Blog Updates [LAST UPD: 25.10.20]

All the innovations of the blog will be posted here.:point_down::point_down:


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  1. Fixed issues with languages ​​completely✅

  2. Introduced the function of donating authors in the blog. Specify the wallet (surf) in the settings and after that in each new article you will have a button “support the author” :moneybag:

  3. Made the function of podcasts from video to audio (link video) and then the video is converted into an audio track. (you can turn on in the background and listen) :headphones: We are planning to launch podcasts with presenters.


Very good update! We need more authors!

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You can ask @Artanovskaya to put the information about the blog on the Crypto Forums in her Ambassador Stage 2 Bounty Campaign. She need good post from you to attract users to the blog. Just let you know.


Also we are running Two Contests for Promotion (think tomorrow) and also Social Activity Campaign.

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We want to start from there to attracte more active users in content creation. I hope it will be done in next week or couple weeks.

Further steps are coming soon!

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:fire: Update

Now, when an article is published on the website in ENG or RUS language, the system will start calculating the price formation for the article completely from the Google document. If the article is published and is being moderated, then the calculation of the remuneration will not be recorded. In the future, for convenience, all active articles that will be in the blog, they will be automatically filled in a separate report of the google document, which shows which article, and what remuneration the author will receive. Further, the jury will decide how the article corresponds to the stated and whether 100%, 75% and 50% will be paid. (See reporting table)

We released the extension for the blog ( in the google chrome and opera browser. Now you can watch the latest news using this extension without visiting the site.