Chatex Partnership Proposal


Chatex is a friendly social neobank driven by crypto and powered by Telegram messenger. Our mission is to provide millions of people around the world with an easy and secure way to access cryptocurrencies.

Chatex of 2020 is a mature project and as you already know - we are early adopters of FreeTON, and we want to move along together and grow together.

Chatex modules currently available in Telegram:

  • Multicurrency smart cryptowallet;
  • P2P marketplace for crypto-fiat exchange with Escrow;
  • Crypto-crypto exchange (any-to-any);
  • Chatex Pay - merchant accounts and invoicing;

At the date our user base counts ~157 000 users worldwide. We plan to expand on different markets, especially India, LATAM, Africa and Asia.

We see a great synergy between Chatex and FreeTON which starts from the basic concept: TON Crystal Token itself is a marketing tool!

We can share here the results of first test of TON Crystal adoption:
New FreeTON token holders: ~ +700

Trading volume: ~ $2 000 000

Mainnet % accounts (chatex created): 25% of total (!!!)

We think that these stats are pretty self-explanatory.


We propose to:

  1. Boost TON Crystal market penetration. New markets => new users => new wallets => more transactions =>+ more adoption. Plus, more remittance flow potential can be created. People will understand that TON Crystal is the best tool for cross-border transactions.
  2. Create a payment alternative for those who are still underbanked (or even unbanked). Telegram is popular across emerging markets because it is the only lightweight, secure/private, censorship resistant messenger. #Endless bot development potential enables us to provide solutions to economic challenges of developing markets through in-app crypto services. Emerging markets often have economical challenges, that’s why it takes the people’s attention to cryptocurrencies. A regular user, a merchant from a distant region can get access to a payment processing. No need in intermediaries anymore.
  3. Create secondary market circulation of TON Crystal. Chatex can also provide exchange of TON Crystal to non-classic payment methods. For example Gift Cards, in-game items and collectibles etc.
  4. Telegram power + Cryptocurrency unleashed. Telegram has tools for community building and things for something to get viral. It makes it easy to acquire new users via referral mechanics and word of mouth.
  5. TON Crystal social buzz creation via co-branded advertising campaign.

Token request

450 000 Tokens, upfront

These tokens would be fully allocated for goal achievement toolset: traders rewards, cashback and new markets expansion.

Integration fee: 0


Proposed activities will allows us:

  • to attract 35 000 new users from emerging markets and onboard them to TON
  • to introduce TON to 12 000 existing active users

A user can be considered active for wallet creation and 1 transaction.

Main GEO: India, LATAM, Africa and Asia.

Extra reward

  • Extra 40 000 tokens for 10 000 new users. Capped at: 250 000 users or 1 000 000 Tokens

Goal achievement toolset

1. Cashback program

Whenever a customer buys any crypto for fiat, he will get a cashback of 1 TON Crystal for every 100$ worth of crypto purchased.

Result: Every active Chatex user will get some TON Crystal tokens and will have an incentive to get to know more about TON and how to utilize it. Once the threshold is met and cashback is credited there will be a corresponding message shown (depends on localization) with community resources links. For example, if the user’s language is set to Russian, he will get a Russian community link and a small sneak peek of what it is about.

Anti-abuse measures: limited to maximum payout of 100 TON per month

Tokens allocation: 50 000

2. Traders reward program

No matter what crypto he trades, for every $10k worth of crypto sold during the last month a trader will be rewarded with 100 TON Crystal tokens.

Result: Traders from different geo regions will get TON Crystals and trade them as well. Thus customers from different countries will be able to purchase TON Crystals with any local currencies.

Anti-abuse measures: limited to a maximum payout of 1000 TON per month

Tokens allocation: 50 000

3. Advertising campaign for new markets

Creative concepts would be based on TON Crystal mentions and references.

New users from certain countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela will receive a one-time welcome bonus of 3 TON Crystal tokens.

Tokens allocation: 350 000

New markets expansion would boost new traders activity paired with local currency (since Chatex is peer-2-peer)

If accepted, Chatex’s wallet address for token distribution is as follows:



Interesting idea! Good luck!


A very organic proposal, thank you!
Couple questions:

  • What are “new users” mean in terms of additional token allocation. If more details can be added, it would be very helpful. Also how will it be monitored?
  • Why users from non-CIS region gets less tokens? Free TON is a global project and any user bring value to it.

Hello! Thank you for your previous work! Good proposal!

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Hi there!

Thanks for you message!

  1. New users - means a new registered/attracted users from certain countries listed above where we gonna run a marketing campaign with TON. Those countries have a huge potential of growth.

  2. Thats a good point and we’ve fixed that by appropriate changes in our proposal.


Hi fellows,
I live in Bolivia and agree with your LATAM’s markets grow possibilities.
Countries like Argentina and Venezuela already mass use p2p echanges due to extremely high inflaction’s rates.
Unfortunately, in Bolivia, the previous government banned crypto use in the country. In a few days new elections will come and may be that new politics born. I was analyzing the possibility to run a node here because of the new country’s fiber infrastructure. Recently we have a direct up-link to a pacific backbone and fares will become cheaper. By the way, I do not like so much politcs and don’t know how to speak with them. Certainly, there are a lot of young people that can quickly learn to became developer.
I’m sorry if I’m a bit OT, but I’m enthusiastic about decentralization :smile:. Many thanks to everyone


Hey, bro! Hope this new government of yours will approve crypto and let people enjoy all the advantages of decentralized finance. If you’d like to help Chatex spread TON across Bolivia, please contact me via this e-mail:


Ok bro, thank you. We are at a few days before elections. Stay in touch


I was interested in a merchant rewards program and I thought the sum of $ 10k a month would be easy to achieve

cashback program and traders reward program looks good strategy to attract traders get Freeton, and now chatex team should explain detailly about mechanism this toolset so everyone could participate and make it successfull.

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It’s just launched. There’s much information on web site and inside the bot

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for trade more than $100 is it accumulated ? can us received this cashback for every transaction above $100 or only once for each chatex account ? if i am calculated with current TON price its equal 1% only , in my opinion you need to add it more so more traders will interested and willing to using chatex bot as trading services.

It’s only for single deals larger than 100$ . 1% is really good additional motivation because a lot of traders happy to get 1% revenue for deal.

you need to analize the result after campaign running, is it give good contribution to Free TON community growth or not. cash back program should managed well and do antother to attract investors buying this coin

TON CRYSTAL page is coming soon on our web site. You can check the status of campaigns in advance.

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Chatex & Free TON Partnership Report #1

2020 is coming to an end, and now we at Chatex would like to share key stats that have been formed during our partnership with the Free TON community since October.

Partnership background

Chatex received 450 000 TON Crystal under the cooperation. The received TON Crystal were allocated as follows: 50 000 TON Crystal were allocated for the cashback program. 50 000 coins were distributed to the trader reward program, and 350 000 TON Crystal were allocated for the commercial campaign in Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.


October 15, 2020

The announcement of Chatex & Free TON partnership.

The amount of TON Crystal received: 450 000 TON Crystal. The official “Chatex TON Crystal Updates” Telegram Channel is created:

October 30, 2020

4 animated stickers for TON, 4 stickers for India and 3 stickers for Brazil are created, according to the expansion roadmap. Full Chatex x Free TON sticker pack is here:

November 2, 2020

Cashback system for Chatex users is launched.

A number of users taken part in the program: 1,188

The amount of TON Crystal used: 3,208 out of 50,000 (at the time of writing)

  • Integration with FREETONSHOP. Clients of the shop have become allowed to buy Free TON merch for TON Crystal using the Chatex wallet.

November 14, 2020

The official Russian-language landing page is launched:

It is dedicated to the partnership with all the details, the latest news, the advantages of Free TON, actual figures, plans for the future, partnership goals, and more.

30 November, 2020

Cashback reward program for traders is launched.

A number of users taken part in the program: 7

The amount of TON Crystal used: 0 out of 50,000

As the program started on December 1, 2020, the first report on the general generated reward worth of TON Crystal will be published on January 1, 2021.

The general number of deals conducted with TON Crystal: 14 794

Official announcements links



Plans for the next iterations

  • To create new animated stickers relating to the further expansion and translate the landing page to English language by the end of 2020.
  • To enter new emerging markets and offer a TON Crystal-based reward program in Brazil by the end of 2020, and in Argentina, Venezuela, India and Indonesia in early 2021.
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TON_crystal wallets created: 4409
TON_crystal wallets with balances: 2416

And how much of this amount was poured into the “market”?

Hello! Could you please specify what exactly do you mean? As it says, 100 000 TON Crystal were allocated for two cashback programs, and 350 000 TON Crystal were allocated for the commercial campaign in several countries. :slight_smile:

Hello! Is there any update about this partnership?

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