All in one join proposal

Hi to all community members!

I am new here and I have tried to dig through all the information (it took at the moment 2 days for me and at the moment I haven’t finished my research) about free ton and there is some thoughts about things which can be improved:

  • We have too many portals (forum, zendesk, blockchain related info, news, faq). I understand as a developer that there might be some ready products out of the box and which cannot be easily integrated between themselves but I think we should try to join all that in one domain to make them easier for newcomers (same UI/UX approach, same domain, AIO). It will build a bit more trust to some domains and will lower risk to have some hack attacks (URL phishing, platform vulnerabilities).
  • More explaining information for non IT users. Maybe some descriptional video would be enough.x

Разбить группы по тематике,создавая тематическую напоавленост ь ботов.

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