Ambassador Subgovernance will be disbanded and closed due to insoluble contradictions


Ambassador Subgovernance will be disbanded and closed due to insoluble contradictions.

Instead, two new Subgovernances will be created with different Initial Members and independent teams.

Ambassador Subgovernance contests currently running will be completed but will not be implemented. This will be decided and announced soon.

No new contests will be launched at Ambassador Subgovernance. Please refrain from submitting applications for current contests!

The new Ambassador Jury will unfortunately not be able to fulfill its duties and will be disbanded automatically at the time of the final closure of Ambassador Subgovernance. We regret.

Each new Subgovernance will independently launch a competition to recruit its jury shortly after launch.


Waiting for update, such a pity that some of the recent work of the community will be burned, but I think with new Subgovernances everything will be continued soon.


I can’t believe it ((


thanks to everybody, you’re free(

It is not a disaster, disappointing a little, but issues happens everywhere. Let’s wait for the future updates about new subgovernances. I think this is a continuation of the initial split idea, but instead of remaking current subgovernance there will be created 2 new from zero


I have submitted an application :no_mouth: (Double Stages Contest) will it be canceled ? Right.
Will there be a new jury ?

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I think answers to both questions are YES.

Please refrain from submitting applications for current contests!
Each new Subgovernance will independently launch a competition to recruit its jury shortly after launch.


In other words, applications for jury members that were collected earlier will be canceled and soon two new Subgovernance will start collecting each of their own juries. I understand you correctly!?

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Two teams ? why
This won’t lead to a conflict of interest?

Will I refuse, with my application (for example) the reddest? Between two fires (so to speak)

How will reimbursement of time and money spent by Country Ambassadors for Free Ton Stage 2 contestants be realized? Some of them (including me) have already started to implement the programs and have incurred the first expenses. But the contests will not be implemented now.
The agreements reached by the Ambassadors with bloggers, chat administrators, etc., will also be lost.

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Unfortunately, we will probably have to reject all submissions, because they cannot be implemented due to the closure of the Subgovernance. We’re sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

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We do not know which of the new Subgovernances will take over the implementation of the Country Ambassagor Stage2 Contest.

After this is decided in the future, then it will be possible to talk about compensation for the ambassadors.


i second this motion. It’s the right move to get things back on track. EXTREMELY important sub-gov. Let’s see you folks revamp and make it work. Like others said, we are all counting on you!


Indeed. But I think this is the right way to go about it. Not everything works the first time, but this is a fantastic example of how a decentralized community can manage to self-govern in times of faults. A good lesson.

Let’s see this thing do better and let’s make haste (with thoroughness).



Our team will make every effort to do this! :muscle:
Thank you for your trust.


I’m sure the solution is coming soon. I’m sure it won’t be a waste. Just a delay. These things happen and they’re natural in a free environment. It’s all about improving. If one thing doesn’t work, the community comes together and finds a better way. If you look at it objectively, it is a great thing and a worthwhile precedent for the community to see self-improvement in action.


There is no “taking over”. There is only improvement. Taking over is something dictatorships and evil governments do. We improve! This is what makes Free TON, well… Free TON!


Am I right? After the cancellation of the current sub-governance, will the two teams try to present their best programs and then they will be judged?

No. Two different Subgovernances will be launched with their own tasks for each. They will not be judged )