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Вот моя заявка https://gov.freeton.org/submission?proposalAddress=0:246418f5e8d54c55dbbd12c76d25f12bb4ee364d65d0c70d9da78724c1e92eb1&submissionId=25

я не понимаю как судья 0:b909fb7 ··· поставил минимальную оценку 1 (из 10) с комментарием: " I don’t like. Too much porn related"

Так же прошу обратить внимание что я по ошибке подала две одинаковые заявки на конкурс мемов (#25 и #26) с разницей по времени 3минуты. В заявке #25 не работает ссылка на публикацию на форуме . Заявка #26 полностью идеальная.
Но судья 0:b909fb7… зареджектил заявку #26


Due to the incorrectly formulated conditions of the competition, a lot of controversy and discussion arose about them in the community. It got to the point that the participants are forced to write instructions for the jury, what and how to interpret in these conditions, and how to make decisions. This is absurd. The specification for GIF animation clearly states the limit of 1 MB. I’m used to the fact that the accepted rules of the game are binding on everyone and are not discussed. As a result, my work fits into this limitation, but I had to lower the quality of my work. I spent most of my time compressing the animation to fit this constraint, rather than processing and mixing the animation itself. They had to abandon the implementation of many ideas, due to the fact that it was technically impossible to reveal the topic in 15-20 frames.
The first jury response was - Very low inforgraphics. What kind of infographics do you want to see on average at 15-20 frames at 512x512 pxl resolution, 16-32 Bit, 1 MB in size! ?? A movie with a prologue, epilogue and a happy ending?
I would not like the efforts to be in vain because of the ridiculous mistakes in the task. This reduces motivation.

Should Juror contact participant before any rejection?

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  • No

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I totally agree with @mr.r

We spend days & nights for creating these graphic contents. It would be important for us to have jurors who evaluate the submissions completely & carefully & if they have any difficulties about opening, viewing, or downloading them, they can let us know.

We are assuming that they know all the rules of the contests. Giving a low score because of the MP4 format, shows that the juror doesn’t know the rules & judges by his own standards.

I hope the community do something about it.

Hi in gif contest juror say that : Funny factor points for sure. PDF no link to work. Same for forum. Just in thread. Careful.
But link work please check it!:fire:

Pdf link

Or do you mean that there is no link to the gif file repository in the pdf file? it seems to me that the forum is the store of gif files in which you can immediately view it.

Why did only 13 of all the judges vote? Did the others participate in the contest? If not it’s time to to use slashing…