An investigation request about Chuck Bogorad`s activity

I found some interesting post on the forum:

Chuck has a direct relationship to FreeTONShop and Quickappninja. The both partnership programs have been accepted without a fix timeschedule, , it means that they can fulfill their obligations for years. Quickappninja have started looking for smartcontract developers just few days ago.
IMHO, the both Partners are 100% sponsored by FreeTON

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At least a transaction tracking related to the mentioned stolen million would be great with some off-chain agreements attached. Without that it is just one opinion against another… Stronger your request with something touchable, so that doesn’t look like witch-hunt.

I am working with Quick App Ninja as well, helping them to integrate with Free TON for their upcoming release of web based games. Should I feel guilty as well? I think you should stop playing police and before “launching an investigation” just come to the community weekly stream and ask questions. This is not funny anymore. Chuck is doing great job finding and supporting partners and I hope more people instead of trying to find who “stole” something would instead contribute something positive to the Free TON community.


thanks for the reply, I trust you. Dont mind to delete the topic

how did the story with the QuickAppNinja project end?

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