All about free TON forum improvement with excellent features


Hi friends it very splendid to come up with a topic. This is not a surprise as it is the first topic I have created for while. This topic will explain some Features of the Free TON forum. There are many Features on this forum that we can’t just explain it in just a topic but I am sure gradually we will come to understand this features because the forum is sti in process of advancing little by little.

Free TON Crystal

The Free TON crystal is an official currency of Free TON just like ethereum. The TON Crystal currency is developed to help to power transactions on the network just like Ethereum Gas works and this will also be used as a native currency on network.

free TON forum similar to other forums like Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalk, cryptotalk?

Yes, the TON forum is just similar with other forums in using some Features but something differs at the other hand. The difference of that differs the free Ton forum against other forums is that free TON was a decentralized operating system that come up with more advancing features that differs it from other forum. The freeTON positions itself just like a community project that is meant to uses the telegram developed open source which is known as the “TON OS” which serves as a virtual Operating System to run in/out smart contracts and also decentralized applications. The name, called Free TON is not officially affiliated with Telegram as most everyone thinks.

The free TON distribution differing from other forums

The free Free TON will be distributed exactly through “Giver Contracts” which are those who are responsible for most distribution of TONs into three groups known as the:





Similar features of the free TON with other forums


This feature is an advance feature and is very amazing to be received which shows that you are granted all essential commiunity functions.


All forum users should be aware of this feature. It helps you to edit anytime you find mistake in your posts that you created.


This is often not found in other forum. This is a welcome badges you receive when you receive your first like on contents you first created.


This is known not only on forum but social medias. You can mention a friend name to attract him to your post for response by using the @ known as tagging feature badges.


This is a welcome badges that everyone receives it as a welcoming member to the forum. This is not often found in other forum.

This are quite some amazing features that are much similar to other forums. It is nice to have everyone :blush: here let’s all unite and help the community at large. Let build the forum and makes it among the best forum ever like other popular forums.

How can I change my profile picture in free TON forum?

This is very easy :ok_hand: just like using other forums. It is easy to locates were to insert the picture. All you need is to follow this procedures

  1. Just click on your default image

  2. It appears your profile visible to you

  3. Select option preference

  1. Right there you can insert you profile :wink:

That is easy…:smiley::ok_hand:

How do I get my post liked?

You can receive like from your contents when you created positive Contents related to the forum just like other forums🥰.

How can I see my reputations and read Post?

All information are made easy for begginners just like other forum you may find all activities in your profile wether you are a Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalk, or cryptotalk user every thing is made clear.

How can I participate in the free TON campaign?

This is explained in detail by the bounty manager in forum treads.

Any more contest in free TON aside from signature ?

Yes there is more contest coming up follow the link below to participate :blush::point_down:.

Stay tuned for more updates in this forum…

Happy to welcome you all to Free TON forum🙏…


Very nice to see TON forum. But I think there are many things needed to improve. Make this forum be friendly to use and has many programs. I really hope that this forum can be one of the top crypto forums in the future. We have TON, why not make it be more useful by sharing it on various programs here.


@alltalk Exactly I agree :blush: with you. Your idea is good my friend if we help to share this on social medias this will increase the numbers of registered members. But i will ensure more strict rules and security to the forum against multiple accounts users because scammers are now everywere. @George10 with @Dreamer and @Moaz any suggestions about what I said


Your words are true my brother we can increase the number of registered members to this forum for more proposals to the project among interested members vai social media platforms and this will help the forum to grow.


Let’s cooperate together and make sure we be among great contributors to the achievements of the forum just as we struggle in the other forum. Let’s reffered friends to participate in this forum.


Good idea @Babubu609 We can be personal ambassadors for the TON platform and advertise it in different forums and on other social networks. Personally, I will promote the free TON platform in the Readcash community because I am a member there and I sponsor many other members. I hope we can expand this platform if we work together as a team, just as we do in Cryptotalk!


I was surprised when you talked TON forum is just similar with Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalk or Cryptotalk? Actually, I expect TON forum to be different. At least, it shouldn’t be cryptocurrencies oriented. Other than that, Free TON is not is not officially affiliated with Telegram as most everyone thinks is an interesting fact.


Yes I agree with you mate :blush:! The free TON is not affiliated to telegram and it doesn’t also do not include telegram CEO “pavel durov” this get them distances from telegram open network. The project is featured in full than eth virtual machine which only run it codes strictly.

@calvinpriva thank you for showing support about the idea I come up with :smiley:. It will be nice suggestion if we cooperate to work together.


I am sorry, what are the forum improvement suggestions in this text? I can’t find anything but a list of features that already exist. So maybe i misunderstood something?


Is this not early?
I like the initiative to improve quality content in the forum but TON shouldn’t be the incentive to keep the forum running.
Checkout other forums, it’s not done that way perhaps member ranking will do the magic.
We need to preserve the value of TON, not to loose it value.


Definitely correct mate in terms of the rules and regulations here to secure or maintain the quality post made of course by the quality posters.


More strict rules needed but the most important thing is about how to make more people interested to come here. You must know that many people don’t really like strict rules, they prefer to not join if they know will be strict rules there. So, why not to focus on making this forum be friendly first.


Well that is a good suggestion you know we a endowed with different thinking capabilities, so let’s make the forum friendly for now and with time if the forum have enough members as specify / needed of the forum quota then rules or any additional form of security should be implemented not much strict but a warning.


Sure. It is our duty to make the forum more friendly. If the atmosphere is comfortable and each member can help each other, then everybody should be interested to stay and newcomers probably come here easier. Sometimes people come to a forum not only because of thinking to earn money only but they feel about something like comfort or friendly space. :blush:


Your words are true mate it’s our duty to make this forum more friendly to other new members so that they can be comfortable here and view out their ideas and knowledge with us…

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Just like in crypto the are lot of cooperation within users and newbies were old members with ideas share guides to new member to help them from Making mistakes.

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What kind of friendly forum do you mean? I think this is still very common to understand :slight_smile: New users come to the forum to find information or share information, our job is only to do our best actively and provide clear information and not spam.

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George10 may think that each person must have a good attitude to make all people feel comfortable. Well, I think no issues related to bad attitude here, so we don’t think too much about it. It is only a suggestion from him, not too bad and it is understandable, mate. In addition, for me friendly not only about attitude but also the features in this forum should follow as well. Means, be improved to be more user friendly. :blush:

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Of course mate there can be corporation between new members and old ones to exchange some knowledge and more information related to TON or crypto and this can happen mostly in forums like this one where interaction is made possible.

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I have seen these components when I joined the forum and it’s really cool.
For the users, can we have something unique to boost and improve quality post like other cryptocurrency forums in form of Rank and merit system.
I know there is Love/like already but perhaps something extraordinary to rank up in the forum.
This will be really cool.