Campus blockchain conference by blockchain club- proposal


This proposal falls under the updated version of the volunteer and mentorship program.

This is an annual blockchain event hosted by the blockchain club of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife Osun State Nigeria. The blockchain club comprises three institutions namely:

-Obafemi Awolowo University
-University of Benin
-Lagos State University of Science and technology
Above institutions are in Nigeria.

As previously recorded from the last edition there was participation from other Universities as well.
The last edition of this event which was held in 2019 witnessed a population of over 1,000 students in attendance. This years’ event would take place in the first week of September and FreeTON Africa is seeking to collaborate with the blockchain club.

Link to The Blockchain club:



Promotional flyer:

With the teeming number of youths picking up interests around blockchain related activities, it becomes imperative for FreeTON Network to get exposed early enough to these young minds by leveraging on the avenue already provided by The Blockchain Club to showcase the enormous advantages that abound within FreeTON Blockchain.


-Sponsor logo of Free TON Africa

-Time slot for special FreeTON centered topics/talks

-Increase Free TON Africa community as well Free TON Network adoption.

3170 TON

The African SG jury members shall vote for this proposal.
An average of 50+1 of the participating jury shall pass this proposal
An amount of 10% of the budget shall be shared by all the jury members.

Wallet address: 0:32631d7903efb4f10aa9ebe33a58e3d58b2a0192a0425cb197cb055dda499e9f


The first blockchain conference held at that hall on campus was very strategic to my growth in the blockchain industry. The club has also helped me get jobs in the space.

I trust blockchainOAU to empower more than 2,000 students with this conference. It’s totally a conference worth sponsorship to be honest.


This promises to be a great conference as it’s the first on our campus and needs to be big so as to drive adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency by teaching different applications of the technology

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Blockchain Club is the largest community of University students participating in Blockchain/Cryprocurrency across Africa.

They’ve been instrumental in training over 20 Blockchain developers in conjunction with Web3bridge, just within a year.

This conference will definitely be one of its kind and serve as a model for other Campus Blockchain events across the whole world.

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It promises to be a great conference

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The Forthcoming Blockchain conference is gonna be one of the best conference in Africa, because of the knowledge, the opportunities, and the exposure the team are gonna be impacting in the lives of student that’ll be attending. No doubt

The team of Blockchain Club is made up of awesome and determined guys that look forward to the growth of other students around them, so they deserve all the financial help they can get for this conference to be a big success. I believe that this conference will will take Africa to the next level in the Blockchain space

BlockchainOAU community has also been the best that ever happened to me. I could remember the first meet up we had. Alot was shared which helped me more.

Futhermore, here we are with conference. You should never miss this for anything. Plenty of soap for everyone. Their aim is more than you can ever imagine. Their vision is outstanding.
Kudos to the team.

This conference promises to change a lot of lives on campus. Can’t wait to see how it goes.

This team has been helping me since I joined crypto space in 2019, they made me realised that trading is just one of the several ways of making money with Crypto.
I am very excited the first time this event was announced! Let’s reach out for more guys.

This conference is definitely going to be productive judging from how enlightening and amazing the previous one was. I’m really looking forward to it.

The conference is aimed at education a lot of young people on the benefits of Cryptosystem and digital opportunities around that, with these knowledge a lot of people would be enlightened enough to start something for themselves in this field and get out of the unemployed category, thereby reducing the unemployment rate and aiding the economy in general

This blockchain community has opened and widened my understanding to various activities in the blockchain ecosystem. I am very sure this conference will yield a positive impact on the attendees

The Blockchain club OAU has been a blessing to me. It’s a group of young individuals who are passionate about the blockchain industry and as a result I’ve learnt so much from been a member of the community. The community also helped me secure my first job. This conference will definitely be a blockbuster!!!

It’s nice to see such requests in Proposals. :sunglasses: :pray:
But something very strange activity from new accounts …

Приятно видеть такие запросы в Пропоузалсе!
Но что-то очень странная активность от новых аккаунтов…

A good proposal and I support it wholesomely.

New members participation and the trouble to navigate the forums is also commendable and what the Africa SG mandate is and works for. Congratulations!!!

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Blockchain OAU is an incredible conference held across the campus. Michael Jerry was my mentor in the Crypto sphere even though I wasn’t from OAU. But still I was able to benefit from his trainings, I support this.

This is a great opportunity for creating awareness about Blockchain and it’s application in the lives of the youth! Keep up the good work.

Its a nice initiative. I full support