Change SG multisig version and update list of initial members

Proposal: Change multisig version and update initial members list

Due to the fact that current SubGov Multisig 0:f92be05a0ff2aab349a0681c8f08d92e1d6dbd0ab791aa53b877c020c9c07202 have only 1 hour to for transaction confirmation, token distribution after the contest can be delayed.

We propose to move SG funds to newly created multisig with the same list of custodians, except the following changes:

  1. Change transaction confirmation time from 1h to 72h
  2. Include pubkeys of new members, namely:
    Dmitry Gachko 76a16d3d78d6664e4555270b584f6fe7b92945e66d26dca22f410b2b08a8b977
    Alexey Novikov

Old address:

New address: 0:5d7a0b2814b67ca863d6f982b5b15ef0b791ec873f37b003bef876feb4ee75f4