 5,500.

Cumulatively, ~10,000,000 users & ~133,000 groups.

Our cumulative metrics

  • MAU (monthly active users): 10,000,000 users
  • MAG (monthly active groups): 133,000 groups.
  • Growth rate: 50%/year
  • Web: 10,000 unique visitors daily


  1. Give instant access to TON Crystals to millions of Telegram users. You don’t have to use Combot to participate, you just have to be in any group with Combot installed.

  2. Accelerate usage of TON Crystals as currency by allowing users to purchase things on

KPI (initial commitment)

  • Initial token request: 530,000

    • Distribution & rewards: 230,000
    • Integration, development & TON mechanics: 300,000
  • Subsequent token requests:

    • 3,000 TON Crystals for every 1,000 unique users brought to Free TON, capped at 3,000,000 TON Crystals (1,000,000 users)
    • 1,000 TON Crystals for every 100 payments made on (“cashback”), capped at 100,000 TON Crystals
  • Total: 530,000 + 1,000,000 (if target is reached) + 100,000 (if target is reached)

Administrators / users

We target both users (normal group members) and administrators (Telegram group administrators).

Users participate by receiving rewards in group chats, sending funds to each other, and withdrawing funds to their wallets (like Surf) from “Unique users brought to Free TON” are essentially any users who have withdrawn their funds to an external wallet or who have sent their funds to other users (for instance, using /tip command). We request 3,000 TON Crystals for every 1,000 unique users brought to Free TON.

Administrators participate by paying with TON Crystals on, by getting rewarded with TON Crystals for purchasing (not with TON Crystals), by paying with TON Crystals to promote their public group on the “Telegram Top Groups” page, by transferring funds to group wallets (to reward their users).



  1. For a limited time, administrators get “cashback” or bonus for every purchase (not with TON Crystals) on 10 TON Crystals for every purchase.

  2. Administrators of large public groups (to prevent abuse) will be given free TON Crystals to distribute among users. Funds will be credited to a group wallet. Since you cannot withdraw from a group wallet, administrators can only use these funds to reward users or to pay for Combot.


  1. Users can get random rewards (not more than 2) in selected public groups. Then they can instantly /send their tokens or withdraw them from to their external wallet (like Surf). If administrators decide to deposit more tokens to their group wallets, users can be rewarded more often. We limit random rewards to 2 per user - using allocated funds.

  2. Users can receive tokens from other users in any group chat.

  3. Users can receive some tokens when an administrator sends /reward to reward active users.

  4. Users can /rain their funds too, to reward random users who were active previously.


First Combot Award

  1. Allow users to purchase premium features using TON Crystals.

  2. For every payment on not using TON Crystals, deposit 10 TON Crystals to the user’s account (wallet). Consider this a bonus, or cashback. Minimum payment varies, but it is rarely less than $10, on average it’s $20.

  3. Combot has “Top Telegram Groups” (Top Telegram Groups) page which is a chart. We would like to present an opportunity to boost your group’s position for TON Crystals (only). Currently, there is no way to affect your position.

  4. Deposit and withdraw (simple functions) TON Crystals on Each user gets their own virtual wallet. This is a very light wallet, just to move funds around. It allows users to deposit and withdraw TON Crystals. Funds can be transferred between users and groups (groups get wallets, too).

  5. Random awards - randomly get a small number of tokens if your message is lucky. Public supergroups where English, Russian or Turkish language is used will be given some free tokens. Each user can only be awarded two times. This is part of the distribution.

  6. !tip (/tip), !send (/send) commands to move funds from user to user within any Telegram group with Combot.

  7. Reward users who have messaged (interacted personally) @combot at least once. Tell them they can /send their funds or withdraw it on This is part of the distribution.

  8. Allow moving funds to a group wallet, just another virtual unique address. Funds cannot be moved outside (to prevent abuse), but can be used to pay for Combot (therefore, group wallets can be used for donations) and administrators can use /reward command.

  9. Implement /reward command which can “rain” tokens to last N active users in the group. /reward is an administrative command. Funds are taken from group balance. The first time /reward is used, tokens are granted by Combot. This is part of the distribution.

  10. Message administrators of public groups and tell them they can reward their users with TON Crystals by using /reward.

  11. Function to automatically reward active users every hour.

  12. /rain command to “rain” your own funds to random active users who were active during the previous hour.

Second Silent Stats Award

  1. !tip (/tip), !send (/send) commands to move funds from user to user within any Telegram group with @silentstest_bot.

  2. Airdrop tokens to Silent Stats users that were not awarded during previous @combot airdrop. Tell them they can withdraw their tokens on, but they can also /send it to any other user.

Third Zuku Award

  1. !tip (/tip), !send (/send) commands to move funds from user to user within any Telegram group with @zukubot.

  2. Airdrop tokens to Zuku users that were not awarded during previous airdrops. Tell them they can withdraw their tokens on, but they can also /send it to any other user.

Potential Next Steps

GDR - Global Community Reputation. Reputation points are to be tokenized, based on social graphs. The idea is to calculate the weight of a user’s reputation based on their participation in different communities (groups) with Combot. Group maintainers can use the group wallet to distribute reputation tokens among the group’s core users and they can use them in addition to the basic Combot reputation system. GCR is complex: instead of being linked with a particular community, reputation is “shared” between multiple groups and the value is different in every group (because graphs will be different).

If accepted, Combot’s wallet address for token distribution is as follows:



Hey! I was waiting for this integration! SUPER! :volcano: :volcano: :volcano:


Glad to see that Fedor came back to us! Good proposal man! Fully support!


Very naturally predisposed partnership. Happy to see you guys joining.

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That’s was really anticipated. Thanks for the proposal! Can’t wait to see it happen.

Появление дружественных сообществу сервисов - это всегда хорошо.
Лайкнул :slight_smile:

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Отличный сервис, очень рад видеть Комбот здесь!

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Мощные сервисы подключаются ) рад видеть в сообществе :fist:

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@mar_ton increased the reputation of @combot ;-))

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total +1,000,000 or +3,000,000 ?

Despite everything, you are welcome here, Fedor. I fully support the partnership with @сombot!
We just have to study the numbers in a bit more detail.

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Edited (2:21), I was wrong, of course. Unfortunately I can’t edit the post.
Don’t know what d 'you mean by “despite”.
It’s just business, nothing personal.

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I like this idea!

мне нравится эта идея!

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Good news! Do you have plans to create DeBot?

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No, unless it will greatly benefits our technical part and leads to some considerable profit (in a short time). Seems that there is no such demand or necessity for now.
Let me be clear, we’re not enthusiasts, we are focused on making profitable and useful products. It’s OK :slight_smile:


total +1,000,000 or +3,000,000 ?

Sorry, I was wrong. 3 mln, not 1.
3000x1000=3 mln.
My mistake.


Ok. I can understand you. How will FreeTON benefit your projects?


Money. Again we are not enthusiasts. We tried to make our proposal profitable for both parties and easy-to-implement.


I toyed with the idea how combot can partner with Free TON and here is what I think.

Combot is added to many chats. So, he ‘knows’ users there. Combot also can track the topic/theme of the chat (I guess), thus, we can separate housewives from IT guys or crypto fans. If he doesn’t know the chat’s topic - point of another discussion.

Imagine that we can pick ALL crypto-chats. In all languages. This is our core and highly valued audience. May be these won’t be all crypto-chats around the globe but we can track a lot.

These are the chats we want to work with in the pilot of our project. We don’t have to tell those people about crypto, we need to deliver them to Free TON (or vice versa).

We make a drop to admins with 100 TONs (example figure). Combot says - hey, this is for you. But! We have dropped 1 TON to all your active (say, 1 message last 30 days) chat members.

Now we have two options:

  • admin announces in the chat that everybody got 1 TON in their pocket; problem solved!
  • admin ignores the message; now it’s guerrilla marketing and voice of mouth (it can be helped from bloggers etc to start the wave); we have even more hype - problem solved.

The tech part as I see it:

  • combot needs a version for users (not admins) - ‘people’s version’
  • this version needs to automatically create a wallet which is hooked to telegram id
  • tiny options like send and receive coins via the bot is not a huge pain
  • ideally, combot should be able to connect with chatex bot (at least, just to show the buy/sell offers for TON) - this solves the problem of getting more TONs at an instant

(there might be some other steps to evolve the functionality of the bot but we won’t speak about them at this stage)

Thus, this pilot project enables us to connect to crypto-audience of which combot is informed. These are 10 or 100 of thousands people.

Next steps when we study and attract just IT guys (again, a more easy to drag into crypto audience) etc. This might be a BLAST.

What do you think?



Congratulations on the approval of the proposal.

Can you tell how long will the integration and development process takes. From when I will be able to use these features in my Telegram groups.


  1. a mistake, it should be 3,000,000 and NOT 1,000,000

  2. @Teodorix it is good if we add this part also :arrow_right: the bots should also share official Free TON announcements in the groups regularly.

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