Boosted Staking Program v2

Pilot Program summary

Staking is a perfect point of entry for the new users — easy, risk-free and profitable. Onboarding through staking is a very important thing to consider.

Thorough research of staking offered by other networks showed competitive numbers in APY offered by them. Standing out of the crowd with a boosted staking program is a good way to focus attention on the Everscale network. Catching the attention of the skeptical crypto-community is a tough but doable task.

The support of independent validators and their involvement in the boosted staking was another objective that was achieved. The program dispersed staked coins amongst 39 validators strengthening the decentralization of the network in general.

The amount and rate of attraction of liquidity lent to the program clearly shows that users are eager to participate in such initiatives when given easy-to-use, secure and profitable tools. Using the received experience, a larger-scaled program will become one of the driving factors of the blockchain in general.


Coins locked — 22.8 million

Participants — 424

Depools — 39

Lock period 6-12 months — 16.5 million

Lock period 12-24 months — 4.3 million

Average stake size — 10K-100K coins


During the pilot program we experimented with different platforms and advertising approaches. One of the main conclusions — the network is completely unknown to the crypto-audience and the promotion of L1 blockchain demands extra offers. The pilot promo campaign has been tested on 5 different language groups:

Ads: 1.1M views / 1 month
Review: Everscale Boosted Staking Program With 20% APY. Say Bye To Bank Deposits

Press release: Everscale launches limited-time boosted staking program

Tutorial: Staking EVER | Ultimate Guide to Everstaking and Boosted Staking

Interview: Everscale’s boosted staking program with up to 20% APY. An interview with Eugene Teslov, Ever Surf CPO

Press release: Everscale’s Pilot Boosted Staking Program Has Been Finished with 22.8 Million EVER Tokens Staked

Ads: 240K views / 1 month
Reviews: Artırılmış Staking Programı: EVER İle Yüzde 20 APY Kazan

Ads: 2M views / 1 month
Reviews: Chương trình tăng cường Staking: Nhận thêm lên tới 20% APY với Ever

Reviews: В Everscale представили программу увеличенного стейкинга

Interview: Der Krypto-Space zwischen den Jahren: Rückblick auf 2021 und Vision für 2022

Smart contracts’ system and debots

The Boosted Staking Program is exclusively built on the state-of-the-art contract system which is operated by a debot. 100% web3 compatible. Completely decentralized, no control over users’ funds by any third party, fast and secure.

Boosted Staking Program utilizes Depool API which is the core for Depooler. The debot offers users analytical information which helps to understand pros and cons of any particular validator of the program without having any need to dig into technical details.

Boostaked Staking Program v2

The second season of the program follows the steps of the pilot having the same key goals:

  • onboarding through staking
  • growing the number of independent validators participating in the program
  • communicating debot technology to the community and new users joining the movement
  • promoting Everscale putting the network in the spotlight for long-term investors

Boosted Rewards Model

On top of the ordinary staking the users will receive the following rewards:

Evers / Months 12 24 36 48
100,000+ 5.50% 11.00% 13.50% 15.25%
10,000—99,999 5.00% 10.50% 13.00% 15.00%
1,000—9,999 4.50% 10.00% 12.50% 14.75%
100—999 4.00% 9.50% 12.00% 14.50%

Specialized incentivization programs might be applied as a result of complex marketing & promotional activities which can lead to additional APY for boosted staking program participants. Possibilities of collaboration between Boosted Staking Program and Rust Cup depools / Dark Pools will be explored.

Client side: any wallet/dapp supporting debot technology.

Boosted Staking DeBot v2

The ongoing development of the debot will feature additional settings and options for controlling lock stake, rewards, and other staking mechanics.


DePooler v2

Depooler is built upon Depools API service debot and provides analytical information about validators and their general efficiency. This tool is automatically used in Boosted Staking but can also be used by users in native staking. The evolution of the rating and service includes additional customization and filtering as well as the development of an API to be used by wallets and staking services. The usage of the service lets the users pick the most reliable validators with the protection of coins overflow.

Promotional support

The analysis of the pilot campaign shows that users know very little or nothing about the network, the general awareness level is very low. The v2 campaign will continue putting the Everscale network into the spotlight by communicating staking possibilities and their importance for the health of the blockchain and ecosystem in general. PR & advertising formats will also include work with influencers and opinion leaders to communicate key selling points of Everscale and staking in particular.

Coin request

For the realization of the pilot program (duration 6-12 months) we ask for the following amounts of coins:

  • Incentivization for staking — 9,000,000 EVER
  • Development & Support — 250,000 EVER
  • Promotion — 750,000 EVER

Total amount of 10,000,000 EVER should be transferred to the following multi-signature wallet address.

Multisig Wallet

A multisig 3/5 wallet has been set up to receive the funds, with the following custodians:

EverX Public key:

Governance Public Key:

Ever Surf Public Key:

Korean Community Public Key:

Lumi Public Key:

The multisig address is:


Boosted staking was a pretty successful project. It is interesting to see its v2.


fully support, subject to distribution among independent depools


Very good proposal.
I’m in for the independant validator’s program, I miss the last one :slight_smile:


This is a good one. You’ve got my support.


I support this project


According to my request for results of development in v1 program - no any answer, @eteslov can you please give any source of dev results and it’s documentation, because nobody except Surf integrate this program to their wallets Lumi/Kilox listed in proposal just as crowd ppl.


First program was completed, but according to results we get back tokens on the market after 4 months, in situation when rate of EVER is not growing why we should increase pressure on rate by new 13M EVERs?


Поддерживаю вопрос, так же если программа не комплексная и не будет общей динамике курса токена, то после разлока все токены пойдут в стакан и укатают курс еще ниже !!!

И вместо пользы получится противоположный эффект! Поэтому второй этап нужно ставить на паузу и запускать только когда пойдут мероприятия направленные на повышения курса токена.

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есть только два показателя у любого проекта в сети:

1. Количество новых членов комьюнити
2. Увеличение стоимости токена Ever

Все другие это от лукавого, которые можно не делать, так как они будут бесполезны или пойдут во вред. Просьба озвучить эти показатели по первому этапу и планы по второму.

Within the pilot program 2 debots were created and their source codes are now being prepared for publishing on github. They will be posted in 10 days or so.

As of integration, the program is built on debots which can be called from tons-cli or any other browser which supports debot technology. Thus, anyone can use them to drive coins into the program.

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Lumi and Killox are welcome to join. Unfortunately, their teams didn’t have enough available developer resources to complete integration.


The main idea of the program is to cut down the free float available on the market. Staking in general is a thing that is focusing on blockchain health and decentralization.

The boosted APY makes the Everscale network more competitive with other PoS chains which offer a higher native APY. What is also used as a key selling point for building awareness of the project.

Besides, this is the only initiative in the entire network which is trying to support long-term lock periods.

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Current situation with EVER rate and community size don’t show the success of v1 boost, why we decide to make v2 boost?


вы не ответили на мой вопрос выше, какие показатели были и какие планируются на следующем этапе ?

I think that this program is a good way of bringing more TVL to the blockchain and should be supported. However, there are some concerns of too many tokens returning back to the market after a short period of time. Maybe it would be a good idea to slightly decrease rewards % for the 6-months period and add 36, 48 month options to the program? (If it’s not too hard from a technical aspect). What do you think, @eteslov?


@Aleksandr_Everstake, I think a horizon of 48 months is a lot. 30—36 is not a bad idea.
Given the lower profitability of the network and the timing of the end of the vesting period.
In any case, We need to be close to the other networks.

For instance,

Evers / Months 6 12 18 24 30 36
100,000+ 7% 9% 11% 13% 15% 17%
10,000—99,999 5% 7% 9% 11% 13% 15%
1,000—9,999 3% 5% 7% 9% 11% 13%
100—999 1% 3% 5% 7% 9% 11%

TVL increased by 30M in 2 months, new accounts 2K+
Small true use case: some users withdrew funds from exchanges and invested in boosted staking.
Just as an example.

Yes, A new Boosted Staking Program is good and i support it

That’s good idea!! Then, what do you think about reducing or eliminating rewards for the six-month plan? I think the 6-month plan almost ineffective in terms of lock-up.

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