Airdrop giveaway uNET

Please review concept which can be a part of Free TON infrastructure !

upgrade to Internet 2.0 with Free TON !

  • decentralized network for content providers
  • nano search engine providers (no more google dependency)
  • on-demand advertisement based on blockchain contracts


  • Freedom of Information and Technology

  • Elimination of monopoly businesses from google, facebook, youtube and etc…

  • New are of high-tech

  • No bots, no scam or any other miscellaneous activity on internet

  • Other benefits you can guess yourself

  • Airdrops based on content and its popularity !

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Is this project already working? Or is it just a concept?

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prototype is ready. We have build a light version for the investor before COIVD-19. Would be great to use TONs for transaction purposes.

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