African Sub Governance Proposal



The Africa sub governance is being formed in pursuit of creating the moderating mechanism of Free TON-related African community initiatives. As the continent is clearly becoming more engaged with the Free TON project, there is a greater need to establish the (Sub-governance) framework in order to ascertain promotion and accountability of the African project to the network.

In creating the African Sub governance, Free TON shall have a purpose driven forum for ease of administrative duties and a reference point in accelerating its decentralization agenda within the continent. We propose to achieve this by submitting the following:

December 2020 - January 2021

Program Initiation 1.

  1. Commissioning of the initial working team:

John Kanyiri Administration / Public Relations in various multi nationals in banking and IT. Crypto enthusiast.

Yong Tyc: A statistician, also worked as a marketer for various institutions.

Charles Mwangi: Architectural Designer (Structures & Furniture),

Publishing Director (Editing, Design & Prepress Production)

Crypto Investor & Enthusiast

Yamson Obed: An Educationist/Trainer . A blockchain enthusiast and cryptocurrency consultant.

Maina Mutheki: Doctoral student in Business Administration & Project Management. Bsc. in Biology. A community driven engineer and crypto investor.

John Mwangi: Full stack software engineer. Research interest in Data science and AI

Secondary Members:

Proposed 4 positions

Jury Members 7 positions.

Assembly of work tools.


Facebook page: 65

Twitter: @AfricaFreeton


You Tube:


1.Develop TonAfrica media forums. Editing, publishing and creation of press releases/statements.

  1. Increase Free TON Africa membership.

3,Moderation services to all projects running in the continent inclusive of dispute resolution.

  1. Liaison and cooperation with other sub governances particularly in areas of Marketing, Public Relations, Education, Entertainment and Sports.

  2. Promoting FreeTON message to the continent in observation to the African norms and culture.

4… Partnerships and Programs

ABI Campus Hackathon

Duration November 2020 - September 2021

An ongoing partnership program that is off-chain.

Participants are allowed to join FreeTON and also onboard their projects.

Value addition will have been brought to FreeTON and the participants.

Partnership discussions with individuals/ Partners in Africa countries not represented .

Duration February 2021 - April 2021

1.Explore meetups, workshops, hackathons inclusive: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Senegal,Benin and Tunisia as ongoing discussions with potential partners mentioned below.

  1. Exploring how Free Ton could be leveraged in other platforms (including institutions e.g. and Flamingo labs)

3.Create engagement avenues with the extended community of African diaspora.


Duration February 2021 -April 2021

  1. Contest proposal from young startups - developers in the continent.( Current discussion on TBCA initiative in East Africa and others interested in specific user interface with FreeTON tools).

  2. Integration of existing off-chain projects into FreeTON.

  3. Contests to be published in the forums.

  4. Volunteers and Mentorship Program.

DURATION -Renewable

FreeTON Africa volunteer programs is an initiative of the African Community in bringing onboard,mentors in the blockchain field and engaging the African youth in projects related to training,development of solutions and implementation.

As an extension to the various activities within the FreeTON partnership, this program shall invite several experts in the field of blockchain and decentralized systems to offer training and seminars on the same.

Initial program starts in month 1 with the tutelage of FreeTON Africa volunteers and many others who wish to see the local solution providers scale their operations and embed the same into FreeTON network.

This initiative is meant to increase the prominence of FreeTON among the continent’s residents. A creation of a repository for these ideas shall be created and initialized within the FreeTON network.

4. Token Request
Free TON Africa Token Request Summary:
Type of work TONs
Media Content creation Africa forum landing pages and Websites, and community engagement (English) 80,000
Blog posts, Press Releases, Marketing and public relations
Communities integration program - Non English speaking 60,000
Inclusive of interpretations and the web content creation.
Volunteer and Mentorship program initialization 95,000
Setup, Trainers, and Press releases and coordination
3 Number contest proposals addressing African based user cases. Applications and submission and implementation to winning proposals
Jury Members 18,250
TOTAL 383,250
Token Disbursement Schedule I - January 2021
Usage Description TONS
Media Website, blogs, press releases and social media content in facebook, twitter and liaison programmes with promotional sub governances and Competitions. 55,000
Community Integration and media content non english speaking nations of Africa 30,000
Mentorship Volunteers and mentorship programme 45,000
Contests Administration of Contests submissions 3 in number 5,000
Jury Jury Contest 3,000
Total 138,000
Token Disbursement Schedule II - February 2021
Usage Description TONS
KPI 1 Achievement Publishing of KPI’s 1 reports. Release of the balance tokens for media, Community integration and Volunteers programme. 85,000
Contests Contests approved funding. 70,000
Total 155,000
Token Disbursement Schedules III - March 2021
Usage Description TONS
KPI 1 Achievement Contest approved Balance 55,000
Mentorship Volunteers and mentorship programme 20,000
Jury Jury awards balance 15,250
Total 90,250

Schedule 1

  • Create all media content within the 1st Month.
  • Identify the various working teams necessary to undertake the tasks at hand
  • Discuss and Initiate the various programs.
  • Jury selection.

Schedule 2

  • Hold the various contests arising in the 2nd Month.
  • Conclude the contests and award the winners.
  • Adoption of projects by various specialized SG’s within FreeTON.

Schedule 3

  • Collate the progress reports ongoing in the 3rd Month.
  • Identify and compile the new SG agenda commencing April 2021.
  • Identify and address any new requirements of the SG.
  • Publish reports and agenda for next assignments.
  • If reasonably possible KPI’s are met, then we commence to new programs beginning April 2021.
  1. Jury Selection

A jury contest shall be held under schedule1. This shall be published in the forums.

Anyone is free to participate, Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or their affiliated /entities.

FreeTON Address 0:46b6628331eb65d6d131dc366f06c4b69fce7c121e687edd86f979b0b3fb9cbc


Great to have pan-African SG proposal making it to the forum finally. Long anticipated. Support.


I’m with you. Fully Support


I’m African and I support this.


Unique opportunities here in the continent, any motivation to innovate is welcome. Good proposal!


Will this SubGov be for the whole continent or for a separate country/es?


For now it is for the whole continent until the individual countries gain enough members to form SG.


Great milestone for Africa. I am optimistic that this will benefit my fellow Africans in a significant way. Thanks everyone who contributed to this.


Considering the recent news:
Nigeria has become the second largest bitcoin market in the world after the United States.

Nigerians are often restricted from using international platforms such as PayPal, which do not allow transfers to Nigeria, and local banks set caps on international transactions and charge high transaction fees due to dollar deficits.

The growing uncertainty and volatility around Nigerian Naira, in which the exchange rate against the US dollar is becoming increasingly controversial, has given rise to bitcoin trading in the country.

Peer-to-peer (p2p) platforms (, which are decentralized platforms that directly connect buyers and sellers without the need for third party authorization, are the most popular way to buy bitcoin in Africa. because users don’t need to worry about cryptocurrency regulation from government.

Africa is a huge region that has more potential than any other region on the planet
Also, technological backwardness (at the moment) turns into an advantage, allowing you to jump over ineffective stages of technology development
It seems that the African department, one of the best deals in Free TON for recent time


It is for Africa :slight_smile: .

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This is a step in the right direction. Way to go Africa. I am in full support.


This is interesting I feel confident that this idea will contribute alot to the Freeton African citizens and the Freeton Community at large


I support Sub African governance


I’m an African and I totally support this.


In full support for this motion. In my opinion including Africa in such a huge decentralized and globalized currency system will benefit Africans and whoever wants to do business.


One of the largest unbanked continent. Hope the team will also be working closely with the team from African Blockchain Institute (ABI) currently organising a Hackathon.


Thanks for your contribution.

We will collaborate with ABI and ensure value shall be added to FreeTON.


We need this for Africa. I fully support this proposal

Тема Африки интересно, но возникает много вопросов. Из какой страны начинаете, какой политика в этой стране крипта валютам? Мне кажется лучше начать из Африканских стран Марокко, Тунис и Алжира. Потому что я вижу что есть сообщества развивающиеся в Франции. Значит выделена для Сообществу Франции ресурсы и в этой стране больше часть иммигранты из Марокко, Тунис и Алжира. В этом направление можно создать ценности для этой аудитории. Например, денежный переводы, VoIP телефония, телефония через Телеграмм и много другие сервисы. Если эти ценности сможем пере направит в FreeTon, будет больше пользы всему сообществу.

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Что касается того, с чего начать. Возможно, вам будет интересно узнать, что мы уже начали работать еще до того, как выдвинули это предложение. Вы слышали об Африканском институте блокчейнов (ABI) / хакатоне кампуса freeTON? Он инициирован первоначальными членами Африканской ИК, ни одна из этих стран, о которых вы упомянули, не начала, не имеет кого-либо в качестве первоначального члена предлагаемой нами ИК. Так как же нам начать с них? В любом случае, это часть нашего долга.