Airdrop suggestion: Telegram channels

A way to make Free TON famous across all the Telegram members in all the countries, is to airdrop it to the biggest channels of each country, and offer them also a referral program: For each user he refers, he will receive x TON, and the user as well.

To avoid multiaccounts, the referal can work through a Telegram bot, that request SMS verifications, and telegram accounts older than today, for example.


i’m afraid wouldn’t this strategy lead to stratification (unequal coins ownership). i don’t wanna say stratification is good or bad. we just need to decide if TON have to be distributed equal or unequal way. did Community have an answer?

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that request SMS verifications

That destroys the whole ‘anonymity and decentralization’ concept, and is pretty non-sense for cryptocurrency, in my opinion.

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You don’t know the date when the account was registered. You even cannot count on the ID, because their issuing based on regional pools mechanic, so the ID 100000 may be claimed today just because it was reserved for Antigua and Barbuda.

No SMS too, it’s violation of privacy.

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Channels could receive TONs for promoting FreeTON. And get rewards for the number of views / conversions.

I can buy as many prepaid phone numbers as I want if I want to game the system.
Just look the history of Stellar and Keybase airdrop.
It is very easy to cheat.

You all or over complicating this. It’s simple. Create a private group where everyone in it can receive a airdrop. But in order to be accepted, you will be redirected back to a page that instructs you to submit a video or photo of them holding a lincense or ID alongside a sheet of paper that has the date, name and time next to it. Only then will they be accepted into the group.


And somebody will have a huge database of people holding documents in hands.
Such a gift for guys who sell identificated e-wallets.

Not necessarily… The identifications will be sent to a folder store in a offline database and the photos will be removed immediately after.

But we can also just use a photo of the person holding a sheet of paper with their name, date, time, and a special word or 4 digit code sent to them by us. Inform them that it may take to 24 hours to verify the images and accept them into the airdrop channel.

в интернете полно сервисов по одноразовому приёму смс. Любой человек может наструячить бесчисленное множество аккаунтов телеграм. И тут то-же самое.

как продвигался биткоин?? вот как он продвигался, так и нужно внедрять тгкоины в мир. Тгкоины, кстати, должны будут обогнать биткоин по популярности и цене, если его внедрят в телеграм. И тогда Пахан Дуров станет новой мессией, как чучхе для северокорейцев. Тем более, что личность сама по себе популярная, все как мухи на говно слетятся, после объявления запуска.

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This way of identification is to complicated.